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Thank you for your interest in 4YE – 4 Your Excitement. We’re aiming to put together the best team of writers and editors to bring the latest news in the world of movies, television, music, theatre, literature and all aspects of pop culture to the hungry masses. However, we’re doing it with a twist. We want to know your views and why this news is significant for fans and our readership. In order to do this we need hardworking, dedicated staff with a passion for at least one of those areas and a thirst for knowledge, a nose for news and an obsession for a fandom or two that drives you to want to connect with others and assist with the dissemination of news.

We are currently recruiting for the positions of Staff Writers and Contributors with 4YE. A Staff Writer is a vital role within the team. Their main responsibility is to write entertainment stories assigned to them as well as bring to us the latest news from fandoms that they are involved in. While we aim to have our writers report on the areas and fandoms that they are passionate about, there will be times where they are required to write up stories that they may have little knowledge on. For this reason, we are looking for people who are willing to jump in and do what is needed to be done. News stops for no one and we want to ensure that our readers are able to access all the latest stories as they happen.

So what is involved in being a Staff Writer with 4YE? The main thing is to be able to report the news as it’s happening as well as provide opinion/commentary on the events. We’re looking to receive 3-4 of these types of pieces from you a week as a minimum. We realise that there will be certain times that may be busier than others for you and as with any job, you are not expected to be available 24/7. What we do ask is that you let us know that you will be unavailable, both so we know that everything is alright as well as making sure that the load can be covered.

As well as reporting on entertainment news, Staff Writers are given the opportunity to recap their favourite shows and develop and write their own column subject to editorial approval.

Contributors have the same responsibilities as Staff Writers; the major difference between the two is the time commitment and piece requirement. Contributors are only required to submit one piece a week.

All 4YE stories are published under the writer’s name, providing you with an easily accessible portfolio of all your work for us. As this position is currently viewed as an internship, and thus, like many online publications, we are unable to pay our staff, we are more than happy to provide all our writers with letters of recommendation for your time with us or be used as a referee when applying for paying positions.

While we don’t require you to sign any contracts or ask for a commitment of a set number of months or hours, the ideal candidate for us is someone who is willing to work with us on a regular or semi-regular basis for at least a few months.

If you are still interested in being part of the team, we’d love to invite you to submit a formal application with us. It is a very simple process. Please answer the questions listed below as well as submit a professional quality writing sample on some aspect of the entertainment world. This can take the form of a news story, review or opinion piece. We ask that it be a minimum 250 words and needs be no more than half a page, though if you wish to submit more, feel free to do so.

Please submit all applications by emailing us at apply@4ye.co.uk

  1. Why does this position interest you?

  2. Do you have any previous writing experience? If so, please detail this.

  3. Do you write for any other publications or have your own blog? If so, which one(s)? This will not harm your application in any way

  4. Are there any times of the year that you know will be difficult for you to work during?

  5. What days of the week and times are you available to work?

  6. Are you over the age of 18?

Thank you for your interest in 4YE.

Yours sincerely,

4YE Management


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