About Us: The Rockstar Staff

About Us: Meet The Rockstar Staff

4 Your Excitement is your ultimate go to site for all things exciting. If you think it’s fun, 4YE will bring it to you. We update our site daily with the latest info out there plus some insight from our wonderful staffers on what they find exciting out in the world.

Yes, we are an opinionated bunch but you’ll learn to love us! After all, we’re pop-culture news with a twist, and who doesn’t love a bit of opinion with their news?

We are all about sharing our “feels” with the world as it is the right of every fangirl and fanboy (if you don’t know what those, we suggest you all read the wonderful Sam Maggs’ book The Fangirl Guide To The Galaxy to get clued in).

We started this site after spending years of working on other publications and decided that it was time to give it our own shot and take a chance on making our own mark in the news world. It’s been a fun ride so far, and we can’t wait to keep growing!

We’ve been blessed with some pretty fantastic staffers at this site, and this is the place where you can find them all (like they’re Pokemon)! This list will surely be updated as the website grows and expands to include fandoms from all across the television and Internet, so check back frequently for updates.



Erika “Emmy” Rivera – Editor-in-chief

Erika Rivera is the Editor In Chief of 4 Your Excitement. In addition to 4YE, she work as a Senior Editor in other publications. Erika has been nurturing her passion for the written word for years, having works published while still in high school, fueling her love for writing. She currently has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Greensboro and works in the school systems as Before and Afterschool Assistant, with her expertise being in the arts and crafts area. You can find her on twitter with her daily musings on everything Pop Culture. Some of her favorite topics to cover include Tom Hiddleston and Orphan Black. She is also the co-host of 4YE‘s Mission Complete, Ever After, and That’s A Wrap podcasts.


Verena Cote -Staff Writer

Verena Cote is a 23 year old tv enthusiast with a passion (but not necessarily the budget) for traveling and exploring the world. Currently a full-time university student of American and British studies with a focus on media and film, she spends her free time obsessing over various television programs. Always fascinated by storytelling she has dabbled in filmmaking, theatre, creative writing and the likes as early as high school. She is a dedicated binge-watcher and Netflix-lover. Her current fixations include shirtless vigilantes, for which she finds an outlet in her Arrow recaps.


Becky Fuller – Executive Editor

Becky Fuller serves as Executive Editor for 4YE. She also writes for Daily Actor and works as a Theatre Reviewer for UKTW as well as freelancing for various other sites. Becky has a love for all things relating to Darren Criss, Glee, Disney, Theatre and British TV. She writes theatre reviews for 4YE as well as a weekly Disney column. She also recaps various British TV shows such as Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge, Broadchurch and Home Fires. Her favourite fandom to cover is Glee and anything pertaining to it or its cast. She also loves to write about family orientated TV and film. Becky lives by the sea with her three children where she eats ice cream, reads books and takes long walks on the beach.


Kayleigh Falvey – Staff Writer

Kayleigh Falvey has been covering Pop Culture stories for almost 3 years when she got her first writing position with PopWrapped, after my first year of college, and then made the journey to become a writer here at 4YE. She also run her own blog, Cheerful Beauty Nerd, which is filled with pieces about all sorts of topics! After dropping out her first course, she took up a place in Marketing with Advertising and PR at Cork College of Commerce which she will graduate from this year and she will hopefully start an Undergraduate Arts course in September in order to fulfil a dream of mine to study English at University level and to go on to have a career in Digital Marketing. As you can probably tell, she’s always had a thing for writing and that stems from the fandoms she is a part of. Frist and foremost she is a Potterhead, who was, and still is, very upset that she never got my letter to Hogwarts. But it is because of her love for this fandom that she wanted to begin writing and experienced how truly incredible the worlds of fandoms can be. Since then she has expanded her fandom family to The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, and pretty much anything that Joss Whedon does from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Agents of SHIELD. Oh and Disney films, because who doesn’t love a good Disney film! And she thinks that’s all you guys need to know about her…..oh and she love all kinds of music. But that’s a whole other story…..


Sunil Gangarh – Staff Writer/Music Editor

Open-minded, misguided, free-thinker, whiskey-drinker, love-spreader, mature cheddar, Pokémon master, music-blaster, piano-playing, basic-slaying, fashion-loving, free-hugging, forever-learning, page-turning, art-admiring, shots-firing, shade-throwing, grass-mowing, tea-sipping, ketchup-dipping, woman-worshipping, equality-pushing bad ass bitch. He also loves dogs.
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Stephanie Coats is the Lead Events Editor at 4 Your Excitement and co-host of the Mission Complete podcast. She has a B.A. from Hope International University and an undying passion for all things geeky. In addition to 4YE, she works full-time as a communications coordinator in Orange County, CA. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook for nerdy posts about Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Marvel, and more.
Audiovisual communication student, focusing on filmmaking. Writer-at-large at 4YE, Marvel specialist at D20Crit and full-time fangirl. Marvel is her main thing, Gary Oldman is God and Martin Scorsese is her favourite uncle. Her favourite superheroes are Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Captain America; she could also talk about Guillermo del Toro for hours. Coffee makes her world go round. So does Edgar Wright. She loves everything magic and space-related; when the time comes, she will name her spaceship ‘the Nathan’. Find her on twitter as @AdrienneTyler!
Kelli is a staff writer from Southern California. She graduated from Cal State Long Beach with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Literature. She enjoys creating fictional worlds and characters and dabbling in poetry. She spends a lot of time reading and picking up new books to add to her ever growing TBR list. Kelli is also Art/Lit editor at lspmag.com.
Melissa LoParco is the Senior Features Editor at 4 Your Excitement. She has her MSc in Publishing from Edinburgh Napier University and an Honours BA in Journalism and English Literature from the University of Toronto. Melissa has always been passionate about three things: books, pop-culture, and hockey and by working at 4YE she is able two channel two of the three into her writing. Follow her on Twitter to see a wide range of topics coming together on one feed. Favourite topics include all things Marvel, Orphan Black, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and ALL the books.
Ilene Friedman is a Staff Writer here at 4 Your Excitement. She is a law student at the University of Maryland School of Law with a focus on international human rights and conflict resolution. She spends the majority of her spare time hanging out inside the shipper trash can where she enjoys drowning in feels and unhealthy investments in fictional characters relationships. She currently is apart of the 4YE Podcast Mission Complete and recaps The Flash, Penny Dreadful, iZombie, Outlander, and The 100. If you ever need her, just scream a ship name and she’ll be there.

Jacie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Literature and a Bachelor of Arts Education from Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia. Her early writing career was as a playwright, and she attended several national writing festivals, once as the featured playwright for the panel reading.  Two of her plays were performed.  Also having a love of theatre she worked as an actor and then Stage Manager until events meant she had to go and get a ‘real job’ meant she wandered away from her passion for many years while she worked as an Executive Assistant to pay off the mortgage and raise a family. However, sometimes life comes along and reminds you of the brief blip of time we are here, and in that eye opened she decided that she should follow her passion and become herself again, so after throwing in her job in Insurance and regaining her health she began to write.  She has a fiction novel she is working, as well as blog and of course the joy she gets from working as a Staff Writer for 4YE. Apart from words, she also has a passion for vintage things, ink, travelling, Shakespeare, Tom Hiddleston (and in particular when Tom Hiddleston does Shakespeare); she also loves Doctor Who, going to the cinema and the theatre and a litany of pop culture things.  She love her music, and she has a vast collection of CD’s and vinyl.
In between all that she still finds time to be a wife, a mother and she still does the occasional acting gig.


Whitney Pierce – Staff Writer

Whitney Pierce is a professional fangirl and coffee addict with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia. She works full-time as a graphic designer while writing Orphan Black and The Walking Dead recaps for 4YE. She loves watching TV, playing all kinds of video games, drinking ridiculous amounts of coffee and living on Twitter. When it comes to fangirling, her top three things to squee about are Orphan Black, Mass Effect, and The Walking Dead. Also, Natalie Dormer.


Katie LaCour – Staff Writer

Katie LaCour is a staff writer for 4 Your Excitement. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Piano Pedagogy from Campbell University and teaches piano lessons by day, but obsesses over superheroes, Sherlock Holmes, soundtracks and all things entertainment-related by night.



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