Nancy Drew Is Getting A New Love Interest In Season 2

Credit: The CW

Nancy Drew (Kennedy McMann) has a spirit out for her blood and mysteries to solve, but she’s still looking for love in season two of the CW series.

According to EW, Nancy Drew will be introducing the Bobbsey Twins to the series played by Praneet Akilla and Aadila Dosani. They will make their debut in season two premiere “The Search for the Midnight Wraith” on Jan. 20.

In an official character description, Gil Bobbsey (Akilla) is described as “a charismatic wise-ass with street smarts from growing up poor on the wrong side of the tracks. Enterprising and irreverent, he does odd jobs and pulls off petty crimes with his sister to make ends meet. His first encounter with Nancy Drew is wryly contentious and full of mutual sparks, promising much more to come in their future.”

Credit: The CW via EW

While the Bobbsey Twins have never crossed over with Nancy Drew in the books, these characters were heavily inspired by Drew and The Hardy Boys.

Nancy Drew airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Bec Heim