Kathryn Hahn Talks About Finding The “Center” Of The Trippy WandaVision

Credit: Disney+/Marvel Studios

On Friday, the long-awaited trippy series WandaVision is going to debut its first two episodes on Disney+.

With the series comes a new slate of characters including Agnes (Kathryn Hahn), the nosy neighbor of Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). Hahn, speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, is excited for everyone to see the fruits of their labor.

“Wanda Maximoff’s backstory in the comics is so dark and so traumatic. There’s so much there. And I knew that opening that up over a longer period of time than had been afforded in the films was going to be very exciting in this format. So, to know that it was going to be something that the MCU has never done before — and that I was going to enter this world through a 1950s sitcom — all of those reasons together made it irresistible. I couldn’t have dreamt a cooler part, honestly. I was thrilled.”

Hahn, best known for her comedic roles, is excited about using the sitcom styles of decades past to tell the story presented in WandaVision. 

“Roles for women aside, and the social mores of the time aside, there was something about the comedy of being in that ‘50s sitcom that felt very earnest, and there’s something very refreshing about that.”

For those who know comics, then Agnes refers to Agnes Harkness, who is Wanda’s teacher in magic. This gives Hahn a character who knows the bigger picture of what, exactly, is going on here.

She said, “Well, with some shows, the reality is that you have to take things episode by episode. So I did have the luxury of knowing where everybody was headed; I got to know the whole thing. As the decades hurdled by, the trick was to hold steady to something in the center, and that became really fun. Agnes’ role, especially in a classic sitcom sense, is that neighbor who’s always flopping over uninvited and offering advice. We know nothing about her own homelife, and she’s always complaining while at their house. There’s such a legacy of those characters from so many shows, and it was really fun to research that trope.”

WandaVision will release its first two episodes on Friday, Jan 15 on Disney+.

Bec Heim