BBC Isn’t Confirming Or Denying That Jodie Whittaker Is Exiting Doctor Who

Credit: BBC

We’re four days into 2021, and things are already going wild.

The big question of the hour is, well, is Jodie Whittaker still the Doctor? Reports have been going around that the star has left the series after three seasons. Granted, this was originally reported by the UK tabloid, The Mirrorso, you know, keep that in mind.

The Mirror spoke to an anonymous source who said, “It’s all very hush-hush but it is known on set that Jodie is leaving and they are gearing up for a regeneration. Her departure is top secret but at some point over the coming months the arrival of the 14th Doctor will need to be filmed. It’s very exciting.” Current showrunner Chris Chibnall will stay with Doctor Who.

Other news outlets, such as EWTVLine, and Variety, all reached out to the BBC about if Whittaker is staying on the series. One BBC spokesperson told Variety, “We won’t be commenting on any speculation around Jodie’s future on the show.”

Granted, this would not be a huge surprise to people if true. Most actors in the revival of the series, which started in 2005, have only stayed on for three seasons before departing. Still the fact that no one will say things outright is odd. So maybe Whittaker is planning to stay for another season?

Either way, we won’t know until someone says something.

Doctor Who will return in 2021.

Bec Heim