Marvel Studios Delivers Early Xmas Present: Trailers for Loki, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Released Along With MCU Updates

It’s going to be one Marvel-ous New Year thanks to Marvel Studios and Disney+.

On Thursday evening, the powerhouse company dropped trailers for several of its upcoming shows for Disney+ along with revealing some major movie news about some of the upcoming theatrical releases in the works. Fans were treated to several first looks to some of the shows and were provided with tons of news to squeal over.

The studio took to Twitter to drop one bombshell after another, leaving everyone gasping for more.

Up first was a new trailer to the upcoming show WandaVision.

Following that trailer, the sequel to Doctor Strange had some casting news to reveal.

Up next was the very first look/trailer for the highly anticipated The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Speaking of anticipation, the trailer for Tom Hiddleston’s trickster god Loki was also shared as part of the major news-palooza which answered some of our lingering questions about what Loki has been up to.

In the second to last of the trailers released, fans were finally able to get a glimpse at What If…?, the upcoming animated series that delves into parallel universes.

Last but not least, Marvel Studios has at long last revealed who will be playing Ms. Marvel and how she will be fitting into the MCU (SPOILER ALERT: SHE’S GOING TO BE IN CAPTAIN MARVEL 2).

As for the upcoming series Hawkeye, which is currently in production, some key cast members were announced on the company’s Twitter feed.

The studio also confirmed the return of Mark Ruffalo and Don Cheadle to the MCU in the shows She-Hulk and Armor Wars  respectively along with announcing new shows for Moon KnightSecret Invansion, and Ironheart.

Marvel is also getting into the holiday spirit by gifting fans a special Guardians of the Galaxy and Baby Groot show.

Rounding out the evening as far as bombshells go, Christian Bale was confirmed as the villain for Thor: Love and Thunder, Peyton Reed is back to helm the third Ant-Man film, Black Panther 2 is slated for a 2022 release date, and Marvel is bringing back the Fantastic Four once again but for the first time under the MCU family.

We don’t know about you all but we couldn’t be more excited for this news and it came out just in time to make our holiday season!

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