Mini Superheroes Ready To Save The World In Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes

Credit: Netflix

Robert Rodriguez’s back catalogue has seen him direct everything from ultra-violent adult films to child-friendly goofiness. His four-film blockbuster set Spy Kids, and The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, can be relied on to keep the kids quiet and entertained. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has left parents trying to find things to keep their kids distracted, and studio execs are no exception.

“A lot of families have spent a lot of time together,” Rodriguez said in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve been getting calls from all kinds of studios: ‘Reboot Spy Kids.’ ‘Reboot Sharkboy.’ Of course they want to. They’re all sitting at home with their kids.”

So Rodriguez’s new film, We Can Be Heroes, for Netflix, is tailor made to do the job. Set in the Sharkboy universe, it stars Pedro Pascal, Christian Slater and Boyd Holbrook as members of superhero team The Heroics, with Priyanka Chopra-Jonas as Team Director.

The movie starts with the group being kidnapped by alien invaders, leaving their kids to save them and the world. Not just any kids though – these are mini superheroes in the making.

Although Missy (Yaya Gosselin) hasn’t yet discovered her powers, she dives in to encourage her fellow kids to act. One can predict the future, one can control time, while another can change his face to look like anyone. In all, eleven kids band together to rescue their parents, in the process learning to control their powers and work together to achieve their goal.

Missy’s father is Marcus Moreno (Pedro Pascal), a superhero on the verge of retirement. “I’ve wanted to work with Pedro since forever,” says Rodriguez. “[Marcus] can be a badass if he needs to. He takes off the glasses and he looks legit!”

We Can Be Heroes is scheduled to debut on Netflix on January 1st 2021.

Carolyn Hucker