Netflix Releases First Full Trailer of Season Four of The Crown

Credit: Netflix

For many, fairytales are only happening in Disney movies and are usually wishful thinking. However, not for everyone, which The Crown is making its fans aware of in their new (full) trailer for its fourth season.

After having gotten glimpses of the upcoming season and especially of Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin, as well as Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, played by Gillian Anderson, fans were already excited to watch season four. Though, after having watched the first full trailer for the new season now, I am sure, fans are more than excited to see what the new season has in store for the royal family.

One of those is the beginning of the relationship between Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor), as well as their fairytale wedding. As the narrator of the trailer reminds us fans, however, the wedding is not the start of the fairytale but rather “the place where the adventure really begins”. From history, we obviously already know that Diana and Charles’ marriage is far from a fairytale, at least very far away from the fairytales we know and love from our favorite Disney movies. In the trailer, we also get a first glimpse of that and throughout the trailer, Charles seems to grow gloomier and gloomier.

It is not just them, though, who are not living a fairytale. In the trailer, we also get to see Elizabeth II (Olivia Colman) and Philip (Tobias Menzies), who also do not seem very happy and there appears to be some trouble heading their way. For Elizabeth, it looks like it will be in form of Margaret Thatcher, who is making her way to Buckingham Palace. Although, the Prime Minister also does not appear to be living a fairytale, at least it looks like she is crying, though it is not clear if she is sad crying or happy crying. I assume it is the first.

For Charles, I presume it may be the funeral that we will get to see and which I assume will be the funeral of Lord Mountbatten’s (Charles Dance), given the time the season will take place in and given who is standing around his grave. Though, I am sure it marks a dark time for Prince Charles as well. After all, the two were very close and Charles can be seen looking utterly devastated into the grave of his uncle.

Princess Margaret (Helena Bonham-Carter) is also seen in the trailer and she is clearly struggling with life and which seems to be her health. Even Princess Anne (Erin Doherty) does not appear to be utterly happy in the trailer and at this point, one can only assume what it is all about.

Thankfully, we do not have to wait that much longer anymore to finally watch the new season and witness the beginning of the adventure for the royal family and especially Prince Charles and Diana.

The Crown season four will premiere on November 15 on Netflix.

Anna Hattingen