Wynonna’s “Holy War” Takes a Dark Turn in the Midseason Finale of Wynonna Earp

Credit: Syfy

Last week, Nicole started vomiting frogs and Wynonna found Rosita while on her quest to recover Peacemaker. Read the full recap here.

The episode starts with a little flashback to show us what lead to Jeremy drowning Nicole in a bathtub at the end of last week. The ritual to free Nicole involves drowning her to transfer her consciousness to a currently dead frog (one of the frogs she threw up) while Nedley reads an incantation. An hourglass is used to track the time she’s down and once the sand runs out the curse will be broken and she’ll be revived. It all sounds good in theory. Naturally, Waverly walks in at the worst possible time and witnesses Jeremy drowning Nicole and Nicole dying (okay yes, we just saw that part last week but it bore repeating). Jeremy tells Waverly not to interfere, which is a silly thing to tell someone who just witnessed their girlfriend dying, and Waverly starts hitting him with the piece of bedframe she’s still attached to. Waverly looks at Nicole in the tub and asks if she’s dead and just as Jeremy starts to answer, the frog croaks, Nicole is in the frog! Waverly is mildly horrified, but I mean, who wouldn’t be?

The ritual catches Margo Clanton’s attention and she realizes her bond with Nicole is being tested. She puts a newspaper clipping about Waverly on the alter and cuts her hand to send Reaper Billy after Waverly. Rachel, who is just creeping around the ranch, sees everything Margo does, but doesn’t see Billy.

Back at Shorty’s, Jeremy tells Waverly that handcuffing her to the bed was Nicole’s idea because she knew Waverly would try to stop the exorcism. He explains cleansing the cursed person is the only option if they can’t destroy the spellcaster and reassures her that Nicole is safe as long as she stays in the frog. Jeremy continues to explain the rest of the plan and if she wants to help, she can watch the frog. Waverly immediately goes over and starts talking to it like she’s talking to Nicole, because it’s Waverly and of course she does.

At Steve Gulch, which is really just a pile of rocks, Wynonna and Rosita are not thrilled to see each other. Rosita assumes Wynonna is there to kill her and Wynonna is happy to oblige but Doc reminds Wynonna that they need Rosita alive. Rosita tells them she can’t leave the rocks, they’re protecting her. She explains that about a year, year and a half ago, she felt an earthquake while she was being chased by some Revanants. She headed towards the rocks because she had heard they were causing Revenants pain and then the Revenants started poofing as the earthquake continued. Rosita was on the rocks with another Revanant and he got handsy after a while, so she kicked him off and he poofed too. Wynonna looks around and realizes the place is full of ammolite, which must protect Revenants post-curse instead of repel them.

At Magpie, Rachel rushes out of the barn and frantically tries to call Waverly, but Waverly doesn’t pick up. Holt sneaks up behind her and asks who sent her and Rachel tells him nobody sent her and demands to be let go, but Holt won’t.

What was Waverly doing that she couldn’t answer her phone? Watching sand in an hourglass. When it runs out, she excitedly asks if the spell is broken and Jeremy tells her they won’t know yet. He tells Nedley to start the reversal incantation to get Nicole back in her own body and starts to charge up a defibrillator (TO USE ON NICOLE WHILE SHE IS IN THE WATER). Thankfully, Nedley stops him before he fries Nicole (and possibly himself) and tells him he can’t use the paddles because Nicole is flatlining, which contradicts almost every episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but I trust Nedley. Jeremy asks what he should do, but before Nedley can answer, the bar doors fly open, seemingly for no reason. When Nedley stands up and asks what it was, he knocks over the jar with Nicole frog, which seems bad. Waverly isn’t paying attention to anything but the door and the newly appeared rock in her hand, she’s been marked and we see Reaper Billy walk into Shorty’s.

Billy starts walking towards Waverly and immediately knocks over a bucket of frogs that was inexplicably in front of the door. Waverly starts running around the bar to avoid Billy and tells Nedley and Jeremy that she was marked, but they’re a little distracted by NicoleFrog’s escape. NicoleFrog starts to fill up with this glittery liquidy light and then we see GhostNicole push Billy into the basement, giving Waverly a chance to shut him down there and block the door with the jukebox.

Back at Rev Rock (better name than Steve Gulch, sorry Nicole), a line of ammolite stones have been laid out for Rosita to get back to safety. Wynonna explains that the earthquake was Bulshar and there is no Earp vs Revenant thing anymore so they don’t have to fight. Rosita makes them pinky swear that they won’t hurt her. When she takes her first step onto the stones, Rosita doesn’t poof and she hugs Wynonna in her excitement. Once Wynonna resettles her, the Celtic Sisters Symbol appears and Wynonna recognizes it as a shortcut. She asks Doc if he’s going with them and he declines, citing the scorned women and his junk as the reason. No, he did not say junk but I am not typing out the actual line. Wynonna pulls Rosita to the symbol and they disappear. A second after they do, Doc receives a call from Holt.

At Shorty’s, Waverly is at the bar with a container of recovered frogs and holding one, asking her to give it a sign. Jeremy warns her they can’t wait too long without risking permanent brain damage to Nicole. She asks him if she should try kissing the frogs and Nedley tells her it’s worth a shot. GhostNicole, who is watching all of this, tries to object and tell them she’s not in the frog, but they can’t hear her. Waverly kisses the frog, to GhostNicole and Jeremy’s disgust, but it doesn’t work.

When Wynonna and Rosita arrive at the Sanctuary, Mother Superior is happy to see “The Woman Scorned” and tells Wynonna she did well. Wynonna immediately offers up Rosita, much to Rosita’s dismay, and demands Peacemaker. Wynonna has no idea what the nuns plan on doing with Rosita, because all she scares about is getting Peacemaker and saving her friend it’s all about survival. Rosita points out that they were friends at one point and asks why it’s always about women betraying each other. She has a solid point but also, she DID try to steal Wynonna’s baby in order to save herself. Everyone’s made mistakes here. Mother Superior is all excited about the argument and tells Wynonna she can have Peacemaker if she lives and calls for a battle to the death. Wynonna is in the middle of telling the nun that it’s not happening when Rosita jumps on her back. The other nuns, who have formed a circle around the two women, start cheering.

Rosita tells Wynonna she saw an opportunity and took it and Wynonna tells her she’s trying to keep her promise not to hurt her. Mother Superior tells them to give into their desires and fight, but I’m fairly certain if they gave into their desires, they wouldn’t be fighting. Wynonna tells Rosita nothing is going to get in the way of her getting Peacemaker and they continue to throw each other around.

Back at Shorty’s, Waverly kisses her last frog, but nothing happens and she laments the fact that Nicole isn’t trying to give her a sign. A frustrated GhostNicole tries to tell her she can’t, but nobody can hear her. GhostNicole touches a light switch and realizes she can make the light flicker and she starts sending messages in Morse code. She tells the group she’s not in the frog and to go into the basement. Nedley and Waverly grab their weapons and head into the basement while Jeremy goes to lower Nicole’s body temp to give her more time.

When they get down the stairs, Billy lunges at them but GhostNicole gets into the way and posses him. She tells Billy to tell them why she made the deal with the witch, but she struggles to keep a hold on him. Waverly tells Nicole to tell her everything, because if she doesn’t the love of her life will die and she’ll get angry and she’s not sure what will happen then (let’s put a pin in that, shall we?).

At the sanctuary, it looks like Rosita has the upper hand but Wynonna uses a move Dolls taught her to pin her to the ground. Mother Superior’s face and voice gets all demony and she yells out “Finish her,” and Wynonna and Rosita decide to work together to find Peacemaker. They both yell out things to distract the nuns, my favorite going to Rosita for “A Xena reboot,” and run off to find Peacemaker.

Back at Shorty’s, Billy tells Waverly that Nicole is theirs, she made a covenant; a life for a life. Waverly asks why she’d made a deal with the Clantons and GhostNicole tells her she didn’t know Margo was a Clanton when she made it, she was desperate. GhostNicole apologizes for not waiting for them to find a way home. Waverly asks how they break the covenant and Billy tells her both people have to die. Waverly tells Nicole she’ll fix it and runs up the stairs.

Nedley, Jeremy, and Waverly re-block the stairs and Waverly tells them she’s going to pay “a swamp witch” a visit. Nedley offers to go with her but Waverly tells him no, because they still have a Reaper in the basement. Nedley reminds Waverly that Margo is the Sheriff’s mother and there are still laws to follow, but Jeremy points out it could be the only way. Waverly walks over to Nicole’s body and takes her hand and kisses it, telling her it’s her turn to save her life. Jeremy starts to formulate a plan for when Wynonna returns with Peacemaker but Waverly tells him it’ll be too late. Nedley tries one more time to stop her, arguing that Nicole wouldn’t want it like this, but Waverly insists if she doesn’t end Margo, Nicole will die and takes Nedley’s shotgun. Waverly leaves and we see GhostNicole start to freeze.

Wynonna and Rosita make it to the armory of the Sanctuary and are able to bar the door before the nuns get to them. Rosita is still convinced Wynonna is going to kill her and then calls a truce. Wynonna happily accepts the truce because she’s got enough going on with the Clanton nonsense. They hear the nuns banging on the door and they grab weapons, ready to defend themselves.

At the Sheriff station, Cleo and Holt are arguing over what to do with Rachel, the former arguing she knows more than she’s saying and the latter telling her to stay out if it, when Doc walks in. Holt gives Rachel her phone back and sends her out of the room so he and Doc can talk. They talk about the feud; Holt wants some sense of normalcy and for it all to end and Doc offers a truce. Holt tells Doc he’ll bring the idea to Margo and tells Doc to tell the Earps, they shake on it and Doc looks hopeful.

Back at the Sanctuary, Wynonna and Rosita have no luck finding Peacemaker, or ammo, so Wynonna picks up an axe. They hear the nuns singing a requiem, and Wynonna tells Rosita she’s glad she’s not dead and that they could have been friends. Rosita asks why she still needs Peacemaker and Wynonna explains her work isn’t done and then starts yelling for Peacemaker. Wynonna calls Peacemaker all kinds of names, but she doesn’t appear until the nuns break in, dramatic thing. When Wynonna sees the sword, she holds out her hand and calls to Peacemaker, which turns back into the familiar buntline special we know and love once Wynonna grabs the weapon. Mother Superior starts monologuing about how she’s Medea, granddaughter of Helios (Check out the mythology, she pulled some shit) and goes all demony. Medea laughs at Wynonna and tells her mortal weapons can’t harm her and Wynonna takes aim, tells Medea to make her peace, and shoots and kills Medea. The nuns all drop their weapons and kneel, telling Wynonna she freed them and they are at her service. Must be nice to have an army of lesbian nuns on your side.

Outside of the Sheriff Station, Rachel tells Doc she thinks Margo killed Billy and tells him what she saw and that Waverly hasn’t returned her calls. Doc tells her he’s dropping her off at home before “playing consigliere,” because apparently, we’re in a mob movie now.

At the Sanctuary, the nun who told Wynonna they’re at her service asks her to lead them and show them how to be cleansed. Wynonna tells them they’ve got the wrong gal and to go be liberated and the nun tells her she can’t leave because of the pain. Rosita recognizes a few of the women and explains they were Wyatt’s victims, collateral damage who were cursed but protected now. Wynonna promises to free them but Rosita explains freedom looks differently for her and that the sanctuary is a lot nicer then the rocks. She gives one of the nuns A LOOK and is all “They seem nice,” and we know Rosita will be just fine. Wynonna starts to leave but Rosita stops her to tell her one last thing. She stole Alice for the insurance against Peacemaker and because she had a buyer; Margo-Jean Clanton. Wynonna books it out of there via the Celtic Sisters Knot.

Wynonna reappears in Shorty’s, startling Jeremy who is checking Nicole’s vitals. She asks what’s going on and Jeremy tosses her the marked rock. Wynonna asks who was marked and Jeremy and Nedley tell her it was Waverly, who is currently on her way to Magpie Ranch with a shotgun. Wynonna leaves to go after Waverly.

At Magpie, Waverly walks into the barn, shotgun raised, and looks around before Margo walks in. Waverly threatens her to shoot her in the face if she doesn’t fix Nicole. Margo tells her she should thank her for getting her out of the Garden and explains that Nicole made a deal to get Waverly out of the Garden in exchange for Doc. When Waverly asks what she wants with Doc, Margo explains that he wants to destroy everything he loves and ruin his reputation, basically. Waverly tries to reason with Margo again, but Margo isn’t having it and pushes past her to start another ritual, this time to send a Reaper after Nicole. To stop her, Waverly grabs her head, like she did Doc in the Garden, and fries her brain. I don’t think angels are supposed to murder people, but maybe it’s okay because she’s only half-angel.

At Shorty’s, Nicole comes back from the dead and everyone is celebrating. There’s a lot of frog puns and Nicole tells Jeremy she “frogged up” and Jeremy tells her that’s what happens when they aren’t together.

Back at Magpie, Waverly is walking away from the barn in kind of a daze when Holt comes home and starts heading towards the barn. Waverly hides and Wynonna drives up and runs to her and asks what happened. Waverly tells her she messed up and Wynonna excitedly tells her that whatever she did saved Nicole. The two hug, but it’s interrupted by Holt yelling at them with his gun raised. He asks why they murdered his mother but Waverly is unable to answer and apologizes. Holt tells Wynonna they had a shot to make things right but it’s over and tells her to make her peace and we hear a gunshot.

Thankfully it was only Doc firing into the air (and scaring background deer) to get their attention. He points his gun at Holt and orders them to lower their weapons while walking over to Wynonna. Wynonna and Holt are at a standstill and Doc has to physically lower Wynonna’s gun. He tells Holt it’s never too late to end a grudge and that they can work it all out. Holt tells them Margo killed Billy, who didn’t deserve it, and starts to tear up. Doc tries to comfort him and suggest they get a drink. As the two turn and walk towards the house, Holt is shot in the back by Wynonna. She thanks Doc for distracting him and walks away.

The episode ends at the Homestead. Doc is outside smoking when Wynonna walks out and tells him Nicole is alive and well, but the conversation quickly shifts. Doc tells her what she did was wrong and there’s no honor in shooting a man in the back. Wynonna asks him if he really thinks she cares about honor after spending her life being tormented by enemies and having to kill over and over. Doc points out that Wyatt is the reason she had to do those things and Wynonna snaps at him and suggests he’s just mad that Wyatt told the truth in the video. Wynonna tells him she likes him because he’s not perfect, he’s all busted up like her and he tells him he doesn’t want to be. He explains he had to clean up Wyatt’s messes after he shot and ran, that’s why the Clantons never became Revenants. Wynonna stands firm and tells him she doesn’t run and Doc tells her she and Peacemaker deserve each other. Wynonna tells Doc it was the Clanton’s who wanted Alice and Waverly interrupts to ask if they’re coming inside. Wynonna goes in, and Doc tries to bail but Waverly insists.

Inside, the gang is in celebration mode, with Jeremy handing out shots, Nedley cheering their first exorcism, and Rachel trying to steal a shot. Waverly notices something is up with Doc and Wynonna but when she asks, Wynonna tells her everything is fine. Jeremy, after his third or fourth shot, asks Waverly and Nicole when they’re getting engaged and then puts his foot in his mouth even more when he realizes why they haven’t yet. Waverly and Nicole tell each other/ the group that they had a plan and they both try to propose. Nicole takes Waverly’s hand and starts to speak but Waverly stops her and proposes. Nicole says yes, obviously, and they kiss and everyone celebrates

That’s it for the first half of season four, we’ll see you when the rest airs in 2021!