Chris Colfer Reveals Plans For His A Tale Of Witchcraft… Virtual Book Tour

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The weather is starting to turn. For the northern hemisphere, the leaves are changing colour and there’s a chill in the air. For us in the south, the flowers are coming out and there’s a feeling of lightness that comes with the end of winter. For fans of Chris Colfer and his numerous literary works, this changes heralds the release of a new book and the thrill of being flooded with new Colfer content as he embarks on his highly entertaining book tours.

Many fans were fearing that the COVID pandemic would curtail these festivities for the release of his second book in The Land of Stories prequel series, A Tale of Witchcraft… However, they were much relieved when Colfer announced on his socials at the end of last month that he would be taking the tour virtual. Prepare for one epic week of Colfer and A Tale of Witchcraft… celebrations in just under a fortnight.

Appearing in a video with his dog, Fitzgerald, who frankly didn’t seem that impressed with the announcement, Colfer unveiled his tour.

There will be three Zoom sessions held on Tuesday September 29, Friday October 2 and Saturday October 3 and be conducted in a town hall-style fashion. Colfer promises that in each session fans will have the opportunity to “chat about the book, play games, and you’ll get to watch me blush when some surprise guests drop in”. And these “surprise guests” will supposedly be a “surprise” even for Colfer, though I think some die-hard fans have a number of potential celebs that are likely to make an appearance at one or other of the stops. Fans also have the chance to win a virtual meet-and-greet with Colfer.

Sounds like it will pretty much be similar to the in person stops Colfer usually does when promoting a book, just with closer seats to Chris for everyone and the opportunity for many more fans to attend – especially international fans, which we here at 4YE are so excited about. There has to be some benefits to not being able to travel anywhere.

In addition to the usual tour activities, each ticket will include a copy of A Tale of Witchcraft…, and depending on the store, a signed bookplate.

Attendance in each session is by ticket-only. Tickets are on sale now:

Tuesday September 29 – Anderson’s Bookshop
6:30pm ET | 5:30pm CT | 3:30pm PT

Friday October 2 – Barnes & Noble
6:00pm ET | 5:00pm CT | 3:00pm PT

Saturday October 3 – Blue Willow Bookshop
International shipping available
4:00pm ET | 3:00pm CT | 1:00pm PT

A Tale of Witchcraft… follows on from A Tale of Magic… Brystal and her friends have saved the world from the evil Snow Queen and secured worldwide acceptance for the magical community. But in this magical series, their journey is just beginning . . .

When a mysterious new witch arrives at the academy, the celebrations are cut short. As the witch begins recruiting faeries into her rival school of witchcraft, it becomes clear she has dark intentions. And soon Brystal’s friend Lucy becomes embroiled in an ominous plot against mankind.

Elsewhere, the fragile peace is on the brink of shattering. Outrage has spread throughout the kingdoms in opposition to the legalization of magic. And, a dangerous and centuries-old clan known as the Righteous Brotherhood has resurfaced, with one goal in mind: to exterminate all magical life forever . . . starting with Brystal.

The enchanting sequel to the New York Times bestselling A Tale of Magic… is filled with brand-new adventures and a cast of memorable characters, both familiar and new.

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