Wynonna Earp’s “Holy War” Starts With a Plague…of Frogs?

Credit: Syfy

Last week, Wynonna joined Black Badge and reunited with Jeremy, Nicole got attacked by a plague, and an old Earp enemy, the Clantons, surfaced. Check out the recap here.


The episode starts with a Haught nightmare, everyone’s dressed in black for her wedding to Waverly. Wynonna walks Nicole down the aisle where Nedley is set to officiate, and Doc and Jeremy are there beside him, but Waverly doesn’t show. Wynonna tells Nicole that Waverly isn’t coming because of what she did, but Nicole doesn’t even remember. She can’t even get the words out. Wynonna asks Nicole to light a cigar and once she does, Wynonna coughs in her face, setting off a chain reaction and soon everyone is having a coughing fit.. Nicole wakes up and realizes the house is on fire. She tries to wake Waverly but can’t and has to firefighter carry her out of there.

Out in the barn, Wynonna is startled awake and draws her pistol on Doc, who was creepily watching her sleep. Doc explains he’s been keeping watch with all the nonsense going on. Wynonna proudly points out that she outdrew him and he counters with the fact that he didn’t draw. Wynonna asks him if he’s ever been outdrawn before and he tells her no, which is totally not going to be relevant later (see Chekov’s gun). They start to have an actual conversation about Doc’s vampy affliction but then Wynonna starts flirting with them. Just as she’s about to kiss him, she smells smoke and then they realize the house is on fire.

Wynonna gets dressed in like two seconds and she and Doc bolt out of the barn and to the house, reaching the door just as Rachel comes out with a fire extinguisher. Good news is she killed the fire, bad news is the couch and most of Wynonna’s porn were lost (RIP porn). Nicole comes out with Waverly and puts her on the porch and instead of doing CPR or anything, Wynonna yells at Waverly to breathe, which works for some reason.

In the morning, everyone is out on the porch discussing what happened and trying to place blame on each other. Waverly’s first thought is Rachel leaving the stove on for TikTok purposes and Wynonna blames Way Haught friction. Nicole suggests someone attacked them and the group comes to the conclusion it was something supernatural, likely Clanton related. Wynonna decides she and Doc need to pay Amon a visit.

When Doc and Wynonna get to the Glory Hole, she wastes no time in shooting at Amon, but hitting a bottle of booze instead, which is one of the most un-Wynonna things she has done. Amon is happy to finally meet Wynonna and the two flirt a little, making Doc jealous, and Doc tells him about the fire. Wynonna tells Amon they believe it was the Clantons and Amon tells her the Clantons are a scourge and it’s about time for her to get Peacemaker. Luckily for them, Amon knows where it is.

At the Sheriff Station, Jeremy is channeling his inner Dolls and orders Cleo to take herself and her belongings out of the office, he’s taking it back for BBD. Cleo argues but he tells her he’s in charge, by order of Black Badge and Holt doesn’t argue. Jeremy leaves, giving Cleo a chance to get angry at Holt for not standing up to Jeremy and throwing something before they leave.

Nicole and Waverly walk in, with Jeremy on their heels, as the Clantons are leaving. Waverly is excited to see Jeremy and Nicole is upset at him for abandoning her. He tries to tell Nicole that he knew she could handle it and she mutters under her breath. Waverly breaks the tension with a nice housewarming gift for Jeremy, because nothing says “Welcome back!” like one of those decorative bowls with the useless balls in them.

Back at the Glory Hole, Amon pours Doc and Wynonna shots, which Wynonna refuses to drink, and tells them he’s heard of a place where cherished items go. Doc asks Amon why he’d help a demon hunter. Amon tells them the Clantons are more powerful than him, and he’s not a fan. He tells Wynonna there’s a catch, the people who want Peacemaker will want something in return and writes instructions on a coaster.

At the new BBD HQ, Waverly is bringing in the last of the Black Badge files from the Homestead (Good thing those weren’t torched) while Nicole is putting a lock on the door. A lock that is immediately broken by Wynonna when she and Doc arrive.

Wynonna tells the group Amon is scared of the Clantons, but most importantly, he knows where Peacemaker is. While Wynonna is talking, Nicole’s demeanor shifts and she turns on the power drill she’s holding and holds it threateningly in Wynonna’s direction. Well, as threatening as one can be while holding a power drill 10 feet away. Wynonna yells at her to cut it off and it snaps Nicole out of it. The group discuss their options and decide their best bet is pursuing this lead and Wynonna is happy the team is in agreement. The team minus Rachel, who decided that scouting the Clanton ranch was a good plan, but all she sees is a herd of deer.

The first stop in the search for Peacemaker is the Ghost River Triangle Museum (who knew that was a thing??) to find “The Woman Scorned.” Wynonna snarks at some teenagers as they wander around and Doc ends up finding a small room where a projector is set up. The projector is running an interview with Wyatt Earp.

Back at BBD HQ, Jeremy walks in on Waverly and Nicole taking advantage of the couch and pokes fun at them until Nicole sees he’s holding binders. Jeremy hands one to each of them and explains they’re from the Black Badge archives and they’re full of details about the Old West families in the Triangle. Nicole suggests Wynonna may not be able to find Peacemaker because she failed and Jeremy tells her Wynonna will find it because she’s the heir. Nicole snarks and asks if he would have called her more if she were the heir and he reminds her that his phone was being monitored. Waverly asks about Robin and all Jeremy tells them is that he’s safe. Nicole suddenly doubles over in pain and rushes into another room and throws up and we see a flashback!

The flashback is a year after the Earps and Doc entered the Garden. Nicole went to Mam to beg her to help get them out and told her she’d do anything. Mam asked “Even this?” and whispered something to Nicole, but we don’t hear what, and Nicole agreed.

Nicole is horrified when she remembers what she promised and tells Waverly she did something horrible. She’s unable to tell her exactly what she did because she starts throwing up and THROWS UP A FROG.

At the museum, Doc and Wynonna are watching the Wyatt documentary, where Wyatt paints Doc in a not so great light. It starts out okay, with Wyatt talking about Doc saving his life by shooting a man who was about to shoot Wyatt, but then takes a turn when the OK Corral is brought up. Wyatt says he’s happy Doc took the first shot at the Clantons and then continues on to call Doc a loose cannon and basically implies Doc was just his executioner. Doc gets upset because he didn’t take the first shot at the Clantons. Wynonna wonders what Wyatt would think of all that’s happening and if he’d be proud of her and Doc tells her he’s not sure she’d be proud of Wyatt and they leave the room.

Over at the Clanton Homestead, Holt and Cleo are making dinner when Mam walks in and tells them a celebration is in order. She explains that she’s been worried about which of her children will get her gift when she dies, but she set something in motion for the end of the Earps. When Holt and Cleo don’t look excited, she tells them the Earps and Doc don’t deserve death, they deserve to be destroyed by one another. Probably by a certain redheaded ex-Sheriff who’s currently plagued by frogs.

A frog plague that drives Nicole, Jeremy, and Waverly to Shorty’s so Nicole can get some tequila and get the frog taste out of her mouth. Waverly tells Nedley that Nicole did something terrible but every time she tries to tell them what she did, she starts vomiting. Nedley immediately starts spouting out theories and suggests a warlock, an incubus, and the most likely culprit, a Spongebob. Jeremy tells him they tried guessing what she did, but that also induced vomiting. Nicole asks for a pen and paper, hoping to be able to write it down, but is only able to draw tadpoles, or sperm if you’re Jeremy.

Back at the museum, Doc and Wynonna find what they’re looking for, a bad painting titled “A Woman Scorned.” Wynonna starts suggesting ways to get the painting but Doc just grabs it and they leave. Small town museums don’t exactly have the best security. Outside, Wynonna asks what’s next and Doc tells her Amon just said the collectors would appear. A Celtic Sisters knot catches Wynonna’s eye and Doc explains it celebrates sisterhood and then they start hearing church bells (sounds like someone cast Toll the Dead). While Doc is distracted by the ringing in his ears, Wynonna goes missing.

Wynonna is taken to the “Sanctuary of Scorned Women” and greeted by a nun who explains it’s a place of cleansing for women who have lost their way, like Wynonna. She further explains that she releases women from the judgments they’ve placed on themselves but it still seems sketch. Wynonna tells her she’s just there for what’s hers and hands over the painting. The nun recites something in Latin and spritzes holy water on the painting, revealing a much prettier painting underneath the boring white nonsense. The painting is of a woman in a red dress in a gorge. The nun tells Wynonna they want the woman in the painting and then takes her to a room full of random objects. Wynonna starts calling out for Peacemaker (who’s apparently a girl), but Peacemaker doesn’t come. The nun suggests Peacemaker is done with her and that maybe Wynonna should choose a life of Peace and Wynonna rejects both ideas.

While Wynonna is at the Sanctuary, Doc goes back to the Glory Hole to threaten Amon. Amon tells him it wasn’t a trap, at least not one set by him, and he doesn’t know where Wynonna went. Amon also tells him he doesn’t take sides. Doc sees Holt sitting at a table and goes to join him and the conversation goes as well as you’d expect it to. Holt reaches for his gun and Doc tells him he’d be dead before he drew. Holt asks if being able to shoot someone before they have a chance to defend themselves is something to be proud of and Doc tells him some people deserve to be shot. Holt draws his weapon and is outdrawn by Doc (cough Chekov). He asks if he deserves a bullet. Doc makes a comment about being part of a war, and Holt basically tells him it’s not a war, it’s just a town full of women who’d be content to see them in the crossfire.

At the Homestead, Waverly is getting Nicole settled in a chair to relax and Nicole apologizes that she has to take care of her. Waverly tells her she’s likes to do it and would happily do it the rest of their lives, giving them a perfect opportunity to talk about the engagement. Nicole starts the conversation, ignoring the out Waverly gives her, by trying to talk about the terrible thing she did and ends up gagging again. Waverly asks how terrible it could be and she should probably stop asking that because it’s obviously bad.

Jeremy walks in with a book and tells them he’s found three potential cures, but they all have some pretty rough consequences/aspects. The first could turn Nicole into a demon dog (she and Waverly are cat people, it would be a nightmare), the second involves drowning her, and the third is an antidote that could turn her intestines into snakes if done wrong. Nicole chooses cure number three and then has to rush out of the house to throw up. Unfortunately for Wynonna’s shoes, Nicole doesn’t quite make it outside in time and throws up on her as Wynonna is walking in the house.

Waverly tries calling Rachel, who is still at the Clanton homestead, but instead of creeping from afar is wandering around. Rachel ignores Waverly’s call and tries calling Billy, who doesn’t pick up. She does hear his phone ring and starts to walk towards it.

Back at the Homestead, Wynonna joins Nicole out on the porch and hands her an apology beer. Wynonna apologizes for Nicole getting caught in the Clanton crossfire and doesn’t hear Nicole when she says it wasn’t her fault. Wynonna continues and says she doesn’t blame Nicole for not wanting to join the family. Nicole tells her it would take more than some plagues to keep her from wanting to marry Waverly. Wynonna asks what she’s waiting for and Nicole admits she’s afraid Waverly won’t want to marry her once she finds out what she did. Wynonna refrains from asking, to avoid more vomiting, and tells Nicole she knows she didn’t give up while they were in the Garden and Nicole’s like “Actually……” She starts to tell Wynonna what happened but starts gagging, but Wynonna understands that Nicole did something to get them back. She changes subjects and tells Nicole what happened at the Sanctuary and shows her the painting. Nicole takes one look at it and knows exactly where the woman is; Steve Gulch. Apparently Nicole had to rescue a couple of guys named Steve from the gulch. Doc rolls up, interrupting their conversation, and Nicole goes inside.

For the second time this episode, Nicole looks possessed or something as she goes into the kitchen, dumps the nearly finished antidote, and then grabs a knife.

Doc and Wynonna go to the barn and Doc asks her if she’s sure Peacemaker was at the Sanctuary. Wynonna tells him she felt Peacemaker but couldn’t make it come, which makes sense because she’s not the heir anymore, she’s not anything. She asks him what he meant at the museum when he said she might not be proud of Wyatt and Doc talks through the crisis of conscience he’s experiencing. He tells her the war they’ve started could lead to the deaths of everyone they love and suggests making peace, which Wynonna is not on board for. Their conversation is interrupted when Nicole walks in and throws a knife at Wynonna (she missed, it’s fine).

Nicole starts attacking Wynonna with the knife, but Doc quickly restrains her. Waverly rushes in and asks why they’re fighting Nicole and Wynonna instructs her to look away and punches Nicole hard enough to snap her out of it. Wynonna is ready to go kill the Clantons and is attempting to rally the group, but gets distracted by Doc sniffing a jacket, specifically the jacket Nicole wore the night before. The jacket smells like gasoline and they find a lighter in the pocket and they realize Nicole set the fire. Wynonna tries to fire them up again to go kill the Clantons, but Nicole, Waverly, and Doc convince her they have to try to find Peacemaker first or its a suicide mission. Doc tells her they have to go find the woman in the painting and Wynonna reluctantly agrees and they leave, but not before Wynonna tells Waverly to tie Nicole up.

Waverly attempts to tie Nicole up in the kitchen, while Jeremy tries to salvage the antidote, but won’t tie them tight enough to matter. Nicole suggests getting the handcuffs from upstairs and Waverly leaves.

At the Clanton Homestead, Rachel continues to call Billy and follows the ringtone to a barn. She finds his cellphone, but not him, she just feels a presence and a chill. That presence is, of course, newly Reaper’d Billy, who starts awkwardly sniffing her.

Back at the Homestead, Nicole walks into the bedroom just as Waverly finds the cuffs. Nicole tells Waverly she better let her do it and they both sit down at the end of the bed. Nicole tells Waverly she loves her before handcuffing her to the bed frame, which Waverly probably should have seen coming, but who can blame her. Waverly calls out for Jeremy to do something and he tells her he is, but she’s just not gonna like it and he and Nicole leave.

They head to Shorty’s and Nicole starts immediately apologizing to Nedley for trying to kill him. He tells her it’s okay, he was a monster who ate people’s pets (hopefully not Calamity Jane), but Nicole doesn’t let herself off the hook and insists she should have known and  not given up. Nedley realizes she needs help and offers whatever she needs and Nicole tells him she needs him to kill her.

On their way to Steve Gulch, Wynonna tells Doc that being the heir is the only job she’s felt she was good at and she’s not ready to reject her legacy like Doc is ready to do. They get to the gulch and see the woman in red. Wynonna calls out to her and the woman turns and IT’S ROSITA!!!

Back at Shorty’s, Waverly walks in to just in time to see Jeremy drowning Nicole while Nedley reads out of a book. Jeremy tells her (and the audience) “I know how this looks, but I’m asking you to trust us.”