Wynonna Earp Takes Us To Meet “Friends in Low Places” This Week

Credit: Syfy

Last week, Nicole and Wynonna took a trip to a BBD Facility for some answers and Waverly and Doc explored the nightmare Garden of Eden. Read the full recap here.

Garden Pt 1

In the Bunker, Doc is shocked to find a naked Nicole and takes entirely too long to offer his jacket to help her cover up. Unfortunately, a forcefield stops him from sharing so he runs for help while a cherry blossom tree appears next to Nicole.

Doc finds Waverly, scolding her for feeding the machine then telling her that Nicole is there. Waverly runs to the bunker and tries to get to Nicole, but like Doc, can’t get through the barrier.

Waverly brainstorms ways to rescue Nicole, who keeps busy making an avant-garde outfit out of cherry blossoms. They hear groaning, and the lights start going wonky. Doc and Waverly explain they have to feed the machine. Doc decides it’s his turn and leaves. Waverly hears voices and explains that her destiny is calling to her.

​While they’re talking, Doc goes to the machine bunker but gets distracted by an open door.

Jail bunker. Waverly says the Garden is coming to life, then realizes Nicole isn’t wearing Bulshar’s ring. Nicole asks if Waverly found out why he was hellbent on getting into the Garden and goes on a “God left forever ago!” rant when Waverly speculates that he wanted to play God. Nicole is all kinds of pissed about stuff, and Waverly has no clue it’s not her Nicole.

Machine bunker. A statue sits with Nicole’s face on it and Doc realizes who the prison is for– The Imposter he left Waverly with!! HE RUNS OUT WITHOUT FEEDING THE PRISON.

Jail bunker. The noise continues for a few seconds and then stops and the barrier confining “Nicole” drops. She celebrates her freedom and 100% does not seem like Nicole but Waverly is clueless until they kiss and Waverly’s all “Oh Fuck.” FakeNicole tells Waverly to call her “Eve,” threatens to hurt everyone she loves and then tells her she’s leaving.

Naturally, Eve can’t leave without performing an evil monologue for Waverly. Doc shows up (vamp needs to run faster) just in time to distract Eve from choking Waverly, and Eve promptly morphs into Jeremy and flirts with Doc.

The two fight, and it appears Eve will prevail when she knocks Doc to the ground, but he stabs her in the stomach WITH THE SHEARS THAT WERE DEFINITELY NOT CLEANED AFTER THE SELF-DECAPITATION LAST EPISODE. Eve turns into Wynonna and tells Doc she loves him, but he ignores her and tells Waverly they have to go. Waverly declares she can’t let Eve leave her prison, grabs Doc, and fries his brain? and he collapses.

BBD Facility

Wynonna yells down the hole where Nicole disappeared while Rachel fights off the zombies and runs.

Wynonna catches up with Rachel, and they use a tunnel to get past zombies on the floor above. They stop to talk about Rachel’s mother and her willingness to kill her zombified mom if she has to. Wynonna reiterates she’s not leaving the facility without Nicole. Rachel tells her Nicole might have fallen into the gate room, and they’ll need to go through the lab to get there.

We shift to Nicole on the floor, severely injured and yelling to Wynonna that she’s down there. Unfortunately, she’s not alone, there’s a zombie with her.

Rachel shows Wynonna the decontamination suits they have to wear in the lab because it was de-oxygenated and explains that they must find two keycards that then have to be swiped simultaneously to open the door. Rachel also warns Wynonna to keep quiet. They make it into the lab and get the keycards but not without Wynonna losing oxygen and acting a little goofy due to oxygen deprivation. Once the door is open, they find Nicole.

Rachel assesses Nicole and determines her leg is broken in three places. She leaves Wynonna and Nicole to have a heart to heart, where Wynonna gives Nicole Bulshar’s ring AGAIN.  Wynonna asks for Nicole’s help with the Garden gate, but Rachel tells them that’s not happening; she found her mother’s body with her hand on a lever to keep the gate shut, and she’ll kill anyone who tries to open it.

Nicole and Wynonna try talking Rachel down. Nicole admits that Wynonna knew Rachel’s mother was dead. Rachel thinks they’re Black Badge, but they stress that they’re just trying to save their angel. Wynonna tells Rachel she’s going through the portal no matter what. Zombies in the lab start breaking through, giving a greater sense of urgency.

While Wynonna and Rachel try to figure out the gate, Wynonna tells Rachel to toss Nicole her gun, AND THEN RACHEL THROWS A LOADED GUN AT NICOLE WITHOUT PUTTING THE SAFETY ON FIRST.

Rachel and Wynonna figure out the gate and open the portal, and Wynonna goes to help Nicole up. Nicole tells her Wynonna has to go alone as she’s the only one who can save Doc and Waverly. Nicole will be waiting in Purgatory for them. Wynonna promises to see her at home, then dives through the portal, followed by Bulshar’s ring, which Nicole threw in behind her.   .

Shortly after, Rachel and Nicole hear a scream; and Nicole tells her it’s a good sign. Rachel starts to panic because the zombies are breaking in, and Nicole calms her by asking where she’s from. Rachel tells her of a Mayan legend about “The Valdez,” a warrior princess who was given a kingdom to rule and granted immortality.

Rachel asks if they’re gonna die, and Nicole says they’re gonna fight and tosses a Beaver Blaster at the zombies right as they break in.​

Wynonna in the Garden

Wynonna sees WynonnEve and talks to her long enough for Eve to reveal her name, that she’s Death, and that she’ll murder her friends. Wynonna hears Doc yelling Waverly’s name and walks towards him. Eve frees herself but only takes a few steps before she is locked in place, courtesy of Waverly taking the throne.

Wynonna is excited to find Doc, but he thinks she’s Eve and attacks. They fight as Wynonna tries to convince Doc she’s the real Wynonna. It’s only when she uses their safe word—Hollywood—that he realizes it’s Wynonna. They kiss and go their separate ways, Wynonna to Waverly and Doc to Eve.

Doc gets to Eve just as she frees herself. She morphs into Jeremy, believing Doc won’t hurt him, but she’s wrong. During the fight, Doc kicks Eve through a door, into a portal; and the Garden quakes, sending Doc running for the Earps.

When Wynonna finds Waverly, she asks what she did. Waverly explains that she came home, it’s her destiny. Wynonna demands that Waverly get off the throne and attempts to physically move her, but Waverly telekinetically pushes her back. Wynonna holds out Bulshar’s ring, reminding her she made a promise to Nicole and has to give the ring back to her. Wynonna reassures Waverly that Nicole will say yes and tells her that they have to start living for themselves, and Waverly asks for her help. Wynonna puts Bulshar’s ring on Waverly’s finger and helps her off the throne. The sisters embrace for a moment before running off to Doc.

Doc and the Earps get to the doors and start looking for the exit. Finally, a door opens, and they throw themselves through but not before Waverly tosses the ring into the Garden..

Time Jump 

​Wynonna, Doc, and Waverly all wake up back in Purgatory in different places and run to find the others.

Waverly heads for the Homestead and is greeted by shotgun blasts, courtesy of Nicole.  Nicole looks shocked to see her and asks her if she’s real when they embrace. Waverly returns the question, and Nicole tells her to get into the house and check (and whew, does she). The two reconnect, and we get a beautifully shot, uninterrupted sex scene between the two of them. I’m still at a loss for words. Queer fans NEVER get scenes like that.

Waverly and Nicole bask in the afterglow and shower each other with compliments, Waverly focusing on Nicole’s hair, which is significantly longer than when they last saw each other. Nicole tells her she grew it out, explaining that Waverly, Wynonna, and Doc have been missing for 18 months, three weeks, and four days.

In town, Doc and Wynonna reunite, but just as they’re about to kiss, something catches Wynonna’s eye and she freezes. As they look around, we see several men hanging from scaffolding in the middle of town. Not good.​