Wynonna Earp is Back With The Season 4 Premiere “On the Road Again”

Credit: Syfy

It’s been two years but Wynonna is finally back!

The season premiere gave us two solid storylines to follow, making it a lot easier on this rusty recapper. Speaking of rusty, if you need a reminder as to what happened in the season 3 finale, check out my recap here.

Wynonna and Nedley

The episode picks up where the season three finale ended, with Nedley and Wynonna in Shorty’s. Wynonna gears up, making sure to pack a flask, and they head out to the woods to find the staircase. They manage to find it, but when Wynonna walks up them and takes a step off, she falls. She really can’t have believed it would be that easy, right? They then discover that when the door opened to pull Waverly in, something got out and Nedley and Wynonna are attacked by weird crab demons.

Nedley gets hurt during the fight and he and Wynonna rush to the Homestead in search of first aid. While they’re searching for a kit, Nedley spies “Valdez” on the stairs, prompting a flashback of Jeremy carving the name on the wall and then being tased by a man in tactical gear.

Back to the present, Nedley reveals the only first aid he found was a package of pads and then he asks where the rest of the group was during the Bulshar fight. Wynonna admits to drugging them to keep them safe. She finds Bulshar’s ring on the floor and remembers Nicole wearing it, she and Nedley realize Waverly must have proposed.

A bit later, while Wynonna is showing off her Beaver Blasters (explosives, not a euphemism), they hear a noise in the kitchen and find Mercedes, who managed to run from the men who came to take her and Kate. Wynonna explains to Mercedes that she’s not the heir and Mercedes makes a snarky comment about the “Wynonna Hot Mess” file, and Nedley mentions he still has Dolls’ files.

They head to Nedley’s office and he pulls the files out from their hiding place; in the couch that “nobody uses.” Wynonna starts going through Dolls’ files on his fallen colleagues and finds one on Gloria Valdez. They discover Valdez was stationed at a facility in Monument and that someone wrote “Garden?” on one of the pages.

Nedley suggests there’s another entrance to the Garden at the facility and sends Wynonna off to find it and bring Waverly and Doc back.

Haught Train Ride

Nicole wakes up in a train car, cursing Wynonna when she realizes she’s not at the Homestead. She very quickly realizes she’s not alone when she goes to grab the door and is pulled away by Kate.

Kate warns her that the door has a current running through it and the last person who attempted to open it was fried, and points to a man on the floor. Kate tells her either the government or a private militia posing as the government rounded everyone in Purgatory up who hadn’t already evacuated. Nicole tells her that she has to find Waverly and Kate offers to read (her tarot cards) for her. When she asks for something of Waverly’s to help with the reading, Nicole offers herself.

Kate does Nicole’s reading and pulls the Empress, representing feminine power and strength of the mind, and then Death, stating it represents transition, a doorway, and Nicole suggests they both jump off the train to save the Earps and Doc. The final card is The Fool, a journey. Kate realizes that no human can survive the shock and walks to the door. Kate pulls the door open, electrocuting herself, and Nicole jumps off the train.

Wynaught Take a Trip

Wynonna’s road trip starts off a little rough with a flat tire and some self doubt. She starts musing out-loud what Doc and Waverly would be saying to her when she hears Nicole say her name. Wynonna greets her with open arms only to receive a punch in the face.

Nicole changes Wynonna’s tire while listening to her argue that the whole drugging thing was ancient history and that Nicole couldn’t have saved Waverly because she’s not special like Doc and Waverly. Wynonna asks for forgiveness and for Nicole’s help in finding Gloria Valdez and Nicole agrees when Wynonna tells her the facility could have another entrance to the Garden.

Once they get to the facility and start exploring, Nicole tells Wynonna that Waverly proposed, but Wynonna interrupted before Nicole was able to answer. Someone starts shooting at them and the two separate, with Wynonna distracting the shooter to give Nicole time to sneak up and knock them out. They tie the shooter up and we find out the shooter is a young woman with an ID badge that says “Valdez.”

When Valdez comes to, she refuses to give them any information until Wynonna explains they’re trying to find Gloria Valdez’s lab in order to save her sister. Valdez agrees to help and tells them her first name, Rachel. Wynonna mentions Dolls and Rachel tells them he saved her life. As she walks them through the facility, Rachel explains there was a big accident at the lab and BBD gassed it and Dolls got her out. She doesn’t know what the gas was, just that it didn’t do what BBD expected it to. She warns them not to step on the grates and to stop talking from there on out.

Rachel takes them to a lab full of dead scientists and explains that whatever her mother was working on is in the lab, but she’s never been inside because the door is locked and she doesn’t believe her mother is one of the scientists. They start discussing how to get into the lab when Wynonna takes out one of her Beaver Busters and blows up the door. Unfortunately, Rachel’s warning of “No, they’ll wake up!” Is too late. Turns out the BBD gas turned the scientists into zombies, who start coming after the trio.

We get a pretty great fight scene with Wynonna, Rachel, and Nicole taking out the zombies. They get separated and as they’re trying to find one another and Wynonna ends up stepping onto a grate that immediately shifts. She tells Nicole to find the portal and save Waverly, but Nicole says “Fuck that!” and pushes Wynonna out of the way, falling down into the hole.

Doc and Waverly in the Garden

Last but not least, a trip to the Garden!  Our first glimpse of the Garden is of Waverly tied up yelling for Wynonna in the beginning of the episode.

We then see Doc enter through a free-standing doorway that quickly locks behind him. He starts wandering around the snowy nightmare of a “garden,” but then hears Waverly calling out for help. Doc finds her chained up against a stone statue, and frees her by pulling the chains and big, fleshy, weight out of a well. They start walking around, trying to find the doorway but are unsuccessful.

Doc and Waverly do find Julian’s throne and Waverly immediately moves to sit on it, but Doc stops her, she tells him it’s her birthright, her legacy but then isn’t sure why she said it. They hear a noise and realize they aren’t alone and find a bunker.

Inside the bunker, they find a man who’s very excited to see them. He tells them they have to keep “her” fed with fresh, human blood and hands Waverly a knife. Waverly asks how to leave and the man answers that there’s only one way out and picks up a very sharp pair of shears and decapitates himself.

Doc tells Waverly to try to revive the man, because they need answers and she’s done it before. Waverly tries, but fails and they hear a weird noise and the lights start going wonky. They figure whatever it is needs to be fed, so Doc and Waverly drain the man into the altar he pointed out earlier.

Up on the surface, Doc is sitting by a fire when Waverly walks over to join him. She tells him they need rest and as they lie back, they both start talking about Nicole and Wynonna, seeming to struggle to remember details.

A bit later, Waverly leaves Doc passed out and goes back into the bunker, where the lights are going wonky again.  Waverly cuts her hand and bleeds into the altar, causing the lights to stop. We see flowers appear in a pool of water and a voice calls Waverly’s name.

A podium appears with four leather bound books, each with a name on it; Nicole Haught, Waverly Gibson, Doc Holliday, and Wynonna Earp. The podium also has “Choose One. Choose Wisely” carved into it. Waverly grabs a book and leaves.

When Doc wakes up, he sees a tree and curses Waverly. He hears someone calling out and goes down into the bunker where there’s a very naked Nicole.

Well that’s it folks! Thanks for reading!

For those of you who also listen to Make Your Peace, unfortunately, at the moment, Lara and I will not be covering season four. We will keep you informed as the season continues.