Wynonna Earp Has Us “Look at Them Beans” This Week

Credit: Syfy

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Nicole helped Wynonna find a way into the Garden, Waverly and Doc met Eve (yes, THAT Eve), and Doc and the Earp sisters returned to Purgatory 18 months after they left. Read the recap here.

We start with Wynonna and Doc looking at a scaffolding of hanged men, wondering wtf happened while they were gone. They need a drink, but instead of Doc’s beloved saloon, Shorty’s is now a hipster bar run by Chrissy Nedley. The second Chrissy sees Wynonna, Chrissy comes at her swinging, but Wynonna quickly subdues her. The entire bar draws weapons on Doc and Wynonna and a patron tells Wynonna to let Chrissy go. When she does, Chrissy attempts to place Wynonna under citizens’ arrest for Sheriff Nedley’s murder (Nooooooo!).

Chrissy and her cronies drag Wynonna out to the scaffolding while Wynonna insists she didn’t hurt Nedley, she left him with Mercedes. Wynonna is confused when Chrissy mentions Wynonna’s been gone 18 months. The group gets Wynonna onto a truck and nearly loops a noose around her neck when the new Sheriff appears and stops her; and no, that Sheriff is not Nicole Haught. FalseSheriff, whose name is Sheriff Clayborn, helps Wynonna down and then arrests her to stand trial. Wynonna sends Doc for help.

At the homestead, Waverly sings her way down the stairs, walks into the kitchen, and realizes she’s not alone; Rachel is in the kitchen. She offers Waverly some homemade kombucha, figuring she’ll need it after the previous night’s sexcapades. Their conversation is cut short when a bell rings, and Rachel yells that there’s something in the trap. She and Nicole grab guns and head for the barn with Waverly following wielding a large decorative spoon.

Rachel and Nicole explain that they’ve set up 10 traps around the homestead to be checked every 2 hours, not because of Revenants but because some other demons have been in the woods. One of them—a huge troll—has been desperately trying to get onto the Homestead. This time, the only demon they find trapped is Doc, who has a very large bear trap in a very delicate position. Nicole frees him, and Doc tells her it’s good to see her and calls her “Sheriff.” Nicole states that she’s not the Sheriff, just “that crazy ginger bitch.” Waverly says hi to Doc and notes that he smells terrible, and Rachel explains that they bait the traps with skunk juice. Gross. Waverly asks if Wynonnna is in a trap somewhere, but Doc tells her Wynonna is in jail, framed for Nedley’s murder.

At the Station, Clayborn takes Wynonna, in her new, form-fitting, orange jumpsuit to a clear cell that looks like it’s just randomly set up in the middle of a room and already has an occupant. Wynonna’s demands for a phone call are ignored. Her cellmate, Casey, freaks out when Wynonna tells him her name, saying he thought he’d be safe from demons and demon hunters. Wynonna asks what’s happened in the last 18 months, and he explains that after the town was evacuated for “forest fires,” a bunch of demons congregated in the woods and now it’s dangerous as hell outside.

To drive home that point, we see a delivery truck driving along a back road and the driver gets attacked by a big monster.

At the Homestead, Waverly struggles with the news of Nedley’s death. Nicole explains that it was chaos after the evacuation ended, some people came back but some just disappeared. Nicole hasn’t seen Kate since the train and hasn’t heard from Jeremy in months, but he’s getting by. Nicole doesn’t tell them what happened to Robin, but it doesn’t seem like he made it. Waverly asks Doc how they could have been in the Garden for 18 months, and he suggests a time differential. Waverly suggests it would have been easier if they had just lived those 18 months, and Nicole counters nothing was easy about those months.

Doc tells Nicole that what she’s done to keep the Homestead safe is heroic, but Nicole quickly downplays it; she had help from Rachel and the Earp shotguns. He asks Nicole where Mercedes is, because that’s who Wynonna left Nedley with. Nicole mentions a new demon bar, and Doc races off.

When Doc walks into the demon bar, he’s stopped by a bouncer who tells him it’s members only, but Doc decks him and draws his guns. Doc, on his rescue mission and while addressing the patrons, gets caught up by the bar’s name, The Glory Hole. The bar’s owner introduces himself as Amon, the two flirt and the bouncer tells Doc he’s a big fan. At Doc’s confusion, Amon explains they’re happy to have an undead legend in the bar.

At the Homestead, Waverly goes through her closet while ranting to Nicole about Nedley and the town and threatens to go start kicking ass to set everyone straight. Waverly can’t find appropriate clothing, and Nicole tells her she organized everything by fabric, saving everything she could. The two are interrupted by Rachel yelling outside, struggling with milking a skunk. Nicole leaves to help her out but not before telling Waverly to come back safe, with Wynonna.

In their cell, Casey tells Wynonna because of all the demons in town, the government (probably Black Badge) set up a quarantine and a border; humans can get out but not demons. Wynonna complains about how terrible everything is, not realizing that Clayborn has come to announce she has a visitor.

Her visitor is Lawyer Waverly, in her best professional wear, demanding Wynonna have a trial. Clayborn tells her a trial is why Wynonna is there, and Waverly tells him she’s issuing a writ of habeas corpus. Wynonna gets confused, and the two have a back and forth that annoys Clayborn and catches the attention of the Magistrate, a woman named Cleo, as she walks in. Clayborn explains to Cleo that the family would like to make a complaint and then requests to speak with her in private. They go into his office. While they’re busy, Wynonna asks Waverly if that’s the whole plan, and Waverly tells her Doc is helping.

Back at the Glory Hole, Doc and Amon watch Mercedes finish up her performance, which involves flashing a new set of vampire teeth. Amon offers to get Doc another drink and casually mentions that his supply trucks keep getting eaten by the woods, then walks away.

When Mercedes sees Doc, she’s excited to see—but not smell—him, and explains she’s just faking the demon thing because it’s safer that way. When Doc tells her Wynonna is in jail, she admits she was worried about that and explains what happened with Nedley. Mercedes did her best to patch Nedley up, but he was oozing and smelled horrendous (blue cheese and boy feet) and took off into the woods after a few days. Doc tries to get her to testify and then help find Nedley (dead or alive), but all she can do is tell him where one of the big monsters likes to hang out.

At the Sheriff’s station, the Magistrate announces that all the prisoners have an opportunity to win a get out of jail free card by competing in the Randy Nedley Chili Cook-Off for Freedom. The Earp Sisters are less than thrilled.

The Chili Cook-Off is all set up, including a banner and aprons with a tasteless logo, at Shorty’s. Casey explains that the Chili Cook-Off is the latest of Cleo’s attempts at entertainment, but someone does get their freedom at the end.

Waverly and Nicole arrive to act as moral support, and Nicole and Wynonna immediately hug. Nicole thanks Wynonna for getting Waverly home; and when they separate, Wynonna asks how she’s holding up. Nicole says “Peachy” without even trying to be convincing. Waverly, not seeming to notice, interrupts and tells Wynonna she brought some stuff from home. The Magistrate blows a horn to start off the cook-off, and Wynonna throws the cheese in the pot first, instantly showing she has no idea what she’s doing and causing Wavely and Nicole to jump in to assist.

Out in the woods, Doc is looking for any sign of Nedley and finds Amon’s delivery truck. Doc excitedly opens the crates in the back and grabs a bottle of booze before hearing a noise and seeing a big, ugly, Sasquatch looking thing walking his way.

Back at Shorty’s, Cleo entertains herself by shooting t-shirts at people while the prisoners are preparing their dishes. Waverly tasks Nicole and Wynonna with chopping onions, giving them an opportunity to talk. When Wynonna tells Nicole she’s surprised she gave up being Sheriff, Nicole explains she didn’t give it up, Cleo showed up, re-incorporated the town, made herself Magistrate, and elected a new Sheriff.  Wynonna asks why nobody stopped Cleo and Nicole tells her she didn’t have time, she had Rachel at the homestead and she was looking for people, but she knows she let everyone down. Wynonna tells her she would never say that and Waverly interrupts, demanding their onions and telling them it’s time for the seitan, the most important ingredient in the vegan chili. Nicole asks Waverly how Wynonna is supposed to win with vegan chili and Wynonna takes a more direct approach and knocks the cutting board out of Waverly’s hands and Nicole steps away.

Clayborn walks over to Nicole and makes some snide comments about her losing the election and leaving a teenager in charge at the Homestead before walking away and leaving Nicole worried. When Waverly walks over to her, Nicole explains that they catch all kinds of nasty things in their traps and Waverly tells her to go home.

Wynonna walks over to Casey and offers 20 bucks for half his bacon, he knows she doesn’t have the money but Wynonna grabs it anyway and throws it into her chili.

At the Homestead, Nicole is yelling for Rachel, who comes limping up and tells Nicole not to “mom” her. She tells her she was baiting the traps when the big ugly monster and Doc showed up. Nicole tells Rachel to get inside and they run towards the house

At the Chili Cook-Off, Wynonna tries to get Waverly to taste the chili, but refuses because Wynonna ruined her vegan chili with bacon and anchovies. Cleo announces that she was going to judge the competition herself but decided to bring in a guest judge and introduces “Miss Kidney Bean,” Chrissy Nedley. Chrissy glares at Wynonna and Waverly tells her she is definitely NOT winning.

Back at the Homestead, Rachel is in bed with an ice pack when they hear the monster and Doc coming. Doc yells for them to let him in, but Nicole freezes, leaving Rachel to jump up and let Doc in. Nicole snaps out of it and takes her position in front of the door and fires at the monster and somehow managing to injure it enough for it to run (I have questions about this, I’m trying to let it go).

Rachel thanks Doc for distracting from the “Crusty booger beast” and Doc asks them not to let him sit there for more than 10 min, he wants to return to the woods to finish the job. They mention that they saw it oozing and it might be a good time to take it down, if it’s already injured.

The Chili Cook-Off ends and Chrissy almost gets the honor of reading out the winner, but Cleo gets impatient and takes the envelope from her, announcing Wynonna as the winner. While Wynonna and Waverly celebrate, Cleo brings the trophy over and hands it to Wynonna.

Cleo and two henchmen leave the bar with Wynonna, presumably to release her, but we hear Wynonna yelling as soon as they step outside. As they’re leaving, Waverly tries Wynonna’s chili and immediately realizes something is wrong, there’s no way Wynonna won.

They take Wynonna to the Sheriff station and Cleo tells her she won her freedom, but it’s not just freedom from custody and the charges, she’s leaving Purgatory. Wynonna refuses to leave and tries unsuccessfully to find out who, or what Cleo is.

As they’re gearing up and making a plan at the Homestead, Rachel tries to argue they need to use the kombucha because the monster howled when he stepped in it. Rachel also mentions the monster smelled like “Blue cheese and boy feet,” which catches Doc’s attention. Doc suggests that the monster may be friend, not foe, and Nicole shows him a piece of Nedley’s shirt that she found in one of the traps and tells him the monster killed Nedley. Doc FINALLY puts it together and realizes the monster IS Nedley.

Cleo drives Wynonna out to the woods and Wynonna starts yelling about her not keeping her word and Cleo is like “That’s funny coming from an Earp” but Wynonna still isn’t quite sure who she is, just that it’s personal for Cleo. Cleo pushes Wynonna down a hill and then walks down to hog tie her and tells her it’s not personal, it’s hereditary. Unfortunately, it’s still not enough of a clue as to who Cleo is. Cleo has a mini-corrupt politician monologue while she ties Wynonna up and demands Wynonna scream and when she doesn’t, Cleo stabs her.

Cleo walks back up to the car to watch Wynonna get eaten but gets pushed right back down by Wavery. The two fight while the monster gets closer to Wynonna and Wynonna starts yelling out for Waverly to help. Waverly bests Cleo and grabs the closest weapon, the t-shirt gun, just as Doc and Nicole show up, armed with a lasso and nerf gun respectively, and tell her not to shoot, it’s Nedley.

We then get a ridiculous scene of hog-tied Wynonna watching the three of them take down Nedley. For some ungodly reason, the kombucha works and turns Nedley back to normal. Nedley asks Wynonna what he did and she tells him he survived.

Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole take Nedley back to Shorty’s where he and Chrissy reunite. Nedley tells her he doesn’t remember anything and Wynonna tells him that’s probably for the best and to also maybe stay away from small game for a while. Chrissy tells Wynonna she doesn’t know what to say, just that it all got to her and Wynonna and Waverly apologize not being there and reassure her it won’t happen again.

Waverly and Wynonna walk out of the bar and Nicole moves to follow but Nedley stops her. All Nicole tells him is to get Chrissy out while he still can. She is not okay.

Chrissy, at least, takes Nicole’s advice and we see her driving up to a gate at the Ghost River Triangle. She tells the border agent she doesn’t plan on returning to town except possibly to visit her father on his birthday and the agent tells her she needs ot get her supervisor. When the supervisor walks over, Chrissy tells him “They’re back” and we see it’s Jeremy!!

At the Glory Hole, Doc puts his pilfered bottle of booze on the bar, catching Amon’s attention. Doc basically blackmails Amon into hiring him as protection for future shipments by threatening to sell his supply to Shorty’s. Doc asks for a future favor in return and they shake on it. (There was a lot of flirting during this scene and I honestly wasn’t mad about it)

At the Homestead, Waverly and Nicole are enjoying some nice quiet time together when they hear a noise downstairs that startles Nicole. Waverly, who continues to miss cues, tells her she loves her and tries asking about the last year and a half but Nicole tells her she has to check the traps and gets out of bed. Waverly asks if she can go with her and Nicole says “Always.”

Downstairs, Rachel is packing a laundry basket for Wynonna and offers to move out and sleep in the barn but Wynonna stops her and tells her she likes it out there. Wynonna asks why she left Monument and Rachel explains that she left because Nicole needed someone. Wynonna asks how bad Nicole is and Rachel just tells her “she was alone for a really long time.” Wynonna thanks her for taking care of her friend and walks out.

As soon as Wynonna walks into the barn, several men with guns come out of hiding and black bag her.