Wynonna Earp Dives Into Some Fears During This Week’s Episode “Afraid”


Credit: Syfy

Last week, Wynonna got arrested, the gang almost murdered Nedley, and Wynonna got black bagged. Check out the full recap, here.

The episode starts with Wynonna being taken to an interrogation room at the Black Badge Facility at the border, where she is greeted by Deputy Assistant Director Naomi Hycha, who seems like A LOT. She confirms that BBD is no longer defunct and that they are happy to have Wynonna back. Naomi confusingly calls Wynonna Agent Arp and has a very skimpy looking file on her. Jeremy enters the┬ároom and tells Naomi that Wynonna hates demons, like they all do, but has never killed them, indicating to Wynonna that he’s trying to hide her identity.

We cut out to the woods where someone is performing a ritual that involves them slicing their hand open and bleeding over a photo of Wynonna and then a demon breaks free of it’s chain.

At the Homestead, Waverly and Nicole are waiting patiently for everyone to get home so Waverly can show off a powerpoint she created to sort out what info they have and still need about the town. Rachel walks in WEARING WYNONNA’S LEATHER JACKET and Nicole starts to fill her in but Rachel cuts her off and tells them she has somewhere to go and leaves. Nicole apologizes to Waverly that nobody is there and Waverly points out they have the house to themselves and they start making out.

Back at BBD, Naomi explains to Wynonna that BBD’s main purpose is to see humans and demons coexisting, the plan is to observe and interfere as little as possible. Jeremy offers to take Wynonna on a tour of the facility and as they’re leaving the room, Wynonna takes a branded rock out of her pocket and hands it off to an agent, believing it to be a surveillance tool.

Unfortunately for that agent, it seems to lead a demon right to him and he is decapitated while outside on a smoke break.

While Jeremy is giving Wynonna the tour, he backs her into an alcove for a chat, because it’s hidden from the security cameras. Wynonna starts to worry that Jeremy has been bodysnatched and he reassures her that BBD isn’t evil, they’re just a little out of their depth and worried about the demons. Jeremy tells her they need Wynonna and Peacemaker and Wynonna starts to tell him that she doesn’t have Peacemaker but they’re interrupted by Naomi.

Turns out Rachel’s somewhere to be was an abandoned diner with her “friend,” Billy, who she trades stolen goods with. She gives him a multi-tool that she found and he gives her a jacket. He tells her it would look good on her before leaning in for a kiss, causing her to awkwardly panic and give him a hubcap.

A little later, on their way home, Rachel continues with the awkward and invites herself over to Billy’s house. Billy tells her repeatedly that it’s not a good idea but she ignores it until he suggests they would need a really good reason for her to be there and they separate. As Rachel walks away, she passes a stone altar that looks like the one used to cast the spell earlier.

At the Homestead, Nicole and Waverly have once again managed to have sex anywhere but a bed, this time landing on the floor of the kitchen and using the tablecloth as a sheet. Waverly asks Nicole if they should talk about Peacemaker and Nicole puts herself down, saying it’s another thing she failed at. Waverly tells Nicole she didn’t fail and offers to put together a “Haught Topics” powerpoint, detailing how great Nicole is, but Nicole doesn’t seem to be into it. I believe I speak for the fandom when I say “Please, Waverly?” Waverly starts talking about the proposal but Nicole cuts her off with a kiss. Unfortunately, sexy times round two is cut short by Rachel coming back home and asking if a junk yard would be a good place to find Peacemaker. It’s hard to be mad at Rachel for that interruption, they were in the kitchen.

At BBD, Jeremy is finishing up the tour by taking Wynonna to the armory and showing her “Antoni,” an awesome looking gun that “guacs” things. After suiting up in her new BBD jumpsuit, Wynonna starts waving Antoni around all willy-nilly, probably making Jeremy regret giving her the gun. Jeremy takes her to a garage and explains that they need her help with the supply trucks that keep getting hit. Wynonna gets offended at being asked simply to protect the truck/goods but then agrees when Jeremy mentions the town needs its booze.

When Wynonna gets to the truck, she thinks she’s driving and yells at Simon (the actual driver) before Jeremy explains that she’s guarding the supplies. Wynonna also finds another rock and hands it to Jeremy, believing it to be his. The last thing Jeremy tells her before she leaves is not to touch the big red temptation of a button on the gun because it will explode everything and naturally, Wynonna starts messing with him and pretending she’s going to push it.

Waverly drives Nicole and Rachel out to “Magpie Ranch,” the junkyard where Billy lives, and the second they park, Rachel runs out to find him. Waverly starts looking around the closest barn, calling out for the “magpies” when the shrieking demon from before comes out of the barn. Waverly doesn’t seem to notice the demon, despite it being inches from her. The demon backs off when a woman yells out for them to get away, that the car parts aren’t for sale.

The woman, Margo, takes them into her trailer to look through boxes of stuff. They ask Margo about large knives and Nicole covers by saying she needs it for her She-Ra Halloween costume. Waverly gets a call from Wynonna and steps out of the trailer, leaving Nicole alone with Margo. Margo tells Nicole she’s got some nice rings in if she wants to take a look and then tells Nicole it’s time for her to deliver, which isn’t super great. Nicole tells Margo to stay away from them.

Outside, Waverly is on the phone with Wynonna, who called for information about the rock. Waverly tells her she doesn’t recognize it but will look into it and walks back to the trailer, right past a piece of wood with the symbol burned into it.

Out on the truck route, Simon drives right over a spike strip that he didn’t see for some reason, and when the truck stops, they hear someone getting into the back, presumably for the booze. Simon runs for it, leaving Wynonna to check it out and she finds Doc.

At the Ranch, Rachel finds Billy and he tells her she has to go and Rachel ignores him (again) and decides to just stumble on through admitting her crush. Billy tells her not to say that and tells her to leave and she gets upset and finally listens to him. Rachel goes and gets Waverly and Nicole and they all leave.

After they leave, Billy walks into the trailer and Margo gives him a ration of crap for bringing Earps onto their land and warns him that he knows what has to happen. Billy promises to make it right and Margo, who gets creepier by the minute, tells him not to make her reap Rachel.

Back at the truck, Doc gets upset with Wynonna for not telling him she saw Jeremy, despite the fact that it just happened, and the fight escalates, culminating in Doc blaming Wynonna for losing Peacemaker. Doc tells Wynonna he’s taking the whiskey no matter what and Wynonna does the mature thing and handcuffs herself to the crate. She immediately regrets it because she doesn’t have the keys and Doc ends up leaving to go get tools from his car to free her.

While she’s waiting for Doc to return, Wynonna finds ANOTHER branded rock and realizes it’s not a piece of GPS tech, but something evil and creepy as hell. She gives it a short break up speech and tosses it aside but it seems to be a little too late, as Wynonna starts hearing noises outside. The sound of shuffling feet and chains gets louder and Wynonna sees a shadow on the roof. The radio comes on, upping the creep factor, and the shrieking demon from before pokes its head in the truck. Wynonna recognizes something about the demon and then screams.

The demon comes after Wynonna and she struggles to avoid it, get her dropped gun, and free herself. Unfortunately, once she gets her gun, she is unable to get a shot off before the demon breaks it and Wynonna runs. RIP Antoni.

As Wynonna is running through the woods, she runs right into a circle of altars, inadvertently trapping herself. When she tries to leave the circle, a barrier stops her, and she understandably starts to panic until Doc arrives. He can’t see the demon, but Wynonna is able to guide his hand and they both shoot it, leaving it injured but not dead. Doc breaks one of the altars, breaking the circle, and they make a run for it.

At the Homestead, Rachel is in the barn when Billy walks in and tells her they can’t hang out anymore. She reaches into her/Wynonna’s jacket and pulls out a branded rock, just like the one’s Wynonna’s been finding and Billy freaks out. He starts yelling about how he said he would make it right.

In the house, Waverly is researching the rock and realizes it looks like a cattle brand and finds it in an old west book. It’s the cattle brand for the Clanton family, an old enemy of the Earps, and realizes they’re in Purgatory. She hears a scream and goes running outside.

Nicole and Waverly run into the barn and see Billy with his multi-tool freaking out about a reaper coming. Nicole goes into protective mode and threatens Billy but Rachel gets between them and tells her something is wrong with Billy. Billy tells him his family is the problem, Waverly guesses that they’re Clantons and he tells them that his family is cursed, but he won’t hurt Rachel. He uses the multi-tool to take what is definitely not a tooth out of his mouth and offers himself to save Rachel so the Reaper doesn’t come after her.

Out in the woods, we see the demon stop its pursuit of Wynonna and leave.

Back at the barn, Billy explains he had one covenant and he used it to save her from one of his family members. Waverly asks how many there are and he tells her it’s his brother Holt, sister Cleo, and Mam (Margo) and leaves.

Later, in the house, Waverly gives Wynonna the rundown about the Clantons and Wynonna tells them the demon really hated her. They realize that Billy called the Reaper off of Wynonna, thinking he was doing it for Rachel. Rachel immediately jumps into action and tells them they have to save Billy but they tell her they have to go as a team, with a plan, and she backs down and leaves to cool off (probably). Wynonna tells them they can’t do anything as a team without Jeremy.

At the Clanton’s, Billy is chained up, like the Reaper was earlier, thanks to Margo. He begs her to drop the old ways but she refuses. When he begs her not to kill Rachel, she tells him she won’t, he will, and the Reaper comes out and attacks him. With a whole lot of unnecessary drool.

Margo goes inside and Holt suggests she was being harsh, but she ignores him. Cleo tells her they can still teach him to respect tradition and Margo points out Cleo isn’t super great with tradition either. They all go to the dinner table and hold hands and Margo notices Cleo’s is bandaged and starts putting pressure on the wound, hurting Cleo. She reminds Cleo the reapers aren’t attack dogs and there’s already a plan in motion. Margo makes it clear she’s the decision maker, the “heir,” and an overall terrible person.

At BBD, Wynonna busts in on Jeremy and Naomi, who are in the middle of a planning meeting, and tells them who she is and that she’s the best damn demon hunter BBD has seen. She admits to Jeremy that she doesn’t have Peacemaker anymore and that she needs him. Wynonna tells Naomi that she’s taking Jeremy, the BBD office in Purgatory, reinstating her people, and hunting demons and Naomi looks to Jeremy to make the call. Jeremy tells her they can get it done, which means the family is finally getting back together.

Back at the Clanton Homestead, Nicole pays Margo a visit. Margo asks if she brought what’s owed and Nicole puts a jar on the table and tells her she’s returning it because it didn’t do anything. Nicole argues that Doc and Waverly got themselves out of the Garden and tells her it’s over and Margo is like “Sure Jan” and unleashes some crazy ass plague out of the jar and into Nicole.