Netflix Releases First Sneak Peek Of The Crown Season Four

Credit: Netflix

Fans of The Crown are really getting spoiled these past weeks. First, it was announced that Jonathan Pryce will be playing Prince Philip before it was revealed that Elizabeth Debicki will be playing Princess Diana in season five and six. Still, fans were left wondering when season four would finally be released.

But not anymore!

Netflix has finally released the first sneak peek of the fourth season along with its premiere date.

In the sneak peek, we are getting to see Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth in uniform and riding on a horse, while she reminds us that “something as important as the monarchy cannot be allowed to fail.” The sneak peek gives viewers a glimpse of what is lying ahead for the royal family and what Queen Elizabeth’s words could refer to, after all, season four looks like it will be quite a ride.

Not only are we going to relive the prime ministership of Margaret Thatcher, of whom we are getting a first glimpse and who is being played by Gillian Anderson. We are also getting a first look at Emma Corrin as Princess Diana. The sneak peek is giving the fans of the show an idea of the struggles Princess Diana had to live through during that period time.

At the end of the trailer, we are seeing Diana walk through the rooms of what I presume is Buckingham Palace in her wedding dress. While we do not know yet how season four will end, we know when in time season three ended, which was in the late 1970s, so the wedding of the century could happen in the middle of season four or more towards the end. Perhaps, we will even get to see baby Prince William, if we are lucky.

Thankfully, we do not have to wait that much longer for the new season, as Netflix revealed the premiere date at the end of the trailer: November 15.

Exciting times are ahead for the fans of The Crown and we have less than 3 months left to rewatch the first three seasons before season four will hit.

Anna Hattingen