In The Heights Director Says Why The Film Needs To Be Seen On The Big Screen

In the Heights was pushed back from June 2020 to June 2021 a couple months ago. It’s a long wait for fans of the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical, but director Jon M. Chu hopes, a worthwhile wait.

Talking with EW, Chu said, “There was a vigorous debate about release dates of course. But in a weird way we were all on the same page when deciding [whether] this is an opportunity to stream this movie. At the end of the day, everyone who knows our movie or has seen our movie knows that it feels like it needs to be on the big screen.”

Chu actually thinks that the delay will be to the film’s benefit. He compared it to Crazy Rich Asians, which he also directed to great success.

“You’re making stars, so they have to be on magazine covers, they have to do the talk shows, they have to get into the system. If you only have a month, a couple of months, four months, five months, it’s just not enough time. But when you have a year — once everything’s settle down — then we have the time to actually create that ecosystem for the best outcome. I think that in the same way our Crazy Rich Asians cast has become a mainstay in Hollywood now and can carry their own movies, I know these actors 100 percent will do the same. We’re definitely playing the long game.”

He does, however, feel relieved that they finished filming before COVID-19. After all, In the Heights has a lot of big scenes with lots of people.

Bec Heim