Supergirl’s Nicole Maines On Wanting To See Trans Roles Evolve

Credit: The CW

Nicole Maines is no stranger in breaking barriers. From getting Maine to allow people to go to the bathroom that fits their gender identity as a child to becoming the first trans superhero in live-action media, Maines is more than ready to see more trans actors and stories take center stage.

Talking with Variety for their Power of Pride list, Maines said that she hopes to see trans characters evolve and be even more complex. By that, she one day hopes to be able to play a villain.

“I think it’s that more and more trans characters [can] be less than perfect and be a–holes and be the villains. We can look at them, and be like, ‘They’re just people. They make poor choices. They can be bad people. They can be not nice.’ Trans-ness is not a person. A person is not identified by their trans-ness.”

On of her favorite moments in Supergirl season five was in the episode “Reality Bytes” when Dreamer went rogue and was more than ready to kill the transphobic asshole who attacked her friend and roommate.

“When I first started playing Nia, I was really nervous to kind of show her in any way that wasn’t favorable. I was very nervous to show her making poor choices or have her react poorly to something. I needed her to be a success. I needed Dreamer and Nia to be untouchable.”

She added that part of those nerves is because she’s aware of how few roles there are available for trans actors in Hollywood.

“The representation is really on the shoulders of just a few. So everything that happens to those characters is reflective of the rest of the trans community. If we’re anything less than perfect, that’s going to reflect poorly on the rest of us.”

Supergirl will return for season six sometime in 2021.

Bec Heim