Supergirl Star Melissa Benoist On Her “Daunting” And Luthor Filled Directorial Debut

Credit: The CW

Supergirl returns on Sunday, May 3 with a brand new episode. (It was supposed to be April 26, but that got pushed back for reasons unknown to us.) With the return episode, “Deus Lex Machina”, series star Melissa Benoist will get to step behind the camera in her directorial debut.

The episode, which is a flashback and Luthor heavy hour, will show how Lex (Jon Cryer) changed his fate following Crisis on Infinite Earths to become the universally beloved figure of the post-Crisis world. We just assumed that it had to do with that scrap of the Book of Destiny he had on him.

Talking with EW, Benoist shared a bit about her directing journey and working behind the camera.

Benoist was especially excited to work with Cryer in a new capacity as well and a little nervous. “I couldn’t believe how lucky I was that I got to be the teller of that particular story for our season, where we recap the entire season from Lex Luthor, Jon Cryer’s eyes. And I was very excited to get to work with him closely in an actor-director relationship. Aside from the initial terror, and wondering whether or not I was capable of doing it, I was so excited and immediately just imagining what I wanted to do and thinking of shots.”

As the episode is showing Lex’s perspective of the season, it will be expository in catching the audience up to his plans. So Benoist had to make sure that the information got across without feeling too exposition-y.

“So, we time jump a lot, there’s a lot of exposition, exactly, a lot of themes that we had to catch people up on. So that was a little daunting to make sure that yes, it was expository and informing the audience what they needed to know to understand, but also keeping it moving and entertaining and not just feeling like an encyclopedia, if you will.”

In order to prepare herself for the task, Benoist also asked from help for her fellow Arrowverse co-stars who went behind the camera: David Ramsey (Arrow), Caity Lotz (Legends of Tomorrow), and, of course, David Harewood (Supergirl).

“These shows are so specifically involved as actors already, the schedules are grueling, we’re there so much and we all get to know these so well. We spent a lot of time with each other on a crossover, so I did get quite a bit of advice from David of course. He gave me book recommendations and just every day we would kind of talk, especially when he was directing. I got to watch him and he has such a great fun, positive directing vibe about him. ”

Supergirl airs Sundays at 9/8c on The CW.

Bec Heim