William Shatner Writes Captain’s Logs as Kirk During Coronavirus Self-Isolation

When there’s a disaster (or a global pandemic), at least we know we can always count on Captain James T. Kirk. Or, at least the actor who plays him.

William Shatner, like most of us, is self-isolating due to the coronavirus. Thankfully, he took a few moments to entertain fans and followers on Twitter with a take on Captain’s Log updates, a prominent feature in the Star Trek universe that is typically used for exposition. 

In the first tweet, on March 18, Shatner wrote: “Captain’s Log: Stardate 1 of self imposed isolation. After having arrived at Planet Home, I was warmly greeted by Emissaries Espresso & Macchiato. I look forward to my planned respite from my normal duties. Kirk out.”

Now, Espresso and Macchiato just happen to be the names of Shatner’s dogs, which is pure coincidence. 


On March 19, Shatner wrote an addition to his previous “log,” saying, “Captain’s Log: Supplemental. While reflecting upon my experiences of the past week I do want to send my love, thanks & respect to those in Europe who came out to see me. Smiling face with 3 hearts For those canceled appearances I will work towards seeing if I can get back to those venues at some point👍🏻”

Then, later the same day, he continued, “Captain’s Log: Stardate 2 of self imposed isolation. Emissaries Macchiato & Espresso have been exploring a new territory called Underbed bestowing upon me tributes of missing socks and other items in an attempt to get my attention & adoration.” 

If one of the benefits of self-isolating, in addition to help to slow the spread of the coronavirus and protect those with more vulnerable immune systems, is a Captain’s Log from William Shatner every day, then it’s the best time to be quarantined in human history.

The tweets are a bit of a surprise for fans since the actor had recently said he was done playing the iconic captain onscreen. Earlier this month he responded to a question on Twitter and said he felt, “Kirk’s story is pretty well played out at this point.” The last time he appeared as Kirk was in 1994’s Star Trek Generations, where he heroically sacrificed himself to help Captain Picard save millions of lives. 

Stephanie Coats