Kara Has To Protect Andrea In “The Bodyguard” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last time, we left Kara and company it was the 100th episode! With the help of Mxy, Kara tried to change the timeline and tell Lena about her powers earlier. But even the best of the timelines had the worst of consequences for Kara telling Lena the truth before Lex. So Kara accepted that while she probably should have told Lena sooner, she didn’t and so she needs to live with that.

Just as Lena has to live with her next actions by working with Lex. Kara makes it clear to her ex-friend that if Lena wants to forgive her, then Kara will be thrilled. But if Lena continues down this path, then she will have to live with her choices and her actions.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Game of Supergirl: Someone is playing a Game of Thrones-esque fantasy. Kara, Alex, and Nia watch as people use the new Obsidian Platinum lenses. Kara is thrilled for Alex’s career change when they run into Kelly. Kelly also drops off food for Alex for her First Day at work. Alex and Kelly make a quick exit when William shows up with coffee for Kara and Nia. He seems pretty cool about Kara rejecting him. Andrea, meanwhile, watches her commercial for the Obsidian Platinum launch when she is attacked before being saved by Supergirl. Someone has sent an anti-Obsidian manifesto and plans to kill Andrea to make a point. She refuses to postpone the release of the project. Lena continues with her Non Nocere. Lena tells Lex about Myriad and the concerns of the Super Friends. Lena wants to make a utopia, which always ends well. Lex has set up human testing at a prison with “willing” subjects. Brainy meets with Lex about the immortality code, which they’re making into a mortality code. They need their version of Kryptonite to give it to the aliens who run Leviathan. Lex calls Kara to the DEO and threatens her into being Andrea’s bodyguard.

Adrift: Alex is feeling discombobulated by her new job. Kara arrives to the Tower to tell J’onn and Alex about her new detail of protecting Andrea. J’onn and Alex try to track the alien, the Chlorophyllian. Lex tracks down Gemma, offering Supergirl’s services. He and Gemma talk about her “people” and anonymity. Lena arrives at the prison for the human testing. Andrea thanks Supergirl for her help, but Kara looks like she’s hating everything. William introduces himself to Supergirl, making it a little awkward. J’onn and Alex arrive at the alien bar asking for some assistance in tracking down a Chlorophyllian. They’re pointed to a farmhouse. Brainy looks up the farm, but tells Alex a lie. Brainy summons one of his alternate selves, who tells him to trust the math. Brainy’s ultimate allegiance must be to Lex for the moment in order for a better future. Lena begins her testing with the Non Nocere program when one of the more violent inmates apologizes to one of the lesser violent ones and asks for lunch. William and Supergirl talk about VR vs reality and the fear of further disconnection with Obsidian Platinum. The Chlorophyllian attacks and Supergirl protects Andrea.

Secure: Andrea refuses to hide away from the Chlorophyllian, having a vulnerable moment with Kara about her father. She talks about the terrible things that she’s done and refuses to stop because of the threats. It’s enough for Kara to agree to take her to the Obsidian pop-up store. Non Nocere is not working well on Steve, who has like a bad reaction to it. He wakes up in the hospital and admits that for the first time ever he wanted to be the bully. Now all Steve is feeling is a hunger for violence and revenge. He asks why Lena didn’t fix him. Alex and J’onn go to the farmhouse for the Chlorophyllian. Andrea opens the pop-up store. The Chlorophyllian returns home and takes out J’onn, setting the farmhouse on fire. Alex sets off her Supergirl alarm and Kara grabs Andrea, saying they need to go.

Leave: Kara leaves Andrea at the DEO, who is pissed. She goes to save J’onn and Alex, saying that the Chlorophyllian’s gauntlets can harness aliens own energy. Lex goes to visit Lena, who is shaken by Steve’s happenstance. Lex tells Lena that she should not drive herself to madness, but Lena worries she is going down a dark path. What if Non Nocere is just trapping people in their own bodies? Lex assures Lena that they can fix this together. Alex looks over the ruined barn, feeling a bit inadequate as just Alex Danvers. J’onn reminds Alex that this is just a process and she needs to recalibrate. Kara finds the Chlorophyllian’s identity, Amy Sapphire. Her husband Todd was a former Obsidian North employee who was addicted to VR and got fired for it. Amy is trying to stop others from committing suicide like her husband did over the false perfection of the VR world. Amy arrives at Catco to make her stand against Obsidian Platinum.

Vision: Amy demands to know where Kara is, wanting Andrea Rojas. She absorbs Kara’s powers saying that she cannot stop her. Dreamer arrives and is able to help out. Kara heads to find Amy. The city is in a panic because Andrea tapped into the power grid to ensure the launch and if it keeps draining power from the city… well things aren’t going to end well. J’onn and Alex arrive at Catco to save the employees of Obsidian North and Catco that are there. Amy starts absorbing all the power from Obsidian Platinum as Brainy arrives to take the failsafe offline, putting Andrea in a holding cell. Andrea shadow transports herself to Catco, awakening her powers post-Crisis. It turns out that someone (Lex or Gemma) built a failsafe into Andrea’s failsafe to insure the launch. Kara tries to talk Amy down, telling her that she hears her. All she can tell Amy is that she’s in control of her own future, asking her if this is what Todd would have wanted for her. It works! Kara talks Amy down.

Launch: Andrea looks over the ruins of the building, but still believes that she’s here to help people. All Kara has is Todd in her head. Andrea goes to look at the Arcrata pendant as her powers fully awaken. J’onn congratulates Alex on her first day. He also presents her with Martian weapon, which is a shapeshifting weapon. So long as Alex can picture it, she can make it happen. J’onn and Alex hug. Lena goes to see Steve for the update on Non Nocere, who says that he feels safe for the first time ever. Alex and Kara have dinner together, but Kara is avoiding her own reality with William. Kara goes to see William at Catco, but he worries that he’s been overstepping with her. She tells William that she made a mistake and will love to go out with him. Brainy goes to see Lex, wondering what Lex’s endgame is. Lex goes to meet with Gemma, who is not thrilled by how the day went. Lex wants to be their global ambassador for Obsidian Platinum. He just wants to meet Gemma’s friends.

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