A New Supergirl Takes The Reigns In The Digital World In “Alex In Wonderland” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, Nia stood up for the trans community after her friend and roommate Yvette was attacked in a hate crime. Angry, and righteously so, Nia lured out the asshole and attacked him. While it looks like she was going to kill him, Kara, who got educated on the statistics of crimes against trans people, was able to talk Nia down. Instead, they handed the guy over to the police.

Alex, meanwhile, went into Obsidian Platinum to track down Trevor, the brother of bar owner Al, who has been missing. It turns out that someone has been exploiting a glitch in Obsidian Platinum that, according to Kelly, was supposed to be fixed months ago. Alex, whose feeling frustrated over her life and the inability to use the Hand of the Soldier, is able to stop the guy who virtually kidnapped and tortured Trevor and help Trevor get out. Said guy has brain damage and Old Lady Leviathan took him to a weird storage facility. So… that’s great we’re sure.

In the episode’s closing moments, Alex gets a call from Eliza and goes to Kara because Jeremiah is dead.

So let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Mourning: Jeremiah was found dead in the place where he found J’onn. At the end, he died helping alien refugees. It was cardiac arrest. Kara and J’onn go to see Alex, who refuses to go. Alex and Kara are both dealing with Jeremiah’s death in different waves. Alex is angry, blaming Jeremiah and Kara’s appearance in her life for the distance between them. Alex said she spent her whole life protecting the family and won’t do it again. Kara can’t deal and leaves with J’onn while Kelly says she will talk with Alex. Alex is tired of her continual grief with Jeremiah and doesn’t want her girlfriend to psychoanalyze her. Alex just wants to be left alone. Kelly promises to leave Alex and when she’s ready, she’ll give her a call. Alex decides to use the Obsidian Platinum lenses for some escapism, landing on the Supergirl fantasy. William goes to visit Kelly, who offers his condolences. Kelly gives William the abbreviated version of what’s going on with Alex. William brings his concerns about Lex’s Obsidian world tour and the launch of satellites. Kelly admits her concerns on Lex and tells William about Bates. Alex meets a woman named Treasure Hunter Tilly aka Bonnie. Bonnie’s sister has been diagnosed with cancer and a rocker’s wife’s just died. She says the rocker from a dragon, who doesn’t realize he’s in virtual reality. Instead, he’s in the facility.

Fight: Alex continues to fight the dragon that attacked the virtual mall. She uses her heat vision and it explodes into colored smoke. People start to cheer her on both NPC and real. Kelly and William discuss Lex and the failsafe system. It turns out that failsafe error wasn’t patched after all. Kelly goes to find Andrea to tell her that it hasn’t been fixed. Funds are being withheld. Andrea refuses to believe that there is a failure in the system and that it’s corporate bureaucracy saying there hasn’t been anything that happened since Bates. Alex meets Bonnie again talking about Kelly and her family issues. Alex feels that Jeremiah placed too much on her. She hoped that coming into VR would make feel better, but it hasn’t. Alex said that she’s going to go back to reality, but Bonnie has no clue what Alex is talking about. She doesn’t remember that she’s Bonnie or that her sister is sick. In the real world, Old Lady Leviathan picks up Bonnie, who is also a zombie.

Terror: Alex goes to DEO where she meets NPC versions of Dreamer, J’onn, and Brainy. The terrorist is Hank Henshaw, who reaches out via high pitch frequency. Henshaw wants a warhead and has Kara. He threatens to kill Kara and reveal Alex’s secret identity. Henshaw wants revenge for Jeremiah’s death and hits Alex with some Kryptonite. Henshaw plans to blow up the DEO with the missile and promises to kill everyone Alex loves. Alex breaks free of the Kryptonite and stops Henshaw. The DEO gets Kara. William continues his work when Kelly goes to visit him. Kelly comes to him about the board stalling on fixing the patch, saying that Lex is a member of the board. Kelly gives William a list of people using VR for 48+ hours, saying they could be trapped. J’onn and Alex have a little talk and then go watch Lincoln do karaoke. Alex is enjoying things and her… Platinum lenses turn red. Oh no.

Check: William and Kelly finish the calls and think that they’ve fallen down the conspiracy rabbit hole. Kelly is worried about Alex and William encourages Kelly to go to Alex. William promises to put in a call to the NSA while Kelly goes to check on Alex. Alex runs into another Supergirl, who is new to VR. It sends Alex into a minor crisis. She knows that it isn’t real and activates the failsafe. It doesn’t work. Alex thinks she’s still Supergirl and that Psi is attacking the city, making everyone doubt their reality. Kelly returns to find Alex’s lenses red and unable to come out. Kelly then uses adrenaline to wake Alex up. Out of concern, Kelly heads in to get Alex out of VR. She sees Alex and tries to get Alex to wake up. Alex thinks Psi got to Kelly and leaves Kelly with J’onn and Brainy to the med bay. Kelly calls Andrea asking for help, saying Alex was lost in there. Andrea said that they need to shock Alex out somehow. Kelly sends in teenage Alex to shock her out. Teen Alex is here to show Alex none of this is real. Alex takes her teenage self’s hands. Teen Alex takes Alex to the CADMUS facility that she last saw her father. The AI show up declaring teen Alex a shape shifter and attacking her. Alex goes to Jeremiah, but he turns into smoke. Teen Alex tells Alex that she took Supergirl because she wanted to save Jeremiah. Jeremiah is gone, but everything was his choices. She needs to wake up and save herself and be with the people she loves. NPC Eliza shows up saying that this is reality and that teen Alex needs to be destroyed. Alex freezes the NPCs and defeats them, but her teen self is gone. Alex wakes herself up.

Grief: Alex is freaked out about being in VR still. Kelly, however, talks to Alex, who gives her a hug. She tells Kelly that she loves her and thanks Kelly for not giving up on her. Alex feels like such a jerk for her actions earlier in the day. Alex thought Jeremiah would return no matter how angry she was. Alex tells Kelly about her experiences about the VR, telling Kelly about Bonnie and Derek. William gets a text from Arnie and finds an address where a lot of people are being held in National City. Andrea gets an update from Kelly, calling Gemma. Andrea gives the order about error code and… there’s Eve? Or Hope? Huh. William heads to the warehouse where the people are being held by Old Lady Leviathan, who makes everything vanish via a screen. She does get a good look at William’s face though. William finds a hospital ID bracelet on the ground. Eliza gives her eulogy as Kelly and Alex arrive. Alex and Kara sit together and hold each other.

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