American Gods Parts Ways With Orlando Jones And Mousa Kraish: Actors Not Invited Back For Season 3

The God Squad in American Gods is getting smaller and smaller with each passing day. The internet practically broke this week with the casting news that was released earlier this week.

Orlando Jones, who appeared as fan favorite Mr Nancy/Anansi the Ghanaian trickster god, took to social media to announce that he had been fired from the fantasy drama on September 10, 2019.”Don’t let these motherf**kers tell you they love Mr Nancy,” he said in a video. “They don’t.”

Jones appeared to place the fault on the new season 3 showrunner Charles Eglee in the video. “[He] is Connecticut-born, Yale-educated, so he’s very smart,” he continued. “And he thinks that Mr Nancy’s angry, get shit done is the wrong message for black America. That’s right, this white man sits in that decision-making chair and I’m sure he has many black bffs who are his advisers and made it clear to him that if they did not get rid of that angry God Mr Nancy, he’d start a Denmark Vesey uprising in this country. I mean what else could it be?”

Deadline reported that “the split may have been over the series’ budget”, which apparently “ballooned to Game of Thrones levels” and didn’t fit with FremantleMedia North America’s desire to “impose big budget cuts”.

Jones wasn’t the only one let go. Mousa Kraish, who plays the lovelorn Jinn, also revealed that he was released from the show.”I can confirm that I wasn’t asked to come back this season,” he wrote on Twitter. “It has been an honour to play the Jinn & live in his fiery eyed skin.

“This character has introduced me to so much and I was proud to represent not just the Middle Eastern community in such a positive role you don’t normally see television but also the LGBTQ community that supported this character of colour that you don’t see on television.”

The show’s future does seem rather grim. Truth be told, American Gods has been quite the problematic show to produce. With all the people leaving behind the scenes, it will be a miracle if season 3 even makes it on the air.

Starz and FreeMantleMedia have yet to comment on the statements released by the actors at this time.

Erika Negrón Rivera
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