Kara Learns The Truth About Lena’s Plans In “Tremors” On Supergirl

Credit: The CW

Welcome back, Supergirl fans!

Last week, we learned that literally no one in Lean’s life tells her the truth. (It would be kind of hilarious if it didn’t break our hearts.) In a flashback episode, we see that Lena and Andrea were very close friends growing up, leaning on each other through dark times. Things took a turn when Andrea stole the Medallion of Arcata, which Lena was looking for to stop Lex, and made a deal with Leviathan to save her family’s livelihood (and stop her father from killing himself). We also saw the beginnings of Lena and Kara’s friendship.

Andrea tells Lena all of this now so she can break into the DEO and save the detained Russell. Apparently, he found Andrea’s medallion and was almost killed by Leviathan. Andrea, however, bartered for his research and life with the organization, turning him into Rip Roar in the process. Between a beta of Lena’s Non Nocere device and Andrea’s teleportation powers, they were able to break into the DEO and get Russell. Kara, however, was able to learn about Leviathan beforehand. It was all for not as Russell was taken out by a sniper. While Lena has the Medallion, Andrea still has her abilities and Leviathan’s control.

Let’s see what happens next, shall we?

Off Game: Kara and J’onn are training for a fight against Leviathan. All the unknown variables regarding Leviathan makes Kara anxious. Watching William lose Russell, it hit a little too close to home given Kara’s issues with Leviathan. J’onn feels a psychic attack. Old Lady Leviathan shows up wanting the Medallion, promising that Lena will be afraid. Hope is worried about Leviathan attacking Lena, but Lena is counting on Kara’s protection. She thinks Leviathan can help her disperse the Non Nocere. J’onn tells Kara and Alex that he’s been feeling psychic attacks from his brother. Old Lady Leviathan goes to a secret meeting place filled to meet with her boss. The man who gave the Medallion to Andrea, Rama Khan, is upset. A woman wants to use her technology. Rama Khan says that he’s going to handle it himself. The Elder left the safeguarding of Earth to him. Lena has her event when Rama Khan attacks. Kara’s rescues Lena, but her heat vision does nothing.

Live Stream: Thanks to live-streaming, the DEO is able to get a clear image of Rama Khan. Brainy recognizes him. His face appears throughout history. Lena skillfully uses the situation to get Kara to take her to the Fortress of Solitude. Brainy thinks it’s a good idea because the Fortress can contain information that he doesn’t have access too. J’onn meditates in order to figure out what to do about Malefic, reaching out to his father. M’yrnn’s spirit returns! J’onn apologizes to his father, but M’yrrn says he forces J’onn’s hand. M’yrnn tells J’onn that Malefic genuinely nearby. It’s not his grief. Brainy and Alex try to track Rama Khan, but find Rip Roar’s body, which then explodes.

Protocol: It turns out that Clark made protocols against anyone with Luthor DNA. Kara quickly dismisses the protocol. M’yrnn tells J’onn that Malefic is being held prisoner in National City. He has to save Malefic’s soul or send him back to the Phantom Zone. Kelly learned what happened to Alex and Brainy from Nia. It’s clear that the near death experience bothers Kelly, but Alex doesn’t realize it. Lena is laying her praise for Kara’s acting abilities on thick. The woman is pissed at how Rama Khan is sucking at getting the Medallion back. She tries getting him to use her technology, but he denies it. It turns out that he can’t feel the Fortress of Solitude because it’s not of Earth.

Shadows of the Past: Kara is able to learn that Rama Khan is from a sister planet of Krypton that was destroyed by constant civil wars. There are weapons Lex Luthor developed that can kill him and hurt Kryptonians. Lena uses a moment to herself in order to interface with Fortress so she can get into the systems. J’onn and M’yrnn talk about Malefic and what to do with him. He tells J’onn that he needs to turn to H’ron’meer and ask for guidance on what to do with Malefic. No matter what, M’yrnn will love both his sons. Lena sees Myriad, which is a throwback from season one. It fits her needs as well. Lena definitely knows what she wants, but she plays the long game. She points Kara to a sonic cannon to get Rama Khan. While Brainy looks Leviathan tech, his inhibitor gets fried (possibly by the woman). (Or it got fried in the explosion.) It allows him to piece together what he needs. Kelly and Alex have a talk about Alex’s near-death experience and Kelly’s own trauma with her dead fiancée. Kelly breaks up with Alex because she can’t handle the realities of her job. Before Alex can react, Brainy rushes in with news about Leviathan.

Unobtrusive: Brainy and Alex go to where he tracks the signal. The duo head inside for their fact-finding mission. The duo head into Leviathan’s vault. Alex calls Kara for back-up, but Rama Khan shows up before she can leave. He and Kara fight while Brainy and Alex show up in cave underground. The woman is pleased her security measures are working. Rama Khan fights Kara declaring that he is the Earth. Kara freezes Rama Khan’s connection to the Earth to cut him off from his powers. Kara and Lena both hit Rama Khan, who leaves. Kara sees Lena taking Myriad, who tells Kara that she’s using her like Kara used Lena.

Betrayal: Lena drops all pretense, telling Kara she wept bitter tears for weeks. She also confesses that she killed Lex and that he told her the truth. Lena feels utter betrayed because she trusted Kara. Kara knew Lena’s issues with betrayal. Kara tries to offer comfort, but Lena isn’t having it. The pretense of their friendship continuing is Lena’s revenge against her. Kara tries to beg Lena to stay because she’s a good person. Lena won’t have Kara tell her what she again. Lena then attacks Kara with her Fortress. Kara asks if Lena is going to kill her. Lena says that she’s not a villain and Kara shouldn’t have treated her like one. J’onn tracks down Malefic with the Phantom Zone projector. Malefic talks of the Phantom Zone, describing him as a breath he will never exhale. J’onn reaches out to his brother. He admits that he was afraid of his brother and that was wrong. J’onn surrenders himself to his brother and begs his forgiveness, asking him to look into his mind. He’s willing to risk everything so that Malefic can see his truth. They bond and Malefic sees, breaking down weeping into J’onn’s arms. Alex goes to visit Kelly at her office to continue their conversation. Alex apologizes for not realizing that Kelly is still suffering over her fiancee’s death. Kelly helped Alex heal from her own wounds and Alex wants to help her heal. She wants to help Kelly. They both tell each other that they feel like home and kiss. Kara, meanwhile, is trapped in the Fortress. Alone.

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