Steven Universe: The Movie Introduces Mystery Villain In New Clip

Credit: Cartoon Network

Steven Universe: The Movie will debut in just a couple of days.

For fans of the series, there are a lot of questions. (Once they get past Steven having a neck.) A lot of those questions center around the mystery villain for the movie and just why this gem wants to destroy Earth.

While we won’t have those answers until Monday, Sept. 2nd, we do get our the clip of her introduction into the movie.

(You just had to jinx it by commenting on how nice and peaceful everything was, Steven.)

Talking with Entertainment Weekly, series creator and showrunner Rebecca Sugar had this to say about the antagonist.

“I could say all day this is going to be interesting and funny, and describe the ways she was going to move and sound and be, but it’s so animation specific.”

What we’ve seen of her in action, this gem does call back to the older styles of animation like in Steamboat Willie or Looney Tunes. There’s a sort of elasticity to her and how she warps her limbs that is very specific to that vibe of those older animation.

Steven may be older and wiser, but it looks like this mystery gem will be his greatest foe yet. We can’t wait to see what happens.

Steven Universe: The Movie debuts on Cartoon Network on Monday, Sept. 2nd at 6pm ET.

Bec Heim