New Guillermo Del Toro Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark Is A Family Horror

Credit: Lionsgate

The latest offering from the grand master of the macabre, Guillermo del Toro is headed our way, and we couldn’t be more excitedly terrified.

Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark had its preview earlier this week at a launch in New York City. Producer del Toro and director André Øvredal screened clips from the movie as well as the trailer, check it out!

The new film is based on a series of three children’s horror books from the 80s and 90s of the same name, written by Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammell. It features events based on stories such as Harold, The Big Toe and The Red Spot.

Set in 1968 in the small US town of Mill Valley, the film is the story of a group of young teens who happen upon a strange book written by Sarah Bellows. The Bellows’ were one of Mill Valley’s wealthiest families, but Sarah had a hard life, constantly mocked by the townspeople. Sarah creates a book as an act of revenge, with the stories coming to life.

In a clever device, anyone who reads the books actually reads a different story, bringing it to life. That ties the narrative together and allows del Toro to weave the various stories into a coherent film.

When discussing the film at the New York event, del Toro said his vision had been “Family horror.”

“When I produce a movie, I try to bring, along with my partners, a certain aesthetic, value, and feeling. If anyone has seen Trollhunters, we tried to bring something of ‘family adventure’ to that. I wanted this to be a ‘family horror’ film. Family is a horror all in itself, but sometimes with milk and cookies you can find something nice to watch. This is what we did.”

As to how he came upon the idea, he said, “I basically was roaming through a bookstore, in San Antonio, Texas, I was in my early teens, and I came upon this volume that had an irresistible title: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The cover illustration was so creepy, and I started browsing it, and the illustrations got me first, but Alvin Schwartz’s retelling of the tales was incredibly efficient and lean and mean.”

Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark is released in the USA on August 9th and in the UK on August 25th 2019.
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