There’s Certainly “No Cure For Crazy” In This Week’s Wynonna Earp

Credit: Syfy

Previously on Wynonna Earp, Wynonna and the gang said goodbye to Dolls.

This week’s episode featured some disturbing fauna and a prison break. Make sure you check out this week’s episode of Make Your Peace, which should be going up a few days after this posts!

Creepy AF Woods

The episode starts with Wynonna and Doc chasing down a Revenant. They do catch up with him thanks to the help of a tree THAT MOVES INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD so the Rev runs into it.

A park ranger, named Robin, is walking through the woods and sees an odd tree that looks to be bleeding. He chooses to taste whatever is coming out of the tree and it is indeed blood, so he runs off and we see an eye in the tree.

Robin goes to Nedley for help, and Nedley sends him to Jeremy. Robin gives Jeremy the details, including the fact that he tasted the blood and they decide to go take a look at it together, without any backup for some reason.

When Robin and Jeremy get out to the woods, the tree isn’t where it should be and he and Jeremy get turned around and the GPS starts going wonky. While walking in the woods, they come across a random set of spooky stairs and Jeremy takes photos of the stairs and then calls Doc for back up.

When Doc gets to the woods, he calls Jeremy to get directions to his location but hangs up abruptly when he starts hearing a baby crying. Doc goes running into the woods after the noise and runs into Bulshar. Bulshar tells Doc he’s going to do his bidding and asks him how he’ll coerce him; through pain, or reprieve from the eternal suffering he’s destined for. Bulshar leaves as quickly as he showed up and Doc gets shaken out of it by Jeremy, who went looking for Doc.

When Jeremy and Robin get back to HQ and look at the photos Jeremy took, the staircase isn’t there, only fog. Jeremy suggests they were having a shared delusion, which seems reasonable enough. When Robin turns to leave (after asking Jeremy out), he coughs up some blood.

At the end of the episode, Robin gets home and sees some new plants that have grown and while he’s examining them, a vine grabs him and pulls him away.

Michelle Gibson

Wynonna offers to take Waverly to see their mom and shows her the redacted files Dolls gave her and tells Waverly Michelle is doing better.

At the prison, we see a bleeding woman in a padded room yelling for help and Michelle using the woman’s blood to write “Never get out” while she repeats the phrase over and over.

At Shorty’s, while they’re looking for ammo, Wynonna talks to Doc about her mom and we see a flashback of the last time Wynonna saw her. Wynonna visited her at the prison before she left for Greece. Her mom told her that she never wants to see her again and to never tell Waverly where she is.

Waverly accidentally grabs Wynonna’s phone and gets a call from the prison about an incident with Michelle (What’s HIPAA?), because they need a signature to approve a transfer to a more secure facility. Waverly heads right to the prison, without letting anyone know. When she sees her, Michelle starts to get agitated and yells at Waverly to get out, and seems to yell at her that she’ll kill her. Waverly tries to calm her down, but it doesn’t work and the guard has to tase Michelle. As he’s taking her away, Michelle says something about a demon.

When Waverly gets back to HQ, Wynonna immediately knows something is wrong. Waverly tells her what happened and that Michelle tried to kill her. Wynonna books it to the prison and gets there in time to see them transferring Michelle. Wynonna threatens Michelle and Michelle drops to her knees to apologize and steals Peacemaker. Michelle manages to steal another gun and then escapes in Wynonna’s truck. The Warden has Wynonna detained for giving Michelle the gun.

At the Sheriff station, Nicole gives Waverly Michelle’s arrest report from the archives. The report says Michelle was arrested for burning down the Homestead barn, but there’s a page missing. Nedley walks in and tells them he was the one who pulled the page because he thought it’d be better if nobody knew and tells them that Waverly was in the barn when it was set on fire. Nedley tells Waverly that Michelle was talking about killing a demon and there were occult symbols on the barn. He also tells her that he booked Michelle the way he was instructed to by Ward, who was the Sheriff back then.

Wynonna gets detained in the same padded room as her mother. The Warden comes in and tells her that he called every agency and they have no record of her being law enforcement. Wynonna offers to get her mother and the Warden won’t listen, but he does listen to the guard who suggests killing Wynonna and framing Michelle. The guard reveals himself to be a Revenant when the Warden leaves.

The guard walks Wynonna out into a common area and they fight, but Wynonna manages to get the upper hand. She barges into the Warden’s office with the guard’s head and has him release her. The Warden makes a comment about Michelle finally being able to kill her demon daughter and then tells Wynonna it’s not the first time she tried. Wynonna leaves.

At the Homestead, Waverly is sitting with Nicole, listening to Michelle’s interviews with her psychiatrist when Doc walks in to wait for Wynonna and drink their booze. Waverly goes out to the barn to get another bottle of whiskey, and while she’s gone, Doc hears a third voice on the recording. He kind of freaks out and tells Nicole they’re not enough.

Out in the barn, Waverly finds her mother lighting candles and placing them on a pentagram she set up. Michelle tells Waverly to leave because of the demon, but then tells her it’s too late because the demon is there. Waverly asks if it’s her and Michelle tells her no, but the demon came for her and Waverly turns to see a creepy demon lady behind her.

That end though!

Wynonna rushes into the house and finds Nicole, Waverly, and Doc, all at the dining table eating cupcakes and it’s beyond creepy. She asks about Michelle and a woman named Jolene (played by ZOIE PALMER) walks in and tells her that Michelle is locked in the barn. She also tells her that there’s a demon coming that’s going to kill Waverly and it’s all disturbing smiles and some kind of drugged dessert situation.

Other Notable Plot Points

  • Nicole throws Bulshar’s ring into the woods.