The Gang Say Goodbye To One Of Their Own In This Week’s Wynonna Earp


Credit: Syfy

Last week, Waverly was kidnapped by a cannibal, Wynonna hallucinated her mother, and when everyone thought they were safe, they were attacked and Dolls sacrificed himself to save the group.

This week, the episode focused on how each character grieved, so that’s how I’m doing this week’s recap. Make sure you check out the corresponding episode of Make Your Peace (which will go up a few days after this recap) for a more detailed analysis of plot points and characters.


It wasn’t too hard to guess how Wynonna would grieve, she likes to use booze to avoid her problems and the episode starts with her doing just that. She goes out in the woods with Waverly and Nicole and ends up taunting Bulshar. He doesn’t appear, much to her disappointment, but a Revenant does. In her drunken, grieving, state, Wynonna struggles to throw a punch and then decides not to shoot the Revenant because there had been enough death that day.

The next day, Wynonna isn’t ready to speak to the Funeral Director to make Dolls’ arrangements, telling Waverly she doesn’t know what Dolls would want and they have all the time in the world. Wynonna goes out to target shoot and Doc joins her. They have a moment and he comforts her and tells her how they honored gunslingers who “Died with their boots on.”

When the gang gathers inside to talk about how to honor Dolls, Wynonna separates herself from the group and only really speaks up after Doc leaves and looks to Nicole to tell her what to do next. Nicole suggests going to Dolls’ motel room, because she has a key, and offers to take Waverly and go. Nicole mentions that Jeremy is doing the autopsy and Wynonna storms out.

When Wynonna barges into HQ to stop him from performing the autopsy, he tells her he already knew what would kill Dolls, and so did Dolls. When Wynonna asks him why he didn’t say anything, he tells her Dolls didn’t want him to and he was honoring his wishes. Jeremy tells her he tried everything to save Dolls, but it was the drugs and there was nothing anyone could have done. Wynonna ends up telling Jeremy to pack up his stuff and get out.

Wynonna goes to Shorty’s and Doc introduces her to an old army buddy of Dolls, named Quinn, who randomly showed up for the wake. He tells her he’s surprised Dolls lasted as long as he did with everything BBD did to him.

At the wake, the gang toasts and we get a short montage of the wake. After, Wynonna starts talking to Quinn and he tells her he believes BBD is still around in some capacity and they could come for Dolls. A group of Revenants busts into Shorty’s and interrupts the wake and the team quickly dispatches them.

After the fight, when Nicole and Wynonna are alone, Nicole reminds Wynonna that she’s not the only one grieving. Wynonna tells her she told Jeremy to leave and Nicole tells her to go get him.

When Wynonna gets to HQ, she finds Quinn torturing Jeremy to get the rest of the serum because he wants to go after BBD. Wynonna tells him that a suicide mission isn’t going to help anything, and it’s not what Dolls would want.

Wynonna realizes that the only reason to keep BBD away from Dolls’ body is to cremate him. They bury the ashes and some of Dolls’ belongings at the Homestead.


Waverly seemed to really struggle with her place in this episode, and focuses on finding a way to be useful. When the gang decides on a wake, she offers to make a dozen different types of sandwich, just for the five of them. During the wake discussion, she ends up giggling uncontrollably (inappropriate affect is a bitch) and lashing out at Doc for how he’s reacting to everything, or rather not reacting.

At the end of the episode, when it’s just her and Wynonna, Waverly mentions that she doesn’t have a spot in the family plot. Wynonna is quick to tell her neither of them will be buried there, they’re both going to live another 80 years and then going to be buried on the Homestead.


Nicole, in true Nicole fashion, provided solid support throughout the episode, but gets her chance to break down when she and Waverly go to Dolls’ motel room. Nicole tells Waverly that Dolls was helping her with some past trauma and tells her about nearly being a victim of the Cult of Bulshar years ago. Nicole starts to cry and tells Waverly it’s her fault that Dolls died, she wasn’t able to save him like someone saved her.


Doc spent the episode angry and struggling with his last conversation with Dolls. He had a few outbursts, like throwing a glass during the wake discussion and did what he could to help out and be there for Wynonna. He did apologize to Waverly for lashing out at her and ended up telling her about his last conversation with Dolls, so progress for Doc?


Note: Jeremy didn’t get a section in this recap because he was overshadowed by the other characters. Quinn did not have his own section in this recap because I felt it was more important to focus on the gang instead of an outsider.