“Jolene” Answers A Major Question In This Week’s Wynonna Earp

Credit: Syfy

Previously, the woods came alive in a way nobody needed, Michelle escaped from prison to kill a dragon and a mysterious woman named Jolene (PLAYED BY ZOIE PALMER) paid the group a visit.

This week’s episode gave us a lot of information about Waverly and Jolene giving someone a drugged (?) baked good in almost every scene.

The episode starts with Michelle tied up in the barn. She convinces Wynonna to give her a minute to explain herself. A demon has been trying to kill Waverly since she was a baby and the barn fire happened when Michelle tried to exorcise it. The demon became bound to Michelle; and when Waverly touched her at the prison, the demon was set loose

Inside the house, Jolene and gives Waverly a cupcake and tells her she’d do anything for her; Waverly just has to tell her everything. Waverly calls her family and pulls her into a hug and we see Jolene holding a knife behind Waverly’s back.

A little later, Doc walks in and tells Wynonna he met her mother and Wynonna tells him about the demon that’s after Waverly and that she’s not sure what to do about Michelle. After Jolene leaves to keep an eye out for the demon, Doc tells Wynonna that he thinks Michelle is telling the truth because of the third voice on the recording. He also tells Wynonna about going to hell.

In the barn, Waverly tells Michelle she wants to believe her but all she remembers from last night is Michelle pointing a gun at her. Michelle tells her about seeing the demon standing over Waverly when she was a baby and showing up in mirrors and photos as a shadow. Waverly remembers seeing something when she was little and Michelle starts to panic and warns Waverly that the demon hates her.

Jolene takes a pie out to the prison guard (Revenant from the last episode) chilling outside of the Homestead. He rejects the pie, and she tells him that Waverly is hers and he’s not going to get in her way, and then attacks him and cuts out his tongue.

In the barn, Wynonna, Doc, and Waverly free Michelle. When Jolene walks in, Michelle doesn’t recognize her until she’s given a cookie or something. Michelle tells them to get rid of the demon, they have to go to the Gibson Greenhouse, where Waverly was born, so Michelle can summon the demon and bind it to her.

Jolene stops Doc on the way to his car and tells him not to go to the greenhouse, he’d just get in the way and asks him what he’s really contributed lately. He agrees not to go and says something insulting about Waverly.

At the greenhouse, Waverly asks Michelle about her real dad and Michelle tells her his name was Julian.

Nicole pulls over a speeding Jolene, who tells her she was looking for her and offers her a scone, and Nicole’s demeanor changes after she takes a bite. Jolene tells her the Earp ladies are on a mission, playing on Nicole’s insecurities about not being included. Jolene also makes a comment about not being able to harm Waverly, and we see her change into a demon.

Back at the greenhouse, the Revenant prison guard barges in and Wynonna and Michelle quickly take him out, and they all celebrate getting rid of the demon. Waverly hears a voice calling her outside and when she goes out, she finds Jolene standing in the summoning circle. Jolene grabs her and threatens her and shows her true self, which causes Waverly to hit her. Jolene starts calling for Wynonna, and acts like Waverly just attacked her out of nowhere.

At the Homestead, Wynonna and Michelle are drinking and having a good time when Waverly walks in, and they immediately start picking on her. Waverly apologizes to Jolene for attacking her, and Jolene brushes it off as Waverly being impulsive, like Nicole said.

The group goes to Shorty’s to celebrate the demon being taken care of, but Michelle starts questioning it and doesn’t take the sweets Jolene offers. Jolene opts for a different tactic and mentions that Kate is Doc’s wife, upsetting Wynonna.

Doc pays a visit to Bobo in the well to get some information about Bulshar, and Bobo tells him Bulshar wants his ring back. In exchange for the information, Bobo wants a visit from Waverly.

Back at the bar, Jolene tells Wynonna that Waverly was the one who told her about Kate, and Wynonna gets mad at Waverly.

Doc walks into Shorty’s and finds Michelle tending bar. She gives him a drink and then calls him out for the secret wife. He sees Jolene and calls her “The prettiest girl in Purgatory,” and Michelle slaps him. The gang starts to get into a bunch of small arguments, many of them targeting Waverly in some way, and eventually start throwing punches. Jolene gets up on the stage and starts singing as the entire barn starts fighting, and we see her demon form.

At the Sheriff station, Nicole locks Wynonna and Michelle up until they sober up. Waverly walks into the station and goes to Nicole to bail them out but she can’t because there’s no bail for drunks, and Michelle has to be turned into the feds. Nicole ends up yelling at Waverly for keeping things from her and not putting her first. When Waverly apologizes and asks if she can call her later, Nicole tells her not to.

Doc walks into HQ and finds Waverly crying. He asks about the ring and then reluctantly asks her why she’s crying. She tells him about Nicole and Wynonna and then the demon, and Waverly theorizes that she’s the demon. Doc tells her it makes sense because Bobo said she was kin.

At the Homestead, Nicole is waiting in Waverly’s room to apologize when Jolene walks in and starts hitting on her. Nicole turns her down, telling her she loves Waverly and then realizes she doesn’t even like Jolene. Jolene attacks her and Bulshar’s ring ends up appearing. When Jolene picks it up, it burns her and she realizes Bulshar has risen. She throws Nicole into the closet and leaves.

In the cell, Wynonna and Michelle start sobering up and have a heart to heart and Michelle realizes something isn’t right, and the demon is still out there. They start yelling for someone to let them out when Nedley walks in. They start talking about the demon after Waverly and mention Jolene. Nedley doesn’t recognize the name and starts asking about Jolene’s personal details, and Michelle realizes that Jolene is the demon.

Waverly goes to the greenhouse and is walking around when Jolene attacks her and calls her a demon. Jolene tells Waverly that she’s evil, a demon, not special, and tries to convince her to kill herself and hands Waverly a knife. They were born at the same time because the universe needs balance; Waverly was born in the light and Jolene “Crawled out of the muck.” Waverly starts listing off the people who love her, the people she never gives up on and throws the knife away. Waverly attacks Jolene and Jolene tells her she can’t kill her without killing herself, and Wynonna shows up and shoots Jolene.

Jolene runs outside and gets caught in the circle Michelle created. Some tree roots come up behind Jolene, grab her, and take her away and she says Bulshar’s name.

Out in the woods, Doc stands in a (protection?) circle and taunts Bulshar about the ring before putting it on and threatening to take him to hell.

Wynonna pays Bobo a visit at the well to tell him Waverly won’t be visiting. Bobo reveals that Waverly’s father was an angel.