SDCC 2018: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Takes Over Comic Con With Cast Announcement And New Intro

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Some first will sadly also be lasts. For the first time The CW brought their award-winning musical comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend to San Diego Comic Con for one final panel to celebrate its last season. Creators Aline Brosh McKenna and Rachel Bloom addressed a packed room and talked about the past three seasons of the series, their working relationship, and what to expect for season four. The panel was moderated by co-star Michael McMillian, who joked about how he still didn’t know his character Tim’s last name.

They started the panel off with showing an exclusive gag reel from season three, which has yet to make its way online, but Rachel Bloom did offer a little tease at the beginning of the year on Twitter:


Last season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend ended with a cliffhanger, as Rebecca plead guilty to the murder of her very own crazy ex-boyfriend, Trent. Bloom was quick to clarify that the finality of the series was a self-imposed one. “We weren’t cancelled”, she stressed. They always had a four-season series in mind, and knew how most chapters of Rebecca’s story would play out from the start.

This also means that with the final curtain call, Rebecca’s story will be complete. “It’s a finite story we are telling, about a specific time period in a young woman’s life,” said Bloom. She also teased that Aline and her had been talking about extending the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend universe by adding a possible play. They also had started working on a movie together right around the time they were trying to sell Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. So rest assured, the Brosh McKenna/Bloom collaboration will likely live on.

Last season also saw another first not just for the series, but for television itself. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend became the first live-action program on network television to say the word “clitoris”. Re-telling the story of how difficult it was to get the go-ahead for the word had Bloom launch into a tirade about clitoral orgasms that was too good to live up to descriptions. That woman knows the female anatomy, and she believes you should, too.

The creative duo also shared some tidbits for the upcoming fourth season. They announced that Patton Oswalt would reprise his role on the series in the second episode. Oswalt portrayed a rather strange security guard that tricked his way into going on a date with Paula in season two.

Season four will also see the first episode that Rachel Bloom has written on her own (most episodes were co-written by both her and Brosh McKenna). “It was nerve-wracking”, said Bloom, especially having to hand in her first full draft of the episode. In general, season four will have Rebecca try to apply everything she learned throughout the last three years, especially in therapy to her life. It’s a journey of finding happiness, for Rebecca anyway.

Finally, Bloom also gave us a first introduction to the new intro, by giving us a read through. The season four intro will feature another Rebecca, one that seems much easier to summarize than Ms. Bunch. Take a look for yourselves below:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend returns with new episodes October 15 on The CW.

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