Adam Pally Plays Detective in First Trailer For Most Likely To Murder

Credit: Lionsgate

Are you ready to discover a whole new side of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s Rachel Bloom? Then feast your eyes upon a first teaser for her latest project Most Likely To Murder, in which, for once, Bloom’s character is the object of affection. The film stars Bloom as Kara, and Adam Pally (Happy Endings) as Billy, her crazy ex-boyfriend.

The project was directed by Dan Gregor (Bloom’s husband) and written by Gregor and Doug Mand (both of which have previously worked on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend).  Most Likely To Murder was produced by Bloom, Pally, and Petra Ahmann for Lionsgate.  The film will celebrate its premiere at SXSW festival on March 12, before being released on Digital and On Demand in May.

The synopsis for the project reads:

“Billy (Pally), the most popular kid in high school, comes back to his hometown 10 years later to find he’s no longer cool and the girl he still has feelings for (Bloom) is now dating the former high school outcast (Kartheiser). When the outcast’s mother dies under mysterious circumstances, Billy becomes obsessed with proving that she was murdered and now must convince old friend and now town police officer “Perkins” (Reynolds).”

Without further ado, take a look at the first trailer for what we envision to be a hilarious and witty murder mystery:


The trailer previews Billy and Kara’s awkward reunion, as well as the murder teased in the title, which Billy witnesses in a state of drunkenness. His altered state of mind becomes an important factor in the film and lets the audience question the truth behind his madness.

“It’s about people trying to start fresh,” Bloom told Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. “It’s about one person in the past who comes back into this town, is trying to drag everyone who’s moved on from him back to where he is. It’s weird because he’s the protagonist, but in many ways, he’s the villain of the movie.”

However, there seems to be a much deeper reason for Billy’s downward spiral. “Billy’s fixation on the murder plot is a fixation with his own past,” so Bloom. “If he can prove this murder plot is true, everyone will love him.”

Most Likely To Murder will be released on Digital and On Demand May 1.

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