Game Of Thrones Recap: Another Stark Comes Home And The World Burns In “The Spoils of War”

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Hell hath no fury like a Mother of Dragons scorned, and boy was she really pissed off this week!
Last week’s episode of Game of Thrones left us gagging as House Tyrell fell as an ally to Daenerys, which was revealed to her during this week’s episode. Exactly how did she react to that? Why, she set fire to the rain and watched the whole world burn! So. Much. Fire!

We also got another Stark family reunion this week (yay more tears!), but did that go as smoothly as we had hoped?

Gather ’round and let’s discuss this week’s episode,“The Spoils of War.”

At Highgarden Part One: Jaime is still reeling from Lady Olenna’s parting shots (savage to the end), which Bronn comments on. Jaime sends the gold off to Kings Landing so the Lannister’s debt to the Iron Bank can be paid, which leaves Bronn smarting as he only gets some gold but no castle yet. “We pay our debts,” Jaime reminds him. “Right,” Bronn says. “Just not to me.”

In the North: Littlefinger wastes no time trying to butter up the young Stark Lord Brand as he hands Bran the dagger that was meant to kill him. The older man delivers his usual saying “Anything he can do…blah, blah, blah” to Bran but the young Stark has other things on his mind. Bran asks whether Baelish knows who the weapon belongs to, and he says no, noting the dagger is responsible for Bran’s current lifestyle. “I imagine you’ve seen things most men wouldn’t believe,” he says, acknowledging that Bran seen quite a bit these past few years, “all the chaos in the world.” “Chaos is a ladder,” Bran tells him, reciting Littlefinger’s own words, which has Baelish completely unnerved to the point that he leaves quickly.


After Baelish leaves, Meera comes to tell Bran she needs to be with her family, noting he doesn’t really need her anymore. He’s super cold to the news and doesn’t jump to thank her immediately, which upsets Meera. She tearfully reminds him that her brother, Hodor and a bunch of other people died for him, so the least he could be is grateful. He tells her he’s not Bran anymore, which Meera agrees with. “You died in that cave,” she says, leaving him.

A Girl Is Finally Home: Speaking of Starks, Arya finally arrives at Winterfell. “I’m Arya Stark. This is my home,” Arya tells the idiot guards at the gate. Naturally they don’t believe her and repeatedly tell her to eff off before her tone of voice makes them allow her into the courtyard (they practically wet themselves). While the guards leave her unattended, Arya takes off, which the guards report to Sansa. Sansa knows her sister is home. She finds her in the crypts, and the two embrace, though it’s not as warm as the hug Sansa and Jon had. Speaking of, “When he sees you, his heart will probably stop,” Sansa says of their older brother (ours will too because that’s all we’ve ever wanted). The sisters share a moment as they both note that Ned’s sculpture doesn’t look like him and that neither of them killed Joffrey. Sansa then tells Arya Bran is also home.

Arya’s reunion with Bran is also a weird one as he tells her he saw her at the crossroads: “I see quite a lot now.” He mentions that he thought Arya would to go King’s Landing as he notes that “Cersei’s on her list of names” then whips out the dagger Littlefinger gave him. He gives her the blade, because “It’s wasted on a cripple.” Back at the courtyard, Pod congratulates Brienne on keeping her vow to Catelyn Stark. “I did next to nothing,” she quickly corrects him. But when he says she’s too hard on herself, she quietly thanks him (take the credit!). Later, Arya asks Brienne to train with her. Then the two women have an amazing play-swordfight, during which Brienne gets served by the younger Stark. “Who taught you how to do that?” Brienne asks. “No one,” Arya answers.

At Dragonstone:  Daenerys hasn’t heard from the Unsullied but promises Missandei that all will be well. The two ladies then share a moment as Daenerys has noticed that her advisor has a glow about her and wants to know the details of her tryst with Grey Worm. Their talk is interrupted by Jon, who brings Daenerys underneath the castle to show them the massive stores of dragonsglass. He also points out some cave drawings made by children of the forest: The murals depict the children of the forest and the first men fighting against “their common enemy”, the white walkers. He points out that the groups fought together because they couldn’t survive otherwise. “The enemy is real. It’s always been real,” he adds. The history lesson affects the young queen which leads her to say “I will fight for you. I will fight for the North… when you bend the knee.” He tells her that he doubts the North will like a Southern queen which she counters with “They will if their king does… isn’t their survival more important than your pride?”

They exit the cave to grim news from Tyrion and Varys. The good news: Daenerys’ army took Casterly Rock. The bad news:  there’s the Highgarden defeat. Tyrion presses her to follow their original plan, but she lashes out that maybe he doesn’t want to hurt the Lannisters because they’re his family. She wants to take her dragons and burn Kings Landing to a crisp, which Tyrion shoots down as a bad idea. Daenerys then asks Jon for his thoughts. Jon agrees with Tyrion and says “If you use [the dragons] to melt castles and burn cities, you’re not different. You’re just more of the same.”

Jon and Davos are then greeted with another reunion of sorts later on: Theon has arrived on a Greyjoy ship. He quickly asks Jon about Sansa’s welfare. “What you did for her is the only reason I’m not killing you,” Jon tells him angrily.

At Highgarden Part Two: As Jaime, Bronn, the Tarleys and the Lannister army start to leave Highgarden, they hear a sound that stops them: the sound is thousands of Dothraki riders advancing upon the freaked-out army. Soaring over the riders is Daenerys riding one of her babies. “Dracarys,” she calls out, and the dragon barbecues a massive part of the Lannister army. Then the Dothraki ride in for some dismemberment and gory killing.

The battlefield starts to resemble the time Daenerys took Slaver’s Bay as fire and ash are everywhere. It looks like the battle is done until Bronn, on Jaime’s orders, finally whip out that giant crossbow that Qyburn had been working on. Bronn shoots it at Daenerys’s ride and eventually hits him; the beast starts to plummet while the Mother of Dragons holds on tight. When the dragon eventually lands, in pain, Daenerys is quick to try to remove the giant arrow.  Jaime tries to take advantage of that moment and rides towards her with a spear to kill her. “You idiot,” Tyrion says, so sadly, watching from a distance. “You f—king idiot.” Unfortunately for Jaime, the dragon sees Ol’ Goldhand heading towards his mom and breathes a wall of flame at him. Just when you think that’s a wrap for the Kingslayer, Bronn dives at his pal and they both fall into a nearby lake.

Quote of the Night

“Will you forgive me if I switch sides?” Davos to Jon

Check out the promo for next week’s episode “Blood of the Dragon” below!


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