Game Of Thrones Recap: “Eastwatch” Brings Us A Baby Bomb, Some Fire, And The Last Baratheon

Game of Thrones has certainly picked up the pace this season, has it? It seems like our characters are reaching their locations hella fast, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing given all the action in this week’s episode.

So much is happening right now in Westeros that’s getting harder to breathe. This week brought us a baby bombshell, a brotherly reunion, sexual tension, some sisterly rage and the last Stag in Westeros.

Gather ’round and lets discuss this week’s episode “Eastwatch.”

What You Need To Know

At Highgarden:  Bronn surfaces from the body of water he threw Jaime into, and then he hauls the very much alive Jaime up for air right after. Jaime’s first words are “You could’ve killed me” (really?). Jaime is stunned by the fact that a freakin’ dragon nearly turned him into flambé and that there are two more of them. As for Bronn, he’s no longer on Team Lannister. Dragons are where he draws the line at. As for the victors, Tyrion surveys the battlefield, which is ash, meanwhile Drogon sits on a hill screeching as his mother Daenerys addresses the prisoners of war. She offers everyone there a choice: Bend the knee and join her cause, or die. Most of the men bend the knee at her request while the rest only bend after Drogon roars. There are some who refuse: the Tarly men. Randall chooses death, even though Tyrion argues that his allegiance to Cersei is a recent one. Then Dickon follows suit, making the Tarlys stand as Drogon flambés them. Pretty much all the remaining standing soldiers hit the ground after that one.

Back at Dragonstone: Daenerys heads home on Drogon and is greeted by Jon. Slightly stunned by the size of Drogon, Jon gets close enough to the beast to pet him on the nose once they land. Danerys observes their interaction with a curious expression while Drogon is practically purring and smiling as he gets petted by Jon.

She gives him a vague debrief on the battle, then they discuss tactics. She argues that they need to be strong to help people, and “sometimes strength is terrible.” Then she presses him about the knife-in-the-heart thing that Davos mentioned when they first arrived, but Jon brushes it off but it doesn’t look like she believes him. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of one Jorah Mormont. “You look strong. You found a cure?” she asks, unable to stop smiling. “I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t,” he answers. Jorah offers his services once more, and Dany accepts with a hug.

At the Citadel: Bran has a very disturbing vision of a flock of ravens flying over a hoarde of white walkers, including the Night King, which leads him to send ravens, one who ends up at the Citadel. The maesters unfortunately don’t believe Bran’s warning. Sam overhears their scoffing and can’t stop himself from adding what he knows to the conversation.  He begs the Archmaester to get ahead of the threat by asking the houses to send men to defend the north but is shot down by the old man. Later on, Gilly is reading High Septon Maynard’s record book when she comes across the word “annulment” and asks what it means. When he tells her it’s the name for a man putting aside his lawfully wedded wife, she says that the septon did an annulment for Rhaegar (YASS!!!) and is about to reveal who he did marry instead but then Sam angrily cuts her off because he’s frustrated about the archmaester not listening to him (TARLY YOU HAD ONE JOB). He’s so upset at the Citadel that he ends up stealing some books, putting Gilly and the baby into a wagon and leaving the Citadel, saying, “I’m tired of reading about the achievements of better men.”

Back to Dragonstone: Jon gets the news that Arya and Bran are alive (YAY), but he can’t even be happy about it for a second, because the same message reveals Bran’s terrifying vision. Given that Cersei is still on a rampage, Daenerys is not to keen on seeking her help to deal with the white walkers but luckily Tyrion has an idea on how to get Cersei to join their cause: Bring the dead to her. Their crazy plan is as follow: Go beyond The Wall to capture a white walker, then bring it to King’s Landing to convince Cersei that everyone’s got bigger problems on their hands. And who’s going to bring the white walker? Why Jon will as he immediately volunteers to go way beyond the wall to do so, which leaves Daenerys speechless and I dare say a little shaken?

At Winterfell: The Stark sisters argue after Arya walks in on the lords trashing Jon and Sansa doesn’t defend him. Arya thinks that Sansa worries too much about what other people think of her. Arya presses her sibling that she really is only out for power for herself, and it’s probably a little true. Later on, Arya spies on Littlefinger while he’s up to his usual shady dealings. A man brings him something, which Baelish hides in his room. Naturally, Arya finds what she’s looking for stuffed into the mattress of his room: It’s a message from Sansa. Arya takes it, but the thing is, Littlefinger is watching her when she leaves his room.

In Kings Landing: Davos gets Tyrion into King’s Landing and then attends to some business in Flea Bottom.  Bronn, on Tyrion’s orders, brings Jaime to meet Tyrion, who tells him that Daenerys is willing to suspend hostilities if Cersei will agree to certain terms. As for Davos, he goes to Flea Bottom to find Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard, last seen rowing away from Dragonstone. “Bad things are coming,” Davos warns him, but the hard sell is unnecessary: Gendry is super ready to get out of King’s Landing and away from the Lannisters. As for Jaime, he brings Cersei news of Daenerys’ desired armistice, which she totally knew about the meeting between him and Tyrion,and she’s also not dismissive of the idea. Cersei then drops a bombshell: She’s pregnant. “Who will you say is the father?” he asks. “You,” she replies simply.

The Suicide Squad of Westeros Meets Up: Gendry and Jon meet at Dragonstone, and they’ve barely passed pleasantries when Gendry volunteers to join Jon on his journey. The King in the North agrees and they head off to Eastwatch-by-the-Sea, where Tormund wants to know if Brienne has arrived with Jon (this guy LOL). Tormund thinks Jon is crazy to want to go north of The Wall again but ends up introducing him to some of Eastwatch’s current prisoners, who also want to go north: The Hound, Thoros of Myr and Beric Dondarrion. Gendry is not here for any of the Lord of light followers but Jon argues that they’re all on the same side and that the captives should join their party. The episode ends as the group sets off into a blinding blizzard.

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