Crazy Ex-Girlfriend And La La Land Songwriters Join The Supergirl/Flash Musical!

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When we think back to the catchiest songs of 2016, the first thing that pops in our heads is everything La La Land. Whether we blast the melancholy “City of Stars” in the middle of the night, or sing along to “Another Day of Sun” while walking down the rainy streets of London, the songs are everywhere. Unsurprisingly so, as the movie is the number one contender for every Oscar category out there.

In addition to those songs, we can’t forget all the beautiful original renditions that The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has given us over the last 12 months. From “West Covina” to “Getting Bi”, from “Sexy French Depression” to everyone’s favorite “Period Sex”, Rachel Bloom’s songs have reached our ears and we never want to stop listening.

And just yesterday, the world was graced with the best news in a very very long time. Because Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, the songwriters for La La Land and the current Broadway hot ticket Dear Evan Hansen, as well as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s producer/creator/writer/actress/everything Rachel Bloom will find common ground on the most exciting crossover of spring 2017 – the Superflash musical.

After a musical episode between The Flash and Supergirl had been announced last summer, rumors have been running wild.

Who would be singing? Pretty much everyone who can, we now know. Why would they be singing? The Music Master, as portrayed by the wonderful Darren Criss, forces them. It’s almost a real Glee reunion!

And now we finally know what they’ll be singing about! Or well, we know who is involved and what title they’ll be producing. Pasek and Paul will join the musical with an original song called “Running Home to You”, sung by Grant Gustin. Westallen shippers, better bring your tissues, sounds like this will be one for the feels.

“Benj and Justin are the premiere song-writing duo of our time,” so Flash and Supergirl executive producer Andrew Kreisberg. “Not only are they two of the most talented people Greg and I have ever met, they are also two of the nicest. To have them be a part of our musical episode is beyond our wildest expectations. We hope everyone falls in love with the song they wrote for us as much as we did.”

Check out our favourite La La Land song City of Stars below:

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s all-round talent Rachel Bloom is entering the shindig with the title “Superfriends”, which sounds like a fun, upbeat number between all participating characters. “As soon as I heard that they were doing a musical crossover, I e-mailed Mark Pedowitz who connected me to Greg and Andrew. I immediately offered them my services,” Bloom told Buzzfeed . “As soon as they picked one of my song ideas, I hopped on the phone with my old Robot Chicken boss Tom Root and we brainstormed and, based on that brainstorm, I wrote up the song ‘Superfriends.’ I am so excited to contribute more to the upward trend that is musicals in television and film. Music can be one of the most amazing and efficient forms of storytelling and character development. Also, it was really fun to write a comedy song for two superheroes.”

Feast your eyes on the glory that is The Sexy-Getting-Ready Song below:

On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you for the upcoming Superflash musical? We might be at a solid 11.5.

Catch the Supergirl/Flash musical episode March 21 at 8/7C on The CW.

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