Lisa’s Back To Claim Her Kingdom

Credit: Audience
Credit: Audience

Finally!! Lisa’s back on the show! The episode opens with Lisa at a classical concert with her father, still super pregnant… a flashback to how she lost the baby. Cut to now, her getting hammered on hotel booze listening to the same piece of music. “I’m here,” she texts Alvey. Lisa’s BACK!

Alvey asks to meet her for coffee – I was expecting a much higher awkwardness level, but they shared a sweet reunion hug. She tells him she’s on a cocktail of pills and therapy and suggests day drinking, but in a bizarre turn of events, Alvey’s the responsible one of the pair.

He catches her up on the gym drama, then they’re talking about business and you can really see how much Lisa misses her job and these people – they’re her family too. She’s looking to come back to work, with a 25% ownership guarantee, but Alvey tries to scare her off with money troubles. Remember he took all that money from her dad to tell her no? Well, it’s not an outright no just yet, although she was definitely expecting a more positive reaction.

More relationship troubles are afoot, no surprises there. Alicia’s still staying with Ryan, and he gives her a nice pep talk about her upcoming fight, but then he absolutely screws her over by purposefully double booking her training slot with Alvey, forcing him to prioritise Ryan over her. Alicia, rightfully, loses her cool when she’s training with Alvey later. “Why do you let him get away with so much shit?” she asks him, and he tells her that Ryan’s earned his right to act this way. They both make good points, but the underlying message here, once again, is that Ryan is an asshole.

The other asshole on the block, Jay, at least made some progress this week. Nate bugged him to get back to the gym and train – and he didn’t pull any punches. He calls out Jay over the mess his life’s become. “You’re gonna f***ing die in here, and I need you. Please come home,” he says. He knows it’s the one thing that’ll snap Jay out of this… except it doesn’t, which is testament to how far Jay’s fallen.

After Nate leaves, though, Jay does clean up the motel room and go for a run – progress! He’s also at the gym when Nate rocks up, and gets totally demolished in training. Alvey makes a “business decision” to train Ryan over Jay, although neither of them are really endearing themselves to him right now. Although Jay totally deserves the harsh treatment, it’s still pretty heartbreaking to see him go through a rejection like that from his dad.

On the subject of rejection, Nate tortures himself by breaking up with Will – “I like you, and that’s a problem,” he says, manly tears in his eyes. Earlier, when Alvey was catching Lisa up on everything, Nate was the only person he said was in a good place right now. Shame he doesn’t know Nate likes to suffer in silence.

Alvey tells Roxanne he’s disappointed with the settlement – he was expecting her to do better. He says that, but really he’s stressed about Lisa and Jay and Ryan and he’s taking it out on her. Roxanne doesn’t take that kindly at all. “Call me when you’re fun again,” she says, and leaves him to drink alone.

Alvey, drunk, goes to visit Lisa in her hotel room. “I need you,” he says. “I want you to come back.” He relinquishes the 25% no problem. But then he tells her about Roxanne and she kicks him out. It seems like she’s forgotten how bad things got between them last season, and she’s looking for things to get back to normal… good luck with that!

Sneh Rupra