4YE Quicklists: Six Times Glee Made Us Cry

4YE Quicklists: 10 Times Glee Made Us Cry

It’s summer and with that comes the lull of TV boredom. For many, that means you spend hours of your time desperately seeking something to hold you over until the fall begins and all your shows return.

For others, like me, you use the summer hiatus to do some pretty epic rewatches of your favorite shows, and this case, the show I’ve been rewatching has been Glee.

Glee ended over a year ago, and while it had its hits and misses during its last few seasons, there’s no denying the power that show had to make you feel all kinds of emotions set to the music of some of today’s latest hits and even some oldies but goodies.

One of the things the show did best though was make you cry. Not all the cries over this show were sad ones as it also had the ability to make you cry out of sheer happiness or it made you laugh so hard that you burst into tears. As many people will tell you, crying is quite cathartic.

With that being said, in no particular order, let’s celebrate and remember some of the many times that Glee made us cry!

That Time When Wemma (Will and Emma) Kissed For The First Time


If you were like me, you spent much of season 1 rooting for Will and Emma to finally get together. These two soulmates were destined to be from the start, and luckily, we did not have to wait very long for them to kiss. And it was magical and brought on tears of joy.

That Time When Santana Came Out Of The Closet And Realized Her Feelings For Brittany


Ah Brittana. This ship has so many ups and downs but it truly got started during the second season when Santana, after making light of her physical relationship with Brittany, finally realized that she loved Ms. Pierce and was afraid to show it. Luckily one Holly Holliday was on hand to help her give into those feelings and gave us one hell of a performance with “Landslide.”

That Time When Kurt And Blaine Kissed For The First Time


Season 2 found me and many others rooting for Kurt to find love and boy did he ever! Kurt was introduced to everyone’s Teenage Dream when he went to spy on Dalton Academy and ran into Blaine Anderson. And the rest, as the cliche goes, is history, only it took Blaine FOREVER to realize that he was in love with Kurt, resulting in their epic kiss towards the middle of the season. If you weren’t crying out of happiness when these two kiss, you have no soul.

That Time When The New Directions Won Nationals


After three seasons of trying, everyone’s favorite underdogs of the Glee club community finally took home a Nationals trophy. When they won, you felt like you had won along with them as their trials and tribulations had become yours and every bit of their joy was yours to share as well with their victory. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when the most hated club at McKinley High finally had their moment in sun to shine.

That Time Kurt Sang “I Want To Hold Your Hand” 

It is safe to say that Kurt Hummel was the heart and soul of Glee. He forever cemented his place on the show as the one most likely to make you weep openly when he took on the Beatles classic “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and made it his own by dedicating it to his ailing comatose father. That montage of Young Kurt and Burt crushed us and had us needing several boxes of tissues to get through it.

That Time Glee Did “The Scientist” And Broke Up ALL The Ships

Klaine, Finchel, Wemma, and Brittana all bit the dust in one episode, with montages of their relationships set to the haunting song “The Scientist” by Coldplay. Enough said.

That’s all for the times that Glee made us cry. Did some of your tearjerkers make our list? Let us know which ones made you cry!


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