Everyone Is Out For Revenge On This Week’s The Blacklist

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

This is it. This is the two-episode arc we have all been waiting for: it is time to meet Alexander Kirk. To recap: Alexander Kirk is the man who contracted Halcyon and Scottie Hargrave to kidnap Liz. From the conversation between Red and Scottie last week, it sounds like this confrontation has been a long time coming. Furthermore, now that the two have a mutual enemy, they should be more successful working together…right?

I guess we will find out in this week’s episode of NBC’s The Blacklist. The Blacklist-er is Number 14: Alexander Kirk.

Enlisting Help

Reddington meets with the team to bring them up to speed on the Hargrave/Kirk situation. While by-the-books Ressler wants to arrest her, Red insists that they need Scottie’s help to get to Kirk. Kirk is funding a frontrunner’s presidential campaign through a mysterious super-PAC, and Scottie’s plan is to take the money. Against Red’s urging, Scottie shows up in Agnes’ nursery and recruits Tom to help with the mission.

Credit: NBC
Credit: NBC

A Wrench in the Plan

The plan says that Solomon, Rowan, and Tom head in the rob the bank that controls the funds the group is after. Once the cops and FBI show up, Aram accesses the computers to find the source of the money that is coming from offshore accounts. All is well until a young girl is hit by a stray bullet of Solomon’s. Tom, a brand new and very protective father, insists they take the girl to meet the ambulance; he fears she will bleed out before it arrives at the bank.

After Agnes is taken from the hospital, Tom shows up unannounced at a fundraiser Scottie is hosting for Senator Diaz. Scottie meets him in her office and a nurse bring in Agnes, unharmed. She explains that Kirk was on the move and that Agnes is receiving the medical care she needs.

Insider Information

Back at the bank, Ressler and Samar investigate the robbery. Samar accesses the servers needed to get the information needed about Kirk. Between Aram and Halcyon’s tech guy, they gain a wealth of knowledge, but require a retinal scan to access what they need.

Tom, Rowan, and Solomon head to Germany, where they must remove a diplomat named Pruitt from the Turkish embassy. Tom is taken in and questioned, and, after playing a waiter and poisoning said diplomat, the three escape with the man in a fake ambulance.

“That’s for My Wife.”

Because Tom drugged Pruitt, the retinal scan fails several times. Aram instructs them to find a prescription eye drop doctors use to dilate the eyes during exams, so Solomon and Tom break in. On the way out, Solomon comments that they are in this situation because of Tom. Tom quickly corrects him that they are in the situation because Solomon attacked his wedding. Solomon, as cruel and heartless as he is, agrees, but also says, “I think we both know your wife is in a much better place.” So, Tom shoots him. “That’s for my wife,” he grits out before leaving the bleeding Solomon on the floor of the optometrist’s office.

Good for the Money?

Once the retinal scan goes through, it’s an intense waiting game to see if the FBI/Halcyon team-up can beat the clock. The account is in the process of going into ‘lock out’ mode during the same period the money is being transferred. The teams at Halcyon and the post office gather around their screens to watch the percentage inch up. Tom and Rowan listen anxiously for any sign that they have succeeded. The money transfers just in the nick of time and everyone celebrates. Scottie leaves the celebration to phone Red.

Scottie – and Reddington – are waiting for Senator Diaz when he comes home in a rage about the missing money. When Diaz says he is going to call the police, Red suggests that he should call Alexander Kirk instead. Red also tells Diaz this has nothing to do with his politics and everything to do with Kirk.

Meet Alexander Kirk

We see Kirkk when an assistant brings him a phone with Senator Diaz waiting on the line. When Kirk answers, though, it is Reddington on the line. Kirk is one of the few people who, over the course of three full seasons, calls Red “Raymond.” He antagonizes Red by dredging up memories of a time when Kirk could have taken Red’s life, but spared him. “You have my money and you have my senator,” Kirk reiterates, “but you do not have me.” Kirk slams down the phone, obviously irritated that Red has finally found him.

Red informs Diaz that he is going to subpoena Kirk to testify in front of the Senate committee he heads, giving Red the perfect opportunity to swoop in for his final revenge.

God Bless Baby Agnes

Literally. The episode also includes Agnes’ christening, where Tom makes an emotional speech. He thanks Cooper, Ressler, Samar, and Aram for everything they’ve done for Liz and his family – even though the couple never really had families of their own. He knows that Liz would want them all in Agnes’ life to guide her as she grows.

One Last Plot Twist

Tom pays Scottie a visit, bringing his pistol with him. Red calls and urges him not to take her down. “If you kill her, the answers you’ve been looking for your entire life will die with her,” Red states plainly. Suddenly it all clicks: Scottie’s mention of losing a son, the photo in her home, the way she interacted with Agnes. “My mother,” he says in awe. That is why Red did not want Tom involved – Scottie genuinely believes her son Christopher went missing and is presumed dead. There are secrets everywhere, and if Tom reveals his identity, it will lead to trouble for everyone.

Scottie finds Tom looking at the family photo and is misty-eyed at mention of her son. For her ruthless nature in business, it is obvious that she loved and cherished her son. She recalls the night her son went missing. She and her husband had a fight, she drank too much, and the next morning he had vanished without a trace. It has been 28 years, and Scottie still looks for Christopher everywhere.

“You’re hired,” Scottie offers when Tom refuses to kill her. “I’m sorry about your son,” he says as he walks off.

And that, folks, is what I believe is the perfect setup for the planned spinoff starring Famke Janssen (Scottie) and Ryan Eggold (Tom). Who would have thought that after all that action, the most intense moments of the episode would be in the last three minutes? Well, we all should have, because this is The Blacklist and it never fails to blow our minds.

Next week brings us to the season three finale and more drama than ever. As the promo says, just you wait!

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