What Does Glee Mean To You? The Cast Give Us Their Answers!

Credit: Fox
Credit: Fox

What does it mean to you? Joy, friendship, happiness, love? Anger, tears, frustration, ship wars? It’s all of those things and more for me, but primarily happiness and joy, for sure.

Over at ET Online, the same question was put to various cast members and the results were…heartbreakingly bittersweet, really.

I’m not sure if I’m imagining it, but the cast, Darren Criss and Kevin McHale in particular, looked more than a little emotional to me, which only made it harder to watch.

It is, however tearjerking it might be, lovely to hear them talking with genuine fondness for the show and detailing all it has given them. Let’s face it, Glee has come under fire for inconsistent story lines, poor writing, and has suffered from a dwindling audience in recent years. You know what? It has also taught us so much.

Yes, it’s been about opening yourself up to joy. It’s also been about learning to love yourself, to embrace all that you are, and all that you will become. Glee has not shied away from tackling subjects that its target audience just haven’t seen on TV before. They have promoted tolerance, acceptance and understanding and they’ve sung and danced while doing it.

This has been a ground breaking show in many ways and for the cast as well as the fans it’s been an awfully big adventure.

As Criss says to ET, it’s no longer a word that he, nor indeed any fans of the show, can use without it meaning something else. In years to come, I am pretty sure that I will use the word Glee in a sentence and get a pang of heartache and longing.

So, Gleeks, what does Glee mean to you? Hit the comments below!



  1. What does glee mean to me? well glee showed me that you sould never be afraid of who you are, or what other people think of you, and that you should strive to be a STAR. I was in seventh grade when I started watching glee and at first I thought that I would hate it, but after watching one episode I fell in love with it, I saw what they were going through and I could relate, especially with Kurt. For a long time I was afraid of who you are, before I started watching glee I had suicidal thoughts because I thought that since I was gay that I would never have a place in this world and that I would never find love, then glee came along and showed me what I didn’t know existed… Support and people that cared and people like me all over the place. I kept watching and I fell in love with Kurt as a person, he even became my role model for what happens when you accept yourself for you and not what someone wants you to be. I have gone and watched every episode from season one to the final and I must say that I will never forget the New Directions and everyone that made the glee cast. I LOVE BEING A GLEEK!

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