Letter From The E-I-C: Time To Put The L Up In The Air One Last Time For Glee

Letter From The E-I-C: Time To Put The L Up In The Air One Last Time For GleeCredit: Tumblr

Dear Readers,

Once upon a time, I was a die-hard Glee fan. Yes, you’ve read that right; I loved Glee. I even have a blog about it called Glee is the word: As told by a Gleek. I used to recap and discuss episodes of the dramedy on there. It was my passion for a while then real life got in the way. Then I found a new passion, everything pop-culture related, which is how this wonderful site was founded.

As a girl who grew up on musicals, Glee gave me a place to indulge my love for all things musical. I loved the storylines set to songs and loved that I could relate to each and every one of the characters on the show in some way. Rachel Berry was my spirit animal, and in a way, she still is to this day as one really has to admire her ambition and the way she dares to dream big.

I watched Glee faithfully and made it a point to get all my friends and family to watch the show with me. Tuesday nights became our family and friends night as we gathered ’round the tube to watch this amazing show.

Seasons 1 and 2 were the best seasons of the show. I like to call them the golden age of Glee, as the show could do no wrong back then.

My love for Glee began to wane though in the third season. The show had reached a creative slump and was starting to grasp at straws to keep us drawn in. Still, I watched faithfully and sobbed along with the rest of the nation when the New Directions finally won Nationals. I felt like I had been there with them and won too!

The fourth season struggled a bit  to keep my attention but I still tuned in just to see if the show I had fallen in love with back in 2009 was still there, fighting to come back. That season had its ups and downs but I thought it would come back full force in the fall for its fifth season.

Sadly, the death of Cory Monteith during the summer before its fifth season premiere left the show struggling to recover. I tuned in to the tribute to Finn Hudson and cried bucket loads but the episodes that followed “The Quarterback” pretty signaled the death of my love for Glee. I spent the rest of season 5 skimming the episodes just to keep up and reading recaps. I tuned into the 100th episode just for nostalgic reasons but I knew I would never be a diehard again.

As the show comes to a close today, I realize though I am no longer emotionally attached to the show, a part of me feels like I am saying goodbye to someone that I used to know and love. Glee filled my life up with so much hope when I didn’t have any and for that, I will always be thankful and grateful to the show.

All day long, 4YE has been celebrating and saying goodbye to Glee, and as an original Gleek, I thought I join in and say thank you to the cast of Glee, its creators, and all the crew who made the show possible.

As Rachel Berry once said in the pilot: “Being part of something special makes you special, right?”

Yes it does, Rachel, and as the curtain closes, we thank you for letting us be a part of something special and raise our L for Glee up in the air for one last time.

Until next time,

Erika Rivera
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