Alan Tudyk And Nathan Fillion Share Sci-Fi Poster For Con Man

Con Man
Con Man

Last week, something magical happened: Firefly alums Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion launched a kickstarter for a new web series called Con Man.

Con Man follows Wray Nerely (Alan Tudyk), an actor who starred in a science fiction show called Spectrum. Sadly, Spectrum was cancelled too soon, and now Wray goes to conventions to meet fans, do panels, and all that fun stuff we love at conventions. Jack Moore (Nathan Fillion), Wray’s best friend and captain of the spaceship on Spectrum, is now a big star. Wray is frustrated by Jack’s stardom, but we will get to see him going to conventions, doing voiceovers and other fun stuff.

The most beautiful thing is how they took stuff from their own experiences to make something creative and fun.

The goal was to raise $425,000 by April 10th, but fans are passionate and have raised $2,222,537 so far. More money, more episodes, and with more episodes come a lot of happy, satisfied fans.

As a “thank you” to the fans, Tudyk and Fillion have already shared a teaser and now a poster for Spectrum. It’s so colourful, it makes me think of a weird combination of Back to the Future, Star Trek and Firefly.

This poster was designed by Jason Palmer, and it will be that one poster that has been haunting Tudyk’s character since Spectrum was cancelled.

“This is a poster Wray has signed more times than he can remember and will be seen throughout Con Man. The poster was supposed to have been created in 2004. The look and style borrow from elements of the sci-fi shows of that time. Jason has been making art for Firefly fans since the earliest days after cancellation. I have defaced thousands of Jason Palmer’s depictions of me as Wash from Firefly with my signature. He is someone who understands the convention world and counts himself as a fan among fans. Is there a name for someone who is a fan of fans?”, Tudyk explained.

Well, I still find the poster to be more 1980’s than 2004, but I love it!

Con Man
Con Man

Among the stars that will pop up in Con Man will be Gina Torres, Sean Maher, Seth Green, Felicia Day, Amy Acker and James Gunn (yes! Guardians of the Galaxy director!). I am way too excited for this series. Can we have it now?!

You can still donate to help Tudyk and Fillion make bigger and greater things for the series (maybe even the Spectrum spaceship?) by going to Indiegogo.

And in case you missed the first teaser, we have it right here for you!

Con Man Teaser Debut from PJ Haarsma on Vimeo.