Find Out What’s “Triggering” Everyone On This Week’s ‘Girls’

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Photo: New York Times/ Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

On this week’s Girls, we find ourselves in Iowa as Hannah getting settle into life as a grad student.

What You Need To Know:

Iowa is cheap. Hannah scores the most adorable apartment for $800 and revels in the fact that it feels like a mansion compared to what you would get in New York. During a Skype session with Marnie, Hannah is pretty positive about her choice to move. It feels right and after a bit more small talk she inquires about Adam. It seems that since she’s arrived the two are no longer a pair.

Marnie has also taken up knitting again so that she can make Desi a scarf. Naturally so a part of her can always be with him. She’s also in complete denial that she is taking part in an affair. Oh Marnie…

It seems Hannah’s positive outlook was short lived. After having her card denied at the campus bookstore, having a bat enter the house uninvited, shitty cell service, and getting locked out, she’s over it. And this is even before school officially started!

I actually cringed throughout the whole workshop scene. Maybe this is because I sat through so many in college. They just induce fear in me, maybe I’m projecting, but back to Hannah. We hear about of her classmate D.August’s story. The group shares how the story made them feel and what the take away was. Hannah expressed what she thought was going to happen next.

Hannah is next on the chopping block. She’s so convinced that they all will love her piece. That is not really the case. It appears as a meta commentary to Dunham’s own struggle with critics (she said on Twitter earlier it was a mere coincidence FYI).

The group is not impressed and don’t understand the take away. Not to mention it was supposed to be a work of fiction, this clearly was not. D.August and Chandra are the only two who come to Hannah’s defense, while she tried her hardest not to defend herself.

D.August urges her to meet them all out later and she agrees and continues to just make an ass of herself. Her piece was about her relationship with Adam and the aggression of their early sexual encounters. She knew it may be a trigger for some and calls out Priya, believing she wasn’t a fan of her story because she was an abuse victim. This is not how you make friends Hannah.

Downtrodden, Hannah returns home to see her front door open. She’s scared and enters the house with her self-defense keychain held high. It appears Elijah decided he needed a break from the city and coming to her house (or breaking in) was the best answer. The two decide to get wild and crazy for old times sake at an undergrad party.

It’s soon apparent to Hannah that grad school is nothing like undergrad. Gone are the carefree days and party filled nights. Shit got real. Adult life is hard. Buck up Hannah. You can do it!

Memorable Quotes:

“You made one? Why didn’t you go to UNIQLO like a normal person”

“Must be great to be on the teet.”

“Last week I saw a homeless woman fist herself on my stoop.”

“I want to go back to undergrad school. I don’t wanna go to grad school.”