Another Set of ‘Glee’ Parents Have Been Cast: Who Are They?

Photo: Fox
Photo: Fox

Gather ‘round Gleeks! We have yet more casting news for the final season of our beloved Glee; Brittany S Pierce’s mother and father will finally make an appearance – Ken Jeong and Jennifer Coolidge have been cast as the former Cheerio’s parents.

Coolidge is the perfect choice as mother to Brittany (played by Heather Morris); I loved her best in Legally Blonde and she’s made a splash since then in Joey and 2 Broke Girls

According to Billy Lewis Jr, who plays newbie McKinley High student Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce were a hoot on set. Lewis Jr told Hollywood Life that “When filming the wedding episodes actually, there were a couple of amazing comedians that come in…watching the two of them work is like gold. It’s like a comedic masterclass. The way they come up with new lines on the spot and make each other laugh constantly. It’s just gold”.

Jeong, who has starred in Community and The Hangover films, tweeted a picture of himself with Coolidge, Morris and Glee writer Michael Hitchcock in November, with the cryptic words “best in show”.

This is probably a reference to Best In Show, in which Coolidge starred with Jane Lynch, who plays McKinley High principal and tracksuit fetishist Sue Sylvester.

It looks like the Pierces will be present at Brittany’s wedding to her on-off girlfriend Santana Lopez (played by Naya Rivera Dorsey), and now that we know Gina Gershon has been cast as Blaine Anderson’s mother, does that mean a Mr Anderson will be announced soon?

After all, the Brittana wedding is supposedly a double feature with Blaine and his fiancé Kurt Hummel, according to spoilers. I know many Gleeks have had a few actors in mind to play Mr Anderson (the frontrunner is Peter Gallagher, from what I’ve seen on social media) so maybe we’ll be pleasantly surprised?

The sixth and final season of Glee, which is on winter break from filming right now, premieres with a double header next Friday January 9. Then, it’s just eleven short episodes later and it will be gone.

Whilst we might not be too happy with some of the plot twists that are rumoured this season (the Klaine breakup, sigh) it’s Glee after all, and we’ll miss it when it’s gone.

Sara Hunter Smith

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