Did S Club 7 Bring it All Back To Children In Need?

S Club 7 Reunite, But Did They Manage to Reach For The Stars?
Credit: gopix

Citizens of the world, we told you it was going to happen, and now it has. S Club 7 reunited for Friday’s Children in Need show and it was GLORIOUS.

I say it was glorious and yet there were a multitude of criticisms I can (and will) make…BUT it was S Club and we all know there simply ain’t no party like an S Club Party. The entire performance is here for your viewing pleasure, dear friends (and maybe you could donate to Children in Need while watching?) and here are my observations:

  • The crowd went wild: The CiN studio audience were almost as excited as I was in my living room. I eagerly screamed that countdown with them, oh yes.
  • Tina’s doing her dance: On a street corner, by the looks of things. This is a comeback, Tina, not a ‘goneback.’ It’s not 1999 anymore and lilac sequinned hotpants and thigh high boots are not something that should ever be revisited.
  • Jon’s looking for romance: Well he might be, but as with all things relating to Jon, no one really noticed.
  • Paul’s getting down on the floor: And by the looks of things, he’s going to be unable to get back up again. Oh dear, Paul, the years have not been kind.
  • Hannah’s screaming out for more: More hideously synthetic hair extensions, possibly. As with Jon, we didn’t really notice she was there, but S Club still doesn’t work without either of them.
  • Wanna see Bradley swing: Well despite the hideous hair, Bradley has still got the moves and the stage presence for sure. Loved seeing him back in the spotlight!
  • Wanna see Rachel do her thing: Yes please. Rachel can do whatever she wants and it will be sublime and I will love it. Always my favourite, she looks fantastic and can still sing, which brings us onto…
  • Jo, she’s got the flow: Except…in what has to be the most upsetting thing about the performance, she really hasn’t. Jo had a sensational voice but she struggled throughout the performance on Friday which was such a shame. Maybe it was nerves, but her lower register which was always so strong, sounded terrible, and she seemed to know it, too. I was disappointed that the majority was mimed and only a few verse lines were sung live, but given Jo’s vocals maybe that was a good thing.

The thing is…it was S Club 7, reunited, on stage, and despite everything, I LOVED every second. I danced, I sang (better than Jo) and you know what? If there’s a tour coming, you can expect me to be dancing around at that, too.

They’re not like Take That, who have all their original talent and then some, and a lot more work needs to be done if they’re thinking about releasing new material, but…but…There Ain’t No Party Like an S Club Party so Reach for the Stars, guys because we know you can do it!