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One of the things I love about working here at 4YE is the fact it allows me to wallow in my love of cinema and all things pop culture-ish. While in my country we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I am always grateful for the world in which I live and I am well aware that I live quite a privileged life compared to so many on the planet. So in the spirit of being thankful here is my 10 Things I am Grateful to Pop Culture for and these are in no particular order, apart from the order I thought of them…

1. Tom Hiddleston
Those that follow my work, or know me (or both) know it’s not a secret how much I admire, and ok yes possibly love, this man. Not only is he incredibly talented and somewhat of a chameleon at what he can turn his hand to play (from Shakespeare to Indie film to creating a following of millions by playing the bad guy in a movie), but he is also extremely eloquent and intelligent (and I cannot begin to explain to you how much I love that in a person, male or female). Not to mention that he is also very kind. I know a couple of people who have worked with him who have NOTHING but kind and generous words for him. You can pay for all the PR in the world, but genuine testimony from your fellow colleagues goes a bloody long way in this industry. He has always been so kind to his fans, with signing things and hugs when he has the time.

Only Lovers Left Alive
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2. The Marvel Cinematic Universe
Stan Lee, Kevin Feige etc, you guys are the bomb. All of the people who work bringing the Marvel comics to life, have just made me so happy. And their awesome quirk of, well you know, having scenes mid and post credits.

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Plus that way you can tell the fans… they’re the ones that stay put even if the cinema lights come up.

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3. The rise of the Comic Con
Once the sole reserve of the underground, there are now literally hundreds of Comic-Cons all over the globe. Here in Australia we have Oz Comic-Con as well as SuperNova Pop Culture. But all of us, the nerds, the geeks, the steampunks and the cosplayers still hold THE one great one – SDCC; the San Diego Comic Con – to be THE everest of events to attend.

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4. Epic Movies
By that I mean you are going to need the large soda, the large popcorn and the runpee app installed to get through it. And an early night the night before. Not only those that are singularly epic in length (and therefore good value for your dollar), but also those that have a series of films like The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, the Hunger Games, STAR WARS and Harry Potter.

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5. Doctor Who
I grew up in Australia, we only had 3 channels. One of those was the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) and it was then affiliated with the BBC (well it kinda still is). I grew up with John Pertwee as my first Dr and then Tom Baker as my favourite… and terrified of the Sontarens back then. I still have nightmares about when he first removed his helmet. I sort of lost interest in my teenage years (boys, music and other things came along to distract me) and then all too soon it was over. But then… YAY it’s back and this guy is GREAT. Then Christopher Eccleston wormed his way into my heart and then it was Tennant and that love affair has not ended. I seemed to have also given birth to a Whovian. I make him TARDIS’s out of fridge boxes, I buy him screwdrivers, and posters and action figures and, ok I admit some of it is for my personal enjoyment (like the 50th Anniversary coil in the little TARDIS).

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6. Twitter
Not only can you connect with some of your fave celebs and “things” it is actually quite the challenge to fit your thoughts into 140 charact

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7. YouTube
Watching interview, trailers, shows et al is now possible no matter where in the world you reside and what hour it is – MOST of it is at the press of play on the world wide video sharing channel.

If I had to pick one to share, it would be this. I laugh WAY too hard at this after all this time.

Also because it combines Tom Hiddleston, Marvel AND youtube.

8. Australia
What kind of down under gal would I be if I wasn’t grateful for being an Aussie? But seriously you know apart from the giant spiders, the killer snakes and other predatory wildlife we have, we have also provided the world with some amazing talent: Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Heath Ledger, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush, Rose Byrne, Mia Wasikowska, Sam Worthington, Naomi Watts, Simon Baker, Hugo Weaving, Mel Gibson, Portia de Rossi, Sullivan Stapleton, David Wenham, Rebel Wilson, Jai Courtnay, Baz Luhrmann, Gillian Armstrong, Bruce Beresford and really I could go on but you know… for a young and so very far away place – we do all right. And ok yes, I realise so of those listed were not born on our fair shores, but they often had their first taste of success granted by us Aussies.

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9. Meme’s
I actually have friends where we have days in which we have conversations only in Meme’s… good for the brain. We’d love to know your favourite Meme – tweet me at @mrsjanderson with #myfavememe

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10. The Internet
It never ceases to amaze me, I have friends from all corners of the globe thanks to the Internet.

Also keeps me in a job 🙂

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