Why You Should Be Watching ‘Sleepy Hollow’ to Prepare for Season Two

Photo courtesy of FOX
Photo courtesy of FOX

I think that if you looked up the definition of “surprise success” then Sleepy Hollow‘s logo would be right next to it.

Not that it is a bad show, because it’s not. It’s a wonderful show. Yet it’s not the type of show that garnered a lot of success or acclaim through it’s thirteen episode first season run.

Even more surprisingly, Fox gave the thumbs up for a second season. It was a wonderful surprise considering this was the network that cancelled Firefly. Not that I’m bitter about that or anything. So for my fellow Sleepyheads, we know the reasons this show rocks and why we are all dying to get to the second season. SO MANY QUESTIONS MUST BE ANSWERED!

For those of you who have your curiosity piqued by this strange, strange show I’m going to give you several reasons why you should check out Sleepy Hollow. Hopefully, you’ll go binge watch and be ready for season two with everyone else.

1) Abbie Mills

Photo courtesy of Fox
Photo courtesy of Fox

Lieutenant Abigail Mills (Nicole Behaire) of the Sleepy Hollow Sheriff’s Department is your new lady crush. Tough, competent, and cool headed in a crisis, Abbie Mills faces down the supernatural with her wits and her weapons.

Basically Abbie kicks all the ass and is one of the best female characters on television.

A good reason for this comes from how balanced Abbie is. Sure she’s tough, competent, and refuses to be terrified of the evil that surrounds the town of Sleepy Hollow, but Abbie also has a lot of compassion and warmth to those she cares about. She empathizes with people but comes off a bit distant at first.

Abbie is character who is more than strong. She is someone to root for and for the audience to adore. Also, finding out about her past leads to a lot of revelations about her role in the Apocalypse and how she was shaped as a person.

Plus Abbie is full of snark. Just full of it.

Gif: Tumblr

2) Ichabod Crane

Photo courtesy of FOX
Photo courtesy of FOX

Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) is a time traveling revolutionary spy who finds himself connected to the Headless Horseman thanks to his witch wife. If that sounds confusing to you, then it gets even more twisty and turn-y as the first season progresses. All you need to know is that Ichabod was part of the effort of the Patriots in the Revolutionary War and that he woke up in the present day when the Horseman came back to Sleepy Hollow.

What can we say about Crane? Besides obvious pleasurable attributes like his countenance? (In other words, the man is damn fine.)

Crane is smart. More than smart, he is brilliant. I know in our fish out of temporal water stories (to borrow a phrase from TV Tropes), we like to have the said fish out of water be continuously fascinated by technology and the like, which Crane is, to an extent, but he also adapts to it (where he can) while also coming across like a crotchety grandfather in other areas. It blends the character very well and makes him feel unique in the landscape. Plus, watching him and Mills’ banter is amazing. And Crane? Crane is a wonderfully respectful man with his charming accent and manners that will sweep many a fangirl or boy off their feet.

He also kicks ass. The man was a spy/soldier in the Revolutionary War after all.

Gif: Tumblr

3) Abbie and Ichabod’s Partnership

I really don’t have much to say here, but I do have a gif.

Gif: Tumblr

If that sheer adorableness doesn’t tell you whatever you need to know about this partnership, then I have no clue what to tell you. It’s a partnership based on mutual trust, respect, and friendship. Both Ichabod and Abbie know that the other has their back and has faith in their partner’s abilities to get the job done.

Plus they are adorable, precious little angels and all you want to do his hug them and beat the demons away with a baseball bat.


Photo courtesy of Fanpop
Photo courtesy of Fanpop

Orlando Jones plays Captain Frank Irving on the show. Now let’s make this totally clear, Captain Irving is a competent career man in his own right who is embroiled in the horrible shit of the town. He takes no ones crap and will do anything to defend his family. Captain Irving is freaking awesome.

That being said: Orlando Jones wins the internet. Or, at least, he’s giving Misha Collins a run for his money.

Funny, creative, and insightful Jones utilizes social media in the best ways to interact with the fans. He gleefully and cheekily tweets and posts on Tumblr about the various goings on in the show and the fandom.

This is the man who is behind a SuperSleepy (Supernatural/Sleepy Hollow) crossover. HE LET THE INTERNET SHIP HIM WITH A DECAPITATED SIGN AND ENCOURAGED IT! He gleefully encourages the ship Ichabbie (Ichabod/Abbie). It’s amazing.

His Tumblr is a work of pure gold. I highly recommend everyone follow it.

And in addition to being a lovable dork, he strives to bring attention to various social issues. His most recent one was trying to bring awareness to racial injustice, specifically following the tragedy in Ferguson, by dumping a bucket of bullets on his head.

It is a simple yet powerfully sobering video.

Orlando Jones is someone that everyone should be following. Period. Due to his love of the fandom and just being a really great person.

5) Seriously, it’s just a fun ride.

Gif: Tumblr

Sleepy Hollow is a special kind of convergence of utter insanity.

There are layers and layers of plot, a lot of allusions, horror, humor, drama, emotional pain, physical pain, and a twisted look at history. It is utter insanity at it’s finest.

So why watch it?

Because the ride is so damn fun you don’t care. You get swept along in the insanity alternating between laughing and jumping from scares and cheering at the same time. You don’t care that the plot doesn’t make sense or seems overly thought out.

It’s a fun show. The kind of show that you talk about with you friends, marathon in one night and enjoy the hell out of it.

Sleepy Hollow may lose its head but its heart is definitely in tact. That’s what draws you into this insane, charming, clusterfuck of the Apocalypse.

So GO AND BINGE WATCH! It’s on Hulu! Go!

Sleepy Hollow season two will premiere September 22nd at 9pm EST.


Bec Heim