Letter From The E-I-C: The Internet Shows Its Ugly Side In Photo Scandal

Credit: Tumblr
Credit: Tumblr

Hello readers!

It’s been over a week now since Tinseltown was rocked by the nude photo leak scandal, where many A-Listers found themselves exposed as a hacker managed to get a hold of some very private photos. Amongst those who were targeted was one of my personal favorite actresses, Jennifer Lawrence, who seemed to have gotten the worst of the scandal as her pictures were blasted all over social media networks.

When the leak first happened, I found myself upset for all those affected by the exposure. I immediately took to my personal Twitter account and expressed my outrage.

Apparently my strong feelings resonated with many as my notifications went through the roof within seconds of tweeting that. I was not prepared for the attention that tweet brought me since I had seen others tweet similar thoughts. What followed the notifications though shocked me.

While many applauded and agreed with me, there were others, to say the least, that were not quite on the same page as me. I was met with an unbelievable amount of slut-shamming and bashing from the internet’s population of Dudebros. I found myself having to defend my view while being called a myriad of offensive names by people who were happy the nude photos were out there. I ended up spending most of the night blocking and reporting harassment.

The point of my indignation was apparently missed by those attacking me. I was not alone in thinking that this act of invasion was appalling as many in the entertainment world spoke out against the leak alongside with me. The point that I had been trying to drive home was this: these celebs did not consent to their private photos being distributed out to the public. That choice was taken from them, hence the feeling of violation.

Many people said that they should not have taken the nude photos to begin with and deserved to be hacked for being so careless, but really, how does anyone deserve to be publicly humiliated like this? It’s quite obvious that these public figures had no intentions of sharing their private photos with the world. Some of them actually had deleted the photos but the hacker managed to recover them from distribution.

I could go on for hours about how blatantly wrong this leak was and how the person behind it should be jailed for it but I won’t for the sake of sounding like a broken record.

The internet and its trolls is a scary place for the world of pop-culture. One can hope that something like this doesn’t happen again but as history shows, it probably will have a way of repeating itself. All I can say and ask for is that we do our best not to feed this kind of bullying.

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