4YE’s Movie Take: “What We Did On Our Holiday” is Endearing and Hilarious

Photo: Lionsgate UK
Photo: Lionsgate UK

Last night 4YE was lucky enough to attend the World Premiere of the new David Tennant film What We Did On Our HolidayThe movie which is written by Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkins, the comic minds behind the British comedy Outnumbered also stars Rosamund Pike and living legend Billy Connolly.

The premise of the movie is that Doug and Abi McLeod, played by Tennant and Pike, are taking their three children to visit their grandfather Gordie, played by Connolly, for his 75th birthday.  The one small problem is that Doug and Abi are in the middle of getting divorced and they haven’t told the rest of their family.  They ask their children to not tell anyone about the divorce, and well you can imagine how well that works.

When they arrive in the Scottish Highlands it soon becomes clear that Doug and Abi aren’t the only ones keeping secrets.  Gordie has a HUGE secret which impacted on every single member of the family as the movie progresses, however we won’t spoil that for you all because for us, it was this that gave the film it’s heart.

British comedian Ben Miller, who was recently the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Doctor Who episode “Robot of Sherwood” plays Doug’s uptight brother Gavin, with Amelia Bullmore playing his wife Margaret and we have to say Margaret’s secret had us rolling in the aisles with laughter.

We have to say it was refreshing to see Tennant playing a comedy role in the movie because we all know he can do serious drama, however he is also a fantastic comedic actor and his relationship with the three children in the movie would melt the coldest of hearts.  We found Rosamund Pike’s Abi a little frustrating at times, but again it was really nice to see her play for laughs especially considering the next thing we will see her in is the upcoming David Fincher movie Gone Girl.

For us, however, the absolute star of the movie for me was Billy Connolly as Gordie.  He stole every scene he was in which is kind of what Connolly is famous for.  The scenes Connolly and Emilia Jones, who played the eldest daughter Lottie were just beautiful and heartfelt.  For any fans of Connolly’s standup, there was a reference to the chocolate bar Toblerone which was straight from his standup, and we have to congratulate Hamilton and Jenkins for including it.

A special mention needs to be given to Emilia Jones, Bobby Smalldridge and Harriet Turnbull who played the children of Tennant and Pike’s characters.  They were endearing and genuine and we guarantee that most people will not expect just how important the children are in this movie.

There were a few awkward moments in the movie, however on the whole, we think Hamilton and Jenkins struck out with this movie, and if people are looking for an inoffensive little movie to see with friends then What We Did On Our Holiday fits the bill.

What We Did On Our Holiday opens in UK cinemas this Friday, September 26.

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