Letter From the E-I-C: “See You In Neverland”: My Goodbye To Robin Williams

Credit: Disney
Credit: Disney

Last Monday night, the world got a little less funnier. It lost a bit of its spark, its vivacity, and sense of humour. It also lost its Peter Pan, its John Keating, its Mrs. Doubtfire, its Chris Nielsen, its beloved Genie of the lamp, and last but not least, the Mork to its Mindy.

Exactly one week ago today, the world lost a legend with the untimely and unexpected death of Robin Williams. Robin was one of those people who could light up a room without even trying, a man of many voices, and many different faces, all with a story to tell. A man who possessed such an amazing gift for providing humour and a talent that the world will never see again and will surely, without a doubt, miss for all times.

When I was first told of Robin passing, I felt like I had lost a parent or favorite uncle. Like many, I grew up with Robin in my life. My father was an avid Mork and Mindy fan so that show was constantly on in the background for me. One of the first live action movies I watched as a kid was Hook, and it was a Father-Daughter flick for me as Robin’s version of Peter Pan reminded me so much of my own dad (and still does to this day).  Then came the Genie, and my love for all things Robin Williams was cemented. I wasn’t quite old enough to appreciate Dead Poets Society at that time but Aladdin definitely had me from day one.

As I grew older, I definitely found myself gravitating towards some of the more serious films that Robin was involved in, most notably What Dreams May Come. Out of all his films, this is the one that has spoken the most to me as it came out in at a time my life were it seemed that death was winning, and I was losing loved ones left and right. Being just barely a teen at that time, I was struggling and watching Robin’s character struggle and ultimately find a meaning to both life and death was a huge comfort to me.

As the world grieves for this wonderful man and celebrates his wonderful life, I find myself drawn to a line from What Dreams May Come, spoken by Robin’s character Chris Nielsen. That line is one that I will cherish in this moment as I remember Robin and the way he impacted everyone’s lives as we all try to move on and keeping looking up.

A whole human life is just a heartbeat here in Heaven. Then we’ll all be together forever.

Here’s hoping that Robin Williams has found peace, and I hope he knows we will all be missing him like crazy.

I leave you all with another line from one of Robin’s films, Hook, as it is one that was said to his character Peter Pan, and it is one that I constantly use when I sign off social media. I’m sure Robin is saying this line to us all right now and hoping we find comfort with it.

 You know that place between sleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you… Peter Pan. That’s where I’ll be waiting.

We’ll always love you, our Peter Pan, Genie, Nanny, Captain, and Mork. O Captain! My Captain! You’re free, Genie. You’re free.

See you in Neverland, Robin.

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