Are Marvel Ditching Origin Movies Starting With “Doctor Strange”?

Credit: Marvel
Credit: Marvel

If you, like me, were expecting Doctor Strange to be about how this neurosurgeon became a sorcerer, I’m sad to tell you it won’t be that way. I know, it’s a big bummer.

According to Badass Digest, Marvel Studios won’t be making any more origin films from now on, starting with Doctor Strange.

“So, for Doctor Strange they’ve had a script in-house forever. It is a pretty standard origin story for Doctor Strange. It’s got Baron Mordo as the bad guy. That’s all gone. Marvel’s new thing is no more origin stories. So, the Doctor Strange movie no longer has an origin. It begins in medias res”, Devin Faraci of Badass Digest said during a Meet the Movie Press interview.

“It has Dr. Strange already established as the Sorcerer Supreme. It is a totally new script. Jon Spaihts is working totally new, on his own, without any of the previous stuff. They’re not even touching the previous script”.

The film will be directed by Scott Derrickson (The Day the Earth Stood Still), and it is being penned by Jon Spaihts. Some of Spaihts previous works include The Darkest Hour and Prometheus. Both have a lot of experience in dark themed films so we can be sure they will deliver something quite amazing for Doctor Strange.

The lead role is yet to be cast, with some names on the list such as Tom Hardy, Jared Leto, Benedict Cumberbatch and most recently Joaquin Phoenix. Apparently Marvel hasn’t set eyes on Oded Fehr or he would have been cast already. I mean, have you seen him? The man is Stephen Strange’s incarnation!

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has confirmed Doctor Strange as part of Marvel’s Phase Three and stated it will be the “doorway” into the supernatural side of the MCU.

I don’t have words to explain how excited I am for this film!

Although there hasn’t been a date confirmed by Marvel, sites such as IMDb have 2016 as release date for Doctor Strange. Let’s hope it is!