Letter From The E-I-C: The Force Is Strong With Us All As Star Wars Mania Takes Over

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Hello again 4YErs,

This week was a major week in pop culture for the Star Wars fandom as we all felt the force become strong with us all again. The cast for the upcoming sequel was announced, which got the whole world buzzing.

Many thought the new cast was going to be announced on May 4th but smartly, The Powers That Be released the intel ahead of time, setting the world ablaze. While the latest additions to the universe have largely been met with positive remarks, there was still outrage amongst fans as the female population of the fandom was left out in the cold with the lack of a strong female presence. Is it really that hard to include us?

Star Wars was something I grew up with as a child. I distinctly remember gathering around my living room with my father and watching the original trilogy with him. It was nerdvana and created some pretty amazing father-daughter moments. The prequels weren’t my thing but I still watched them because it gave the background story to everything. It also helped that Ewan McGregor was a pretty impressive Obi Wan Kenobi, a feat hard to accomplish given that he had to follow in the amazing Sir Alec Guinness’ steps.

When I first heard that they were doing the sequels, my feelings were one of relief as reboots tend to be cringe worthy. Sequels, on the other hand, if done right, can enrich our experiences.

Tomorrow, we are kicking off our May The Fourth Be With You Celebrations here at 4 Your Excitement. I hope you all join us as we fangirl about the Star Wars universe and our expectations for the upcoming sequel.

Until next week,
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